FULL MOON IN PISCES :: Cleanse, Purify, Connect

FULL MOON IN PISCES :: Cleanse, Purify, Connect

With 7 planets retrograde this Full Moon beckons us to slow down. Soften and open for a surge of spiritual energies to envelop us in the Piscean waters of completion, letting go, trust, and allowing
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By Lexi Marie of @Primally_Cosmic_Yoga

The Full Moon in Pisces occurs August 30, 2023 at 6:36pm PT. This is the second Full Moon of the month of August. This Blue Super Moon is very rare and we won’t experience another one again until 2037.

With 7 planets retrograde this Full Moon beckons us to slow down. Soften and open for a surge of spiritual energies to envelop us in the Piscean waters of completion, letting go, trust, and allowing. Pisces is the final and 12th sign of the zodiac, it is a mutable water sign that is symbolized as an image of two fish, one swimming upstream and the other downstream. Pisces represents duality and the necessary light and dark that make the universe and our experiences a complete whole. We are being given the opportunity to integrate the highs and lows of our experiences, to see things from a higher perspective as Pisces is one of the most spiritually attuned signs of the zodiac. 

This Full Moon is conjunct Saturn Retrograde in Pisces, there is an element of responsibility to our commitments that is coming up for us. This is the time to incorporate the spiritual truths of Pisces into our daily lives to establish that which we are devoted to. This energy gives us access to the higher realms so we may reconnect with our intuition, our internal compass that informs how we are to wield our power to invoke more light on this planet. We are granted the opportunity of accepting responsibility for ourselves and the way our vibration impacts others around us, and our world at large. 


The combination of a Full Moon in Pisces while the Sun is in Virgo calls for attention to our physical and mental health and encourages us to release habits that are no longer serving us. Everything begins and ends with the state of the body. If we are to honor our vessel we must turn inward this Full Moon to really listen to what it needs for nourishment and what outdated behaviors are ready to be released.  

As Spirit Daughter says, “We all hold the seeds for the frequencies of Pisces and Virgo. We all have these energies in our natal chart and either the low or high side of these frequencies can become predominant at any time. As you look for the full integration of the higher energies of Pisces and Virgo. Seek to feel your intuition and your emotions, and become the observer of your energy. Commit to routines of meditation that help you honor and feel your co-creative power. Find the delicate balance between having just enough boundaries to protect your energy but not so many that you keep out the magic and serendipity of the Universe. Be open to this Full Moon helping you expand your consciousness and realize your potential as an energetic being. You are the Universe. Let it move through you and help you manifest everything that is already yours.”


In order for us to become clear channels for this high vibrational energy influx on the planet, a purge is required. As with all Full Moons this is an extra potent time to get our physical and spiritual houses in order. Sweat it out, cry it out, dance it out, laugh it out, just get it out! As Pisces represents the completion of the zodiac wheel, there is wisdom we can extract from all of the lower vibrational energies we have experienced in this cycle.  Reflect on what toxic habits, relationships, thought patterns you have learned something from and are ready to release as they no longer serve your evolution. Pisces is detachment so this Full Moon is an excellent time to review our circumstances with a neutral, non-judging mind. Release, allow, and let go.


Allow your intuition to speak freely this Full Moon, when we connect with our inner most selves there is an honoring and valuing of the self that takes place. Do not put pressure on yourself to access intuitive nudges, simply set the intention for allowing cosmic messages to come to you and surrender. The only ingredients necessary: an open mind and a heart full of gratitude.

FULL MOON RITUAL : Blessings to the Waters

Pisces is a water sign that is connected to spirit, creativity, and sensitivity. We are asked to greet our own emotional waters as they swirl inside of us with as much compassion and reverence as we can. Sensitivity is a super power, and Pisces reminds us to respect our waters, for they can be deeply healing. 

Every time we shed a tear, a mini healing happens. Tears are a way of processing the energy of emotions, just as sweat is a way of processing physically. Water is said to be connected to the land of dreams that visit us with symbolic information meant uniquely for the dreamer. 

This is a beautiful time to offer gratitude to the waters that animate our lives, that flow through the earth and through our bodies. Perform this ritual as a way to connect with this sacred element. 

1. Find a comfortable place to sit and meditate. This can be at a space in your home or out in nature by a natural water source. If you are in your home, pour water into a little bowl so you have water near you. 

2. Sit in front of the water and close your eyes. Take 5 deep breaths in and out of the nose. Tune into the waters circulating through your body. Our muscles and organs are made mostly of water. See if you can sense the fluidity moving through you. 

3. Turn towards gratitude. Feel into the gratitude for this element that is an essential part of you. From this place of gratitude, offer a blessing to the water. Speak your blessing out loud. Let it flow from an intuitive space.

Optionally, you can speak the following prayer. 

Blessings on the water that flows through my body. 
Blessings to the water that flows through the earth.
Gratitude for the teachings of fluidity, perseverance, ease, and grace. 
Gratitude for the sensitivity that water brings, the deep watery emotions that help me heal and grow. 
May the waters flow fully and freely. 
May I flow fully and freely. 



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