Using the Ritual Deck + Moon Deck together

Using the Ritual Deck + Moon Deck together

We're blown away by the magical results of combining our 2 powerful card decks - I Am The Ritual and The Moon Deck!
Have you ever used 2 decks in a reading for a spot on oracle spread?

Deepen your connection with your intuition, tap into the power of consistent ritual, and uplevel your self-care and self-love practices.
We're blown away by the results of combining 'I Am The Ritual' deck with our The Moon Deck oracle set! They're a match made in heaven ;)

These 2 gorgeous eco-printed decks pair SO beautifully together and speak some serious MAGIC when combined. And of course, use either deck on its own whenever you want to go deeper and get to know one a little better.

However you choose to work with them, know that real medicine is steeped deep in the teachings and wisdom of these two decks. Keep reading to explore different ways to activate and experience this mysitcal synergy.

If you know, you know. Or, you will soon. We make it easy for you.



1. Start with your Moon Deck reading and then add I Am The Ritual to go even deeper. Listen to your intuition, shuffle your cards, and choose a spread from TMD guidebook with added Ritual cards:

INNER COMPASS - Pick 2 cards from The Moon Deck + 1 Ritual card from I Am The Ritual. Feel into the cards, then practice the ritual for clarity + resolution.

CHAKRA SPREAD - Pick 7 cards from your Moon Deck + 1 Ritual card for each corresponding chakra for supportive insight in how to restore balance.

PAST • PRESENT • FUTURE - Pick 3 cards from your Moon Deck, then select 1 Ritual card for active support in merging these energies with an aligned ritual.

- Pick 4 cards from your Moon Deck + 4 Ritual cards from I Am The Ritual to represent each energy. Practice the ritual for each, or choose the ritual that resonates most.

But wait, there's one more.... 


2. Choose 1 Moon Deck card and add 1  light + 1 dark card from I Am The Ritual to your reading. You can also do this for several Moon Deck cards.

DUO: This gives you a ritual for morning and night, or light and shadow work that will act as a companion to your Moon Deck message.

PROMPT: Once all of your cards are laid out, take a moment to receive the medicine + message of all cards combined. What does it awaken in you? What insights do you see and feel?  

PRACTICE: Then put your rituals into practice and watch the transformative magic unfold.

Feeling inspired?!

We're excited to see what unfolds for you.

Let us know your experiences!


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