Four Rituals to Empower Your Intentions

Intention is a creative power. It's where all of our dreams and desires begin. Our focused intention sets things into motion and helps drown out critical heady voices that can side track our growth. We can set intentions for any aspect of our life -- they fuel our ability to consciously create our day, to believe in our dreams and to push through hurdles. Setting a clear and sincere intention is like magic. It is not passive and requires us to put some personal oomph into actualizing them.

Here's four rituals to help you set your intentions into motion and formulate your own personal formula so you feel balanced, healthy, creative and confident. Take action and start incorporating them into your life right away. Practice them for the next 7 days straight and schedule it in your calendar to make it real. If 4 new rituals feels overwhelming, choose one and stick with it. And if it helps, invite a friend to join so you can reflect and hold each other accountable.

1.  Hydrate + Nourish. Drink a big glass of water first thing every morningYour body has been cleaning house for 6-8 hours during sleep and needs to be hydrated upon waking. If you already do this, great, keep it going! Your body, skin, mind and digestion will love you for it. Stick with this for 7 days straight and notice the difference. 

2. Create Sacred Space. No matter the size, there is always enough space to add an altar to your home. Your altar can be on a small table or chest, a window sill or even tucked in a corner. It raises the vibration of your home and gives you a little nook to contemplate, connect, and re-charge. Be creative and make it meaningful, beautiful, and personal. Things you can add: a candle, stones and crystals, fresh flowers, your journal, photos, or notes.  Sit with your altar once a day for 7 days straight. It can be any time of day, especially when you're craving cozy healing vibes. It's especially nice first thing in the morning.

3. Meditate. So, now that you have your altar you have your meditation spot. Carve out at least 5 minutes every day for 7 days straight. Sit longer if you wish. Make this a regular practice to amplify your intuition, increase your creative flow, and help your mind feel calm and clear.  Feel free to add in your prayers and set intentions for the day at the end of each meditation.  

4. Journal Writing. Grab your journal or gift yourself a new one. Write as much as you'd like for 7 days straight. It can be a few words or a few pages. Bringing pen to paper will help you feel more clear, resolved and inspired. Keep a journal and pen with you (I don't leave home without it!) to capture your ideas and visions, note your dreams, jot down inspiring quotes and random experiences, have a melt down, or bullet point spiritual aha's so you can reflect on them later. Especially for you teachers and creative types, this will come in handy in your work!

Self Care = Soul Love. When we take care of ourselves and create habits that connect us to our inner source of power, we feel more in tune with our purpose. The more we begin to set intentions from a sincere and honest place, the more accessible and powerful this enchanted tool becomes. Be willing to experiment and discover your personal formula. Pay attention to what you FEEL, and stick with the rituals and practices that feel right to you.

What tools do you have for setting and actualizing powerful intentions? If you were to add one more thing to this list, what would it be? 

Comment below and let us know. If you're feeling stuck on any of the above, mention it here and I will help you out. We are here to inspire one another!

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