Rose Blessing Bath + Tea Ritual

Inspired by the intimacy card in The Moon Deck guidebook
“Love and intimacy flow into my life effortlessly”

Roses have been cherished for centuries for their sensual nature. They evoke the spirit of love and uplift the mood, plus they have the most exquisite fragrance.

For our purpose here, we will be working with a steeping process. It’s a simpler way of working with roses and creates more of a rose tea which can be worked with in a variety of ways. I order dried rose buds (and many other things!) from Mountain Rose Herbs. They’re a resource you can trust. Fresh roses are also amazing (works well for distilling), especially if you have your own rose garden! Wherever you get your roses from, be sure that they have no toxic sprays or pesticides, and fill them with prayers of love.

The following ritual calls in love and intimacy. Whether you’re calling this into a current partnership, ready to call in your soul mate, healing from a lost love, or simply want to invoke more love and intimacy into your own self-love care practice - start with the bath ritual noted below. Go deep into this sensual ritual and remain focused on your intention as you receive the healing beauty of rose water. Then, add in the rose tea throughout the week to work in some deeper love magic.

-       To begin: Infuse roses in hot distilled water (approximately 1-part petals or rose buds to 2-part water). Steep for 1-3 hours on a low simmer and enjoy its fragrant potency as it fills your home.

-       Rose Bath: Add both the steeped roses + the rose water to a hot bath or a beautiful large bowl. You can also add some fresh roses, baths salts, essential oils, and crystals for an extra lush healing bath. Rub and soak your face, body, feet and hands with both the rose water and petals to nourish your skin and your spirit. Welcome love and intimacy into your entire being, soak in this medicine, and visualize flowers blossoming within the center of your heart.


-       Rose Tea: Make a second batch of rose water tea to use throughout the week. Strain all of the plant matter out as you pour your rose infused water into a separate container. Store in a large sealed mason jar in the fridge since it’s perishable. Drink a bit every day to keep the loves vibes going strong. When you’re ready to drink, dilute it with some water and enjoy it hot or cold. Optionally, you can add a squeeze of lemon for a nice touch.


If you have The Moon Deck, look up the ‘Intimacy’ Card on page 63 for more inspiration and insight. Take in the words and imagery of the card and read the guidebook to more deeply attune to this theme. Take your time and enjoy these loving rose rituals.

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