Become a Stockist of The Moon Deck 
The Moon Deck currently has reached retailers across the world selling The Moon Deck products in their brick and mortar and online stores. We’ve reached tens of thousands worldwide and have become a favorite amongst card collectors and newbies alike. If you’re interested in becoming a Stockist of The Moon Deck, apply here.

Wholesale Requirements:

  • Must sell all The Moon Deck products at or above our minimum advertising price (MAP)
  • Must not rename or otherwise change the name of any of The Moon Deck products
  • May not resell The Moon Deck products to another retailer or any commerce website not approved by The Moon Deck
  • Must have a valid federal tax ID number and/or resale certification
  • All online retailers must have an active URL and/or social media accounts
  • Must be an independent brand and operate on their own website/brick and mortar and not through a third party (Etsy/Amazon/MLM/Marketplace, etc)
  • If you do not meet the above criteria, please reach out to us at wholesale@themoondeck.com and include all criteria you do have using the questions in the form below


If you meet the above qualifications and are still interested in becoming a stockist of The Moon Deck, please complete our application below:

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