NEW MOON IN LIBRA + SOLAR ECLIPSE :: Relationship Inventory

NEW MOON IN LIBRA + SOLAR ECLIPSE :: Relationship Inventory

Solar eclipses are essentially supercharged new moons, they give us the ability to plant new seeds, set intentions, as does each New Moon occurring every month. However, they are imbued with an amplification of powerful energy.
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By Lexi Marie of @Primally_Cosmic_Yoga

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra known as “The Ring of Fire” Eclipse occurs October 14, 2023. This Eclipse will last for six hours and will be visible in many areas of North and South America. This Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse is taking the same path as the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of August 2017, which went from Oregon to Texas and is deeply connected to the next Total Solar Eclipse of April 2024, which will also be taking the same trajectory.

Connect with the energy you were experiencing 6 years ago to notice any similar patterns, people, or situations that are rising up to your awareness. The eclipse begins at 8:03 AM PT reaching its maximum point at 10:59 AM PT. The eclipse completes at 12:49 PM PT and will finally be done charging it’s six-hour course at 1:55 PM PT.

Balance of Opposites

Solar eclipses are essentially supercharged new moons, they give us the ability to plant new seeds, set intentions, as does each New Moon occurring every month. However, they are imbued with an amplification of powerful energy. This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra is highlighting our relationships, both with self and others, as well as the balance of power between opposite forces. Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus representing beauty, peace, justice, quality. Libra at it’s highest expression is harmonious and fair. Libra is able to take two opinions, completely different from each other and hold them both equal because Libra intuitively understands that two sides might look completely different or have differing viewpoints, yet they are not mutually exclusive to one another. As a whole they complete one coin. 

This new moon is dealing with polarities, which are a vital component of our dualistic universe. One thing cannot exist, without its opposite to balance it out. Duality is one of the central laws of the universe. 

Relationship Inventory

Libra seeks to find a harmonious middle ground to come to a peaceful and just compromise~ this is Libra’s power. For this New Moon Libra energy is calling us to take inventory of our relationships and partnerships.  First we must assess and reflect on our relationship to the Self- being that this relationship sets the tone and impacts all other relationships. The way we feel about ourselves, the way in which we treat ourselves is the model we are creating around how we expect others to treat us. There will be many times when we will sell ourselves short, people please in order to cover up our own feelings of unworthiness.

It is important that we do an inventory to discern which partnerships value us the way desire to be valued.  In which partnerships do we feel truly seen truly appreciated, seen, and supported? Where do we self-sacrifice or give our power away to individuals or institutions because of our lack of connection to our own sense of innate power or any sense of power that is not determined by what we do, how much money we have, what job we have, which neighborhood we live in, how attractive we are, but because of our inherent worth as a human being.

As you begin to take inventory of your relationships, partnerships, and polarities imbue this reflection with the deepest of love. Look at all of these transactions through the eyes of love in order to transmute any stagnant or outdated energy so you are freshly cleansed to create new paradigms for your relationships going forward. 

Leaving you with this beautiful excerpt from Mystic Mamma’s coverage of this Ring of Fire New Moon Eclipse:

"love takes root in our hearts and slowly grows like a beautiful flower, so the presence of love within us is always here, even amidst all the destruction and desecration, we can activate the links between our hearts to help us all remember and return…”

NEW MOON RITUAL : Regulate Your Nervous System 

As we experience increasing levels of intensity and energy courses through our bodies, it is important that we lean into our individual capacities to regulate the nervous system. When we are in a consistent state of fight or flight, stress and tension accumulate. The body tightens and braces, and the essential processes such as digestion, cellular reparation, and immunity are greatly affected. We can all too easily experience burnout or the paralyzing effects of anxiety and depression.

The good news is that we have a free, simple, and extremely powerful tool that we can utilize any moment we choose. The breath is in direct connection to the nervous system. When we are in a heightened emotional state such as anxiety or fear, we can change the way we breathe as a way to bring ourselves into balance. 

Slowing down and widening the breath in challenging moments is a way that we can utilize the moment for our own expansion. When we expand the breath in a moment that it might otherwise be unconsciously shortened and shallow, we increase our window of tolerance and thereby increase our capacity to remain present and calm no matter what life brings. 

Sound good? Try this simple diaphragmatic breathing ritual to tap into the power of your breath.

1. For this ritual you will need a comfortable and safe space to lay down, a journal and a pen, and anything else to set up a sacred and peaceful space.

2. Find a comfortable space to lay down on the floor.  You might choose to lay on a yoga mat or a blanket. If you can do so safely, invitation to take this ritual outside as a way to lean into Mother Earth's unconditional love. If you do this ritual inside, know that your floor is a stand in for the Earth's powerful energy. Set a timer for 10 minutes. 

3. Laying on your belly, stack your hands under your forehead and rest the head on the hands. If this is uncomfortable for you, you can make a cactus shape with your ams and turn a cheek to one side. Let your body relax into the floor. Every inhale, sense the ground rising up to collect you, and every exhale you give your body even more to the ground. 

4. Bring your awareness to your belly. Let it soften into the ground. As you inhale, try and press as much of your belly into the ground as possible. As you inhale you are expanding your lungs and your diaphragm and giving your digestive organs support. As you exhale, you are releasing all effort and letting go into the ground.

5. Begin to add in a count to your breath. Breathe in for your count of 4 or 5 on the inhale, and the same count on the exhale. Avoid rushing through your count and instead go at a natural pace as you fill and empty your body. Continue until the timer goes off. 

6. Roll to one side and pause in a fetal position. Notice how your feel and set the intention to bring the ease and space you have created into the rest of your day. Take some time to free write about your vision and your intentions. Let them emerge from this place of peace inside of you.  


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