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From Shadow to Shine

Join Aarona LeĆ”, of The Moon Deck, for an exploration of how our shadows carry great medicine and mystery.

Beginning with an embodied meditation + a group forecast oracle reading with The Moon Deck, this ritual-based workshop is an invitation to meet our shadows with curiosity and uncover what they need in order to be integrated into our being once and for all. This is also a space where we will meet our inner-child, learning what this younger version needs, and showing up now with the love and understanding they needed back then. This path opens up the possibility for our greatest poetry, art, creations, visions, or leadership to come forward as medicine in today's world. Bring a candle and a journal.

FULL MOON + LUNAR ECLIPSE :: The Next Chapter Begins

May 14, 2022

You might feel like you've been thrown into a washing machine of sorts with the spin cycle on high. Things are shifting and it can get intense. AND you are held, supported, and transitioning to the next iteration of you.

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NEW MOON + SOLAR ECLIPSE :: Center Your Self in Center

April 29, 2022

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse bring lots of yang energy, stirring up what is ready to shift and change so that we can come into higher alignment. Things are changing and the future is bright.

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