The Moon Deck

The Moon Deck is an interactive tool for connecting to your intuition and emotional health through the path of self-love and ritual. Created to foster community and healing, this entire set is inspired by the cyclical beauty of the moon and the inherent wisdom of women. It shares insights on growth, purpose, transformation, practice, and creativity - with freedom for personal exploration. The Moon Deck can be worked as an oracle guide, as a daily tool for reflection and meditation, or in tarot-inspired spreads.

The Moon Deck comes in hand-crafted wooden box or in a beautifully designed sturdy paper box. Each deck is complete with 44 cards + guidebook, and is infused with love and prayers.   


The Elements

  • 44 lovingly illustrated cards carrying potent mantras
  •  Accompanying booklet of insights, lessons, and rituals tailored to each card
  • Handcrafted wooden box or gorgeous paper box 


When used with intention, each card, mantra, and ritual works to unleash the magic within us all. If you feel called to know this power, we invite you to join our community and use this deck as a daily tool to help you look inward for the answers you seek.  

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 PLEASE NOTE: The Moon Deck is printed on FSC-Certified paper, using plant-based ink with a matte finish. This is a different printing process than most other decks and gives it a warm natural feel that may gently reveal your touch over time. This is totally natural.

Additionally, our wood box is handmade, each box is unique and may slightly vary in color, texture, wood grain, shape, or quality of the Moon Deck logo. Please trust your box chose you and is the perfect magical house for your deck. Our box maker is a small family run business in India and we have worked together very closely since the beginning of The Moon Deck, to ensure its beauty and charm. 


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A Deeper Look

The Moon Deck can be worked with in a similar fashion to tarot, however with more freedom for personal interpretation and action-based rituals that boost daily self-love using creativity, yoga, meditation, journaling, and other self-care practices. 

Through the power of ritual and honest self-discovery, this healing deck provides an inspiring guide for women of all ages, to connect to our intuitive wisdom, awaken our creative spirit, and feel at home in our body. 

The accompanying booklet will also brief women on how to start their own ‘Sister Moon Circle' where they can form healthy bonds and deeper trust with a supportive community of other women. 

Through our ever-evolving discoveries of balance and purpose, we've learned first hand about the healing power of ritual and art in action. The Moon Deck was borne of out the wisdom and friendship of three artists Brooklyn yogis with a natural pull to share their growth and creative vision with others. There's a piece of each of us in The Moon Deck and we believe this contribution will bring as much insight, joy and inspiration to other women as it has brought to us in the process of creating it. 

We hope that each woman using this offering will find clarity, comfort and strength in the uplifting and creative process of picking a card, contemplating its meaning and following the suggested rituals.  



may we walk with trust and love  

may we inspire and be inspired by our sisters

may all women celebrate one another

and the many shades of our shared cycles