Made for women by women, The Moon Deck has been spreading the message of self-love, intuitive living, and empowered healing since 2016. We began with our beloved original oracle set 'The Moon Deck', and have since grown into a collection of majestic products and online courses.

On a mission to demystify emotional and spiritual wellbeing, we believe the more people genuinely love and trust themselves (through thick and thin), the more beautiful and safer the world is for us all. 

Everything The Moon Deck creates is done with care and intention. We use thoughtful business practices and sustainable or non-toxic materials whenever possible to care for you, our team, and the earth. We don't create anything we wouldn't want to use in our own home and strive to bring the sacred into your life and self-care journey.

Whether you're on a solo journey of discovery, love to practice with others in circle, or want to expand your offerings in your work - we have a range of products, ritual practices, and teachings that make genuine self-love and emotional/spiritual wellbeing creatively accessible.


Filled with affirmative insights, self-care rituals, powerful mantras, and beautiful art - our card decks can be worked with as an oracle guide, a daily tool for reflection and meditation, or in tarot inspired spreads.

Intentional love and care is steeped in all that we create for you, including our:

- free weekly content to inspire your self-love journey (sign up here)

- journals + cards decks for your daily self-care practices

- natural candles + anointing oils to beautify your sacred home

- digital classes + immersive courses to learn and live the medicine of The Moon Deck

You can find everything we offer HERE.

'The Moon Deck' oracle set is a 44 card deck + complete guidebook that helps to strengthen intuition, ritualize self-love, empower emotional wellbeing, and boost trust in oneself.

Our newest 'I Am The Ritual' deck is a 33 card set for your morning and evening rituals, or your shadow and light practices. It will inspire, guide, heal, awaken, ground, and expand.


The influences within The Moon Deck run deep; inspired by author and founder Aarona Leá’s 25-year journey with various therapeutic, spiritual, and creative practices that have guided her personal and professional path. The original Moon Deck illustrator Andrea Keh + brand developer Ashley Bruni helped to bring it all to life with key elements and collaboration. Originally launched into business by their successful pre-order crowd funding campaign in 2016, The Moon Deck has since become a leading oracle set + personal development brand.

Combined with Aarona's studies + healing over the years, she channeled The Moon Deck from a loving and tender wisdom that spoke to younger versions of herself and to those she felt would work with it. It speaks to the part of us that craves connection, understanding, renewal, and unconditional love. It offers strength, hope, and guidance while inviting the user to take action in their own healing and growth.  

“The world needs us, the sensitive ones, the deep breed, the feelers" - Aarona Leá 

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