About The Moon Deck


The Moon Deck oracle set is a beautifully crafted eco-printed 44 card deck + guidebook that strengthens intuition, ritualizes self-love, and empowers daily mindset. It’s a simple ritual practice that offers guidance for honest self-care, no matter where you are in your journey.

The influences within The Moon Deck run deep, inspired by author + founder Aarona Leá’s 25-year journey with various therapeutic, spiritual, and creative practices and guides. She channeled its voice from a loving and tender wisdom that spoke to younger versions of herself that needed healing and to those around the world who she imagined would work with this oracle set. 

What started off as a love of the moon and healing card decks eventually became a passion project for Aarona during her 16-year yoga teaching career. The Moon Deck eventually had great success when its first launch raised 50K from a pre-order crowdfunding campaign in 2016. She teamed up with 2 besties at the time who helped bring this to life, with illustrator Andrea Keh and brand developer Ashley Bruni. It quickly launched The Moon Deck into a leading oracle set and personal development brand, and has since touched tens of thousands of lives globally.

As The Moon Deck continues to expand, this care and wisdom is steeped in everything they create in support of intuitive emotional wellbeing - from free insightful weekly content to natural candles, anointing oils, journals, digital classes + immersive trainings, and new card decks. You can find everything here

“The world needs us, the sensitive ones, the deep breed, the feelers" - Aarona Leá




The Moon Deck is an oracle set of 44 cards and a guidebook filled with affirmative insights, self-care rituals, and beautiful art to inspire each user to connect with their intuition and core intentions. It comes housed in a handmade wood box for a sacred and elegant home décor touch, in a beautiful sturdy paper box for easy storage, or in a cotton travel pouch for those on the go. It can be worked with as an oracle guide, as a daily tool for reflection and meditation, or in tarot-inspired spreads. 

The Moon Deck cards + guidebook combined explore and help to develop intuition, self-love, inner beauty, and emotional wellbeing. We're grateful to have reached tens of thousands globally while continuing to grow, and are a favorite amongst card collectors and newbies alike. 

Join us, as The Moon Deck expands its line of mindful products + offerings that you can use:

  • with your Moon Deck oracle cards
  • for healing, growth, and pause
  • to embody an intentional lifestyle
  • to cultivate intuitive practice and ritual
  • to add sacred + thoughtful touches to your home
  • to elevate your self-care + emotional fitness journey
  • to gift + share with others who value meaningful connection

Our card decks and notebooks are printed on FSC-certified paper using plant-based ink, our candles use all natural non-toxic waxes, our crystals are hand-picked, and we sustainably source as much as possible. Each product and offering is made with the utmost intention, detail, and love. Stay tuned, as we are creating more for you!

The Elements of The Moon Deck oracle set:

  • 44 beautifully illustrated cards carrying potent mantras
  • Accompanying guidebook filled with insights + rituals tailored to each card
  • Handcrafted wood box, gorgeous paper box, or cotton pouch

When used with intention, each card, mantra, and ritual works to unleash the magic within us all. If you feel called to know this power, we invite you to join our community and use this deck as a daily tool to help you look inward for the answers you seek.  

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PLEASE NOTE: The Moon Deck is printed on FSC-Certified paper using a plant-based ink with a matte finish. This is a different printing process than many other decks and gives it a warm natural feel that may gently reveal your touch over time. This is totally natural.

Additionally, our wood box is handmade. Although the design of each box is the same, each one is also unique and may slightly vary in color, texture, wood grain, shape, or in the quality of The Moon Deck logo. Please trust that your box chose you and is the perfect house for your deck. Our box maker is a small family run business in India. We have worked together very closely since the beginning of The Moon Deck to ensure its beauty and charm.

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