Intuitive Oracle Training: An 8-Week Immersion For the Soul

Strengthen Your Intuition
Harness the Power of Ritual
Practice Radical Self-Love Daily
Be a Fluent Reader of The Moon Deck
…and so much more!

The premier Intuition Immersion that will transform self-doubt into Deep Trust, self-loathing into Self-Love, and shame into Acceptance as you unapologetically activate your voice and inner knowing. 

This 8-week deep dive video course is so much more than an oracle card training. It’s a mindset shift, an embodied upgrade, an emotional fortifier, a spiritual aligner, and an intuition mission.

It's time to stop doubting yourself and your gifts, because your inner guide will never abandon you.

“My inner compass knows the way”

The exclusive videos, content, rituals, practices, teachings, and community you have access to in this training will anchor your energy, uplift your mindset, and wake up the inner knowing you've been craving so that you soar as a seer, feeler, and creator.

You deserve to be happy and successful - even as a deep feeling, sensitive, intuitive being. I know you want to contribute to the world in a real and meaningful way. Learning to regulate your system while stepping fully into your super power is instrumental in how you show up. Your inner world matters here too. 

This work is sacred.  

I’ll be taking you by the hand and guiding you each step of the way, as you learn the ins and outs of The Moon Deck by amplifying these teachings in your own life and body. It will ripple into all that you offer to others, no matter what your current work is or what your intention is for this training. By the end of 8 weeks, you will see and feel the difference.

This container invites you to truly explore your intuition and will support you in embodying your essence fully - which is needed now more than ever as we learn to both expand and ground in these uniquely changing times.

You don't have to do it solo. It takes practice + some trial and error to 100% feel at home in ourselves and to UNAPOLOGETICALLY trust our inner guiding system. Like any language, consistency and practice paves the way. And having a solid toolkit is a necessary life-supporting KEY. 

The world needs us, the sensitive ones, the deep breed, the feelers.


8 Modules of video trainings (with 24+ videos!) with themes to enhance your confidence / embodied intuition / self-love journey, including in depth How-To videos for reading The Moon Deck cards for yourself and others

30 pages of printable PDF worksheets for weekly study + practices to enhance the themes of each module

An incredible arsenal of weekly rituals, meditations, writing practices, and teachings that you will use for yourself + others long after the training

Empowering video meditations + activations for intuition, inner wealth/worth, shadow/inner child work, anchor + expansion, energy attunement, + much more

Essential intuitive pillars that will become a roadmap in your personal + professional life

• Lessons for turning your grit into your greatest gifts + offerings (if I can do it, so can you) 

• Experience that will shape your unique voice as an Intuitive Oracle Reader

Our supportive community group, live Q&As with Aarona + connection with a supportive community

Weekly music playlists with special themes for your writing and embodiment practices + rituals

Sweet discount codes so that you can get extra Moon Deck essentials throughout the course


• How to be a fluent Intuitive Oracle Reader of The Moon Deck (and influence your work with any card deck + sacred tool)

• To craft your own daily ritual practices for self-love, a magnetic mindset, intention setting, and emotional wellbeing

• How to shift negative self-talk into intuitive confidence + inner wealth

• To embody healthy boundaries as an intuitive feeler for your creative visions and overall wellbeing

• To effortlessly recognize, validate, and activate embodied + expanded intuition daily

• How to be an inclusive and present facilitator + create empowering spaces when working with others no matter where they are on their journey

• How to build + use your altar as a daily power source for clarity, healing, and guidance no matter what life throws at you 

• How to attune to the way Spirit + your Guides support you with loving winks on your path

• Why having the right supportive guidance + community is a game-changer

• How to apply your core intentions to life, work, relationships, and your dreams

• To stop doubting yourself because your inner guide will never abandon you 



  • You're ready to join us if...

    ✅ You're committed to growth, refining your intuition, & trusting yourself

    ✅ You're ready to fuel a magnetic mindset & turn your mess into magic

    ✅ You're committed to self-improvement & willing to put in the work

    ✅ You’re looking for real guidance from someone who can teach from experience

    ✅ You want to be part of a supportive community

    ✅ You want to add The Moon Deck teaachings to your arsenal of personal & professional tools

  • It's NOT for you if...

    ❌ You want to keep doubitng yourself & your gifts

    ❌ You prefer negative self-talk & feeding your harsh inner judge

    ❌ You’re not interested in putting in the work, or showing up for yourself or others

    ❌ You don't believe in magic, intuition, self-love, or emotional health

    ❌ You prefer complaining & finding reasons to stay in a scarcity or low self-esteem funk

    ❌ You’re expecting all of the pieces to magically fall into place with no work or honest discovery

I'm your guide, Aarona Leá

Having a solid toolkit is a necessary life-supporting KEY. 

I'm a deep feeler and analytic, probably like you. And I know this stuff works when we consistently put it into practice and learn to speak to ourselves with more love and understanding. Through the powerful cards, rituals, and teachings of this immersive course - you will experience major shifts that will directly impact you as an Intuitive Oracle Reader, far beyond this training. I will be your guide, Aarona Leá, author + founder of the beloved Moon Deck oracle set that has changed tens of thousands of lives around the world.

I've offered this training for almost 3 years as an expensive live course. Now, for a limited time, you can get it for a fraction of the cost, move at your own pace, and still receive the same guiding support that I always over-deliver in my trainings. Plus, you will still get me live in our included members group!

I'm beyond thrilled to offer this deep dive training. May you answer the call if this speaks to you, and sincerely stick to it from top to bottom so that you invoke the intuitive wisdom and wild magic within you. The world is ready, and we need your spark now more than ever.




To get the best expierience out of this training + to use this tool in your personal or professional life, you will want a Moon Deck oracle set. However, this training is overloaded with material that will positively impact your life even if you do not have The Moon Deck -- guaranteed.


Intuitve Oracle Training is a fully immersive video course that takes place over 8 weeks. The program content is split up into 8 modules, each filled with hours of powerful pre-recorded video lessons, guidance, and workshops to strengthen your embodied intuition in real-time. Plus pages of PDF worksheets + more.

* Please Note: the Intuitive Oracle Training course is guided recorded video classes that may include live videos with Aarona Leá in our members-only group, access to our community, and extensive resources to help you along the way! Plus, there may be surprise bonus offerings.

We understand that life gets hectic, so if you fall behind or need to pause for a bit, that’s OK, you can move at your own pace across the 8 modules – we’ll be here to support you!


Intuitive Oracle Training costs $555 USD, which gives you access to a huge arsenal of incredible resources including 16+ hours of video recordings with Aarona, 30 pages of printable PDFs full of enriching course content, and much more!


Although Aarona is excited to guide you through this class, there is not an opportunity to meet with her one-on-one as a part of this course. You will be able to enjoy scheduled live videos with Aarona in our community group that are open to to all course participants! You’ll also be able to receive guidance + support in our online community!

If you do want to work with Aarona privately, you can explore her offerings here:


Enrollment for our Intuitive Oracle Training is limited every year. Why? Because we go through it together as a community to provide support for each other!

Over the course of the 8-week program, you’ll be guided by Aarona Leá and The Moon Deck team through the content and join live events.

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We will be availble to answer your questions via email + you will have access to our supportive online community so that you can receive support throughout the course.

You can ask questions, seek resources, connect with fellow students, and interact with both The Moon Deck team and even Aarona Leá!


We firmly believe that this class is packed with strong resources and tools to help you succeed.

Give Intuitive Oracle Training a try for 7 days and put in the work. If you don’t feel that the course is for you, email us by November 17th, and we’ll issue you a refund - minus administrative fees, any promotional or included products and materials. All sales completed on or after November 17th are final.

For complete information regarding our Fall 2022 Session refund policy, please visit our Terms of Purchase page: HERE.


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Your intuition is here to lovingly steer you forward rather than to be dissected and picked apart. Once you become attentive enough to hear your intuition, you will feel the courage to listen and act on it which is a claim to true self-love.

Intuition is a muscle you will strengthen by tuning in, listening, and validating what you feel. Our inner-dialogue and outer-experience begins to drastically shift as we tend to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing with supportive tools, rituals, and community. Plus, you will experience more flow in your life as a result.

Whether you’re ready to expand and nurture your personal life or your professional work, you will experience and feel a direct impact from these 8-weeks together. 

Now is the time to better understand and more deeply love this very part of who you are. There is immense power in the knowing; once this is integrated it can never be taken away.

This is the time to validate your magic and your intuition, to recognize and trust what you know to be true in your bones, and become a fluent interpreter of the signs that show up on your journey. 

If I can do it, you can too.


"I have to say I am so humbled by how utterly powerful the Intuitive Oracle Training was. It's been amazing how deeply the weekly themes resonate with my entire life. The foundation that Aarona offers is so solid - it created a safe and super sacred container where I feel understood and seen. The purpose and power behind The Moon Deck rituals are far greater than us. I encourage all my fellow intuitives that haven’t done it yet to go for it. Thank you, Aarona, for all of your guidance, love, presence, and support."  - Lue Dove - Motherhood Photographer

“I joined this training to do something I have always wanted to do: become an intuitive card reader. I wanted to build my skills and understand myself more. This training gave me a space to face my doubts, build inner trust, and has been an impressively life changing experience. I reclaimed my insights, the calm within myself, and started listening more closely again. Whenever I open up The Moon Deck box, it feels like I’m unlocking a quiet and safe space, where fear melts away, and allows me to be vulnerable and exposed. It reminds me to trust.” - Èlia Viader - Psychologist and Meditation Teacher

”I absolutely love this training! I signed up to learn how to read The Moon Deck cards and deepen my intuition. I got this plus way more! Aarona leads us through every card and provides wonderful tools, rituals, and practices - which has encouraged me to grow and heal in my confidence. By committing myself to this training and giving it my all, I feel far more comfortable reading The Moon Deck for myself and others, which I love! This experience created change in my life and became an outlet. I learned that it is safe to trust myself.” - Anna Katherine Moore - Stage Manager

“The Intuitive Oracle Training is a beautifully immersive deep dive into The Moon Deck and its wisdom. I’m really grateful to Aarona for her generous teachings, which I’ve been following for a few years. This training feels like a huge moment of integration and inspiration for me. I feel more confident, more attuned to my intuition, and ready to expand my offerings. I love this community and exploring Expanded Intuition, the Spirit Writing rituals, refreshing my altar, giving and receiving oracle readings, and taking the time to sit with and contemplate each card.” - Melinda DiOrio – Photographer / Yoga Teacher

"During a transformational shift in my life, I turned to my relationship with spirituality when I found The Moon Deck and this training. The beauty of sacred ritual, intention, and intuition was exactly what I needed. It felt like a permission slip to just be; to create space for my inner language. The interactive elements and practicing the weekly rituals furthered my understanding of The Moon Deck’s deeper message. My relationship to myself has been renewed. I consistently incorporate this work so that I show up as a better oracle reader, better therapist, and better human. I am eternally grateful to Aarona" Valerie Medina - Clinical Therapist

"When Aarona first announced she was creating an Intuitive Oracle Training, I knew I had to sign up. During the 8 weeks, I created space to honor my intuition with beautiful practices of ritual and self-discovery (with myself + my community). The group was held together by Aarona in such a special way, where we could express ourselves without fear or judgement, while creating friendships and bonds. This training invited the change I needed, allowing me to connect with and listen to my intuition, rather than question it. Even though I can be shy, by the third week I knew it was time to share my experience online. I work as a clairaudient, so using the cards in combination with certain words/sounds that come through during a reading helps me support the person I'm reading for. The more readings I give the more confident I feel!" - Rachael Wagstaffe - Yoga Teacher