FULL MOON IN ARIES :: Reclaim Your Life Force

FULL MOON IN ARIES :: Reclaim Your Life Force

We are getting massive support from the Universe to embody the higher energies of Aries and to heal & release around areas of our self-concept that are outdated and no longer resonate with the person we are here today in this now moment.

By Lexi Marie of @Primally_Cosmic_Yoga

The Aries Full Moon is the final Super Moon of 2023 occurring September 29, 2023 at
2:58am PT. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a Cardinal Fire Sign representing our Life
Force, our Passion and our Primal Nature. Aries is the spark that sets the flame ablaze to initiate new beginnings and directions in our lives.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the Goddess of war and her energy is fiery. She gives us an
explosion of power that is both passionate and purposeful. Under her dominion we are given
not only permission, but a direct order and command, to embody our Earthly vessels boldly and take on the world as we express our unique nature with pride and prowess.

This full moon on September 29th in Aries amidst Libra season, is bringing up a balance of opposites, the Libra energy which is about balance, compromise, relationships, and interpersonal harmony with the Aries energy that is much more independent, self-directed, and personal.

There is an abundance of energy in Aries during this Full Moon. The North Node, representing the collective destiny and Chiron, the planet referred to as the Wounded Healer are both in the sign of Aries. Since Aries represents the “I AM” presence, this Full Moon is calling attention to the aspects of us that make us unique and contribute to the individual mission our soul has chosen this lifetime.


We are getting massive support from the Universe to embody the higher energies of Aries and to heal & release around areas of our self-concept that are outdated and no longer resonate with the person we are here today in this now moment.

Spirit Daughter gives us a glimpse into this astrological transit, “This Full Moon is a time to look at how you may be battling with yourself. Are you fighting your soul’s calling? Or ignoring it? Notice if you are instilling doubts in yourself that block you from pursuing your life’s mission? Each astrological sign has a low side and high side. For Aries, the lower frequency is frustration and anger. When we don’t follow our soul’s purpose, we tent to end up frustrated with life and angry at ourselves. We may also become angry at the people around us as we project our frustrations onto them. This Full Moon is a time to feel any anger you may have and find its origin. Are you frustrated that you are not living the life of your soul? Have you made compromises on things that needed to be fought for instead?”

As a society, and particularly for those who identify more with Feminine energy we are often told to contain our anger, repress it in the name of peace and harmony in order to appease those around us and not “rock the boat”. If you are able, can you grant yourself the permission this Full Moon to acknowledge your anger in a healthy and productive way? What would that look like for you? There is a difference between anger that seeks to destroy and anger that seeks to illuminate and create change. This Universe is constantly oscillating between harmony and chaos—both are needed in order for evolution to occur.


Tune into your internal fire this Full Moon and allow the flames of transmutation to burn away all that is no longer serving your identity. Ask yourself where are you holding on to victim energy? Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is supporting us to embrace, with loving kindness, the previous versions of ourselves that were victimized and stripped of their power.

In every one of us there is a Warrior of Love! With courage and the bold fiery nature of Aries we are embarking on a journey where our fighting spirit is being called to the task. This energy is so necessary on the planet right now, to break the shackles of fear that are holding us down and to command the Warrior of Love to fight for justice and the freedom of our soul’s truest expression.


These celestial energies are imbuing us with passion to reignite the flame within us all. It is completely natural to have our flame go out from time to time, the most important thing is that we do not abandon this primal aspect of self that is so deeply connected to our mission and our innate sense of purpose and passion. We have the power now to unleash these primal aspects of our being, it is safe to feel into the energy of your Life Force! 

It is important to remember that while we are in Libra Season during this Aries Full Moon there is a call for balance and peace within our relationships. Often times the Aries energy at the lower end of the spectrum can lend itself to selfishness or combative. Keep this in mind as you grant yourself the opportunity to do this work with this energy of revering and honoring the potent, primal and passionate individual you are.

We are being called to do the inquiry and reflection on how we can balance the needs of our primal self, as well as our social self. Remember when we are truly honoring the soul self, the Ego identification falls away and this commitment to the Higher Self within creates a ripple effect tht beneficial for everyone around us. So often we feel that to truly love the self is a selfish act. However, when we give this love and attention to our individual life mission it allows us to help inspire others to do the same.


Reflect on these questions:

Who was I before the world told me who to be?

Who am I when no one is watching?

What masks do I wear out in the world?

Where have you been giving your power away to others?

How can I embrace healthy anger in my life and transmute this energy to my benefit?

What activities, hobbies, rituals make me feel most alive and connected to my True Self?

What would life look like if I was able to live according to my primal and true Nature? What would I be doing differently?

How can I incorporate more of my full self today into my life and interactions with others?

FULL MOON RITUAL : Mirror Mirror Body Love

Being able to be in our body as it is is one of the most rewarding and empowering experiences we can offer ourselves. However, modern culture does not teach us to celebrate our body, in fact it encourages us to not like it so that we actively try to change it to meet a perceived ideal. This is why spending time cultivating a loving relationship with our body can be one of the most important things we do while we are here.

Try this ritual every day for the next two weeks to re-write the conversation about your body and step into how innately powerful you are.

1. Stand in front of a mirror with your eyes closed. A full size mirror is preferred, but any mirror works. Take 5 deep breaths and feel your feet on the ground.

2. Open your eyes and look yourself in the eyes. At first, it might be uncomfortable and that's okay. Be patient with yourself for this ritual. It takes courage and vulnerability to truly look at yourself.

3. Notice any thoughts that pop into your mind. Notice where they come from, the vibe, the tone. If there is criticism or negative talk, speak back to it. Offer to it "I hear you, and I choose not to listen" as you continue to breathe into your own reflection.

4. As you continue to look at yourself, place your hands anywhere on your body that is in need of love or support. Take some deep breaths whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed by the experience, gently staying with this practice.

5. Repeat the following out loud 5x in a row:

"I forgive you, you are powerful. I celebrate you, you are powerful. I love you, you are powerful."

6. After the 5th round, close your eyes and take another deep breath. Acknowledge whatever is present for you in this moment. Allow it to be so with acceptance and presence. You are more powerful than you know.  


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