NEW MOON IN VIRGO :: Honor the Inner Healer

NEW MOON IN VIRGO :: Honor the Inner Healer

We are all familiar with that little voice inside our heads that is constantly in the position to judge, scrutinize, and analyze every little thing that we do. At times this voice is louder than others. Calling into question our progress in life and making us feel like no matter what we do, it’s never enough. This Virgo New Moon calls for us to tame that voice.

By Lexi Marie of @Primally_Cosmic_Yoga

The New Moon rises in the sign of Virgo on September 14, 2023 at 6:39PT. Virgo is an Earth sign represented by both the Maiden & Healer Archetypes. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo has a fabulous way of paying attention to the details, organizing, planning, and checking off the many items on our “To-Do” Lists. When out of balance Virgo energy can lead us towards perfectionist or critical tendencies because of its analytic nature. When embodied at its highest expression, the zodiac sign of Virgo holds the sacred power of healing, and being intuitively guided to create daily routines that are nourishing to our spirit and soul. Virgo sees the power in “the little things” and reminds us that the way we are living today sets the tone for tomorrow and so on.    

Befriend your Inner Critic

We are all familiar with that little voice inside our heads that is constantly in the position to judge, scrutinize, and analyze every little thing that we do. At times this voice is louder than others. Calling into question our progress in life and making us feel like no matter what we do, it’s never enough. 

This Virgo New Moon calls for us to tame that voice. In doing so we acknowledge its existence, we give it space to speak its concerns, we thank it lovingly for protecting and guiding us and then we stash that baby in the corner! There is a time and a place for such perfectionism- like when working on an important project, however if we do not take power over this aspect of our psyche it begins to believe that it's in charge. 

In order for us to truly attain our highest goals and visions there must be a sense of trust in ourselves. A trust so deep that it overrides the analytical mind and gives us the grace to step into the knowings of our heart to guide us towards our next step. 

See if you can tune into all that you have accomplished in the last six months- no victory is too small to celebrate. Maybe you committed to your journaling practice or honored the need to move your body more than you have in the past. Maybe you decided to clean up your Instagram feed to align more with content that makes you feel good instead of further provoking the Inner-Critic who likes to remind us that there is so much more to do, become, and create. The more we are able to praise ourselves for the incremental shifts we make, the more this energy amplifies and facilitates our growth towards higher visions and deeper dreams. 

Embody the Healer within and lovingly begin to take your power back over your Inner Critic this Virgo New Moon. With compassion for this voice we gain new insights into which goals and intentions are aligned with the Soul Self. Maybe our to-do list is much too large and a reprioritization is needed to clean up any intentions or dreams we do not align with anymore. Virgo loves discernment and grants you the opportunity to simplify, focus, and realign your energy to those intentions that come from your heart instead of your mind. 

Rituals of Healing 

Every New Moon is a time of planting seeds and setting intentions. As Virgo is the sign representing our daily routines this New Moon energy if further amplified when in this Earth sign to empower us to invigorate our daily practices to pay attention to our physical bodies and the innate healer within all of us.

Spirit Daughter lovingly empowers us, “as you create and commit to rituals that will help you work toward your visions, include rituals of healing. Virgo is one of the great healers of the zodiac. She reminds us that our wounds can sabotage us in ways we least expect. If we truly want a strong foundation, we must heal the cracks in our soul.”

Before jumping in and setting intentions this New Moon pay attention to the voice that is speaking these intentions. Has the Inner-Critic resurfaced? Let this part of us take a back seat for this New Moon as we use our discernment to dream new dreams of intentions that honor our nervous system, physical vessel, and our precious hearts. 

Ask yourself, what rituals do I have that nourish the self and bring me back to my center when times get tough. Which actions can I take now that will provide a healing and nurturing energy to my body, mind, and heart? Which practices allow me to embody the unique creator within? 

Allow yourself to spend some time in meditation and committing to grounding/Earthing exercises this New Moon to quiet down the mind for reflection so you are able to access the wisdom of your heart that often speaks much softer and slower than our linear and logical minds.

NEW MOON RITUAL : Tune in and Vision

There is an incessant amount of mind chatter, information coming from every direction, and constant transition in today's world.

If we choose to, we can harness this chaotic energy and create a vision of our future. The energy swirling around us is dynamic and powerful. By getting quiet and focusing inward, we can connect with what the heart truly desires as well as what fears are standing in the way of us stepping fully into our vision. 

Use this ritual for the next two weeks as a way to gain clarity and stabilize your knowing that you, in this moment, have all that you need to step fully forward.

1. Each morning pull a card from The Moon Deck. Before pulling a card, press the full deck to your heart and ask the cards to reveal what you need to know for your highest good. Trust its medicine as you select your card.

2. After you pull a card, sit with it and take deep breaths. Notice what this card brings up for you. Then, softly ask these questions to yourself without being attached or seeking any specific answer, simply ask and listen:

What excites me in this moment?

What brings me joy?

What am I afraid of?

What do I dream of?

3. Open your journal and begin to write. If you feel stuck, write out the questions or write about the card you pulled and let it flow from there. Inevitably writing will become a 'processing experience' as thoughts and insights emerge. Continue writing until the timer is up or until you feel complete. 

4. Once complete, circle all of the words that speak to either your joy or your fear. You can even use a different color for each.

Reread your circled words and observe what it is like to have your inner experience reflected back to you. Take a few deep breaths, settle into a moment of gratitude for you, and continue forward with your day.

5. We suggest keeping this notebook handy throughout the day and jot down any spontaneous insights. 



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