New Moon :: Chaos into Creativity

This new moon invites us to prepare to be on edge, but to use the energy around us to propel us into feel good creativity. Non-judgment will also be an ally during the next two weeks.


Welcome to a ride as wild as Scorpio season was deep. We are entering into Sagittarius season, and this New Moon asks us to call in as much patience as we can muster. We are likely going to be faced with increased agitation, anger, and frustration, experts say. Those that are sensitive to energy may feel the collective pulse more strongly, meaning that emotions you feel may or may not be originating from you. Irritability will be at an all time high, so enter into confrontation with tenderness and care for everyone involved. There is a wise call from the stars to contemplate before speaking and acting. Check in with the highest version of you before making any big decisions or changes in the next two weeks.

It'll be an emotional ride, but there are positive aspects to this energy that are worth riding the wave for. Irritability and agitation hold hands with creativity and truth. We are invited to channel what we feel over the next two weeks into a creative project that nourishes our soul. This is a time to create, but not for career oriented goals or to fulfill a check box of self-progress. Rather, this is the time to play with what brings you joy. Make someone you care about a homemade holiday gift, try a new recipe of something delicious, move your body in a new way, or simply be open to being spontaneous. 

This is an appropriate moon cycle to deepen our non-judgement practice. Notice the moments throughout the day when you are critical. Whether it be of yourself or the people around you, judgement is a sign post for further inquiry and exploration as well as a call for added tenderness. Especially when the voice in your head becomes a bully, take a moment to pause and slow down. The truth is that there is no right or wrong way to live, only what is in alignment with our highest good. Begin to loosen the grip of judgement on yourself and watch as it expands to those around you.

If you are in the United States, this new moon falls two days before Thanksgiving, a holiday centered around family, and is for many people a challenging emotional time. Whether you are in celebration with family or not, it will only serve you to allow each person you meet to have the dignity of their own experience. When someone triggers you - be it family, friend, colleague, the news - take a pause to acknowledge that you have no control over anyone else's choices, and you can never know what someone is truly experiencing on the inside. It is a courageous and challenging practice to engage with, but it will only lend to more spaciousness and ease as you move through this intense time.

The chaotic energy of the next two weeks can register as increased power if we choose to harness it. Sometimes transformation requires a storm to blow through and shake up perspectives and beliefs that we've clung too. Ground into yourself and work to build yourself up on the inside. Self-love meditations, self-care, saying no to anything that is not a 100% yes, and leaning into your most loving relationships will help fortify your ground as things are shifting. 

If you do experience intensity and chaos, know that you are not wrong, you are not alone, and it is for your highest good. Nothing is brought to us that is not meant to support us in our unique personal growth. If you do fine that amidst the chaos you feel inspired to go in a new direction, start a new project, or begin a new relationship, take your time to sit with it. Journal and weigh out your options. Move slowly and deliberately. The energy of this moon can be a spring board, but we want to take flight after we jump off, rather than rush the process and make it messy. 


NEW MOON RITUAL :: Two Cards a Day 

When our world becomes chaotic, intense, or wildly uncertain, leaning in to ritual can be one of the most powerful tools we can give to ourselves to help harness the energy we feel and channel it towards the elevation of our highest self. 

It is easy to feel like we are alone during challenging times, as if we were each islands rather than inveterately connected. Our experiences are each unique, and it is all too easy for loneliness to creep in when our emotional body is working overtime. Know that you are not wrong for feeling what you are feeling, and more than that, you do not need to control what you are feeling. All you can do is decide how you show up to each situation and how you take care of yourself during hardship. 

The Moon Deck will accompany like a trusted companion during the next two weeks. You will want to place your deck in a spot that is visible to you, so that it can serve as a reminder to lean into the power it holds. This ritual asks you to visit your deck each morning and evening. The morning card is meant to offer perspective for the day and the evening card is meant to help you set a bedtime intention so that your sleep can be nourishing to body, mind, and soul. 

1. Find a space that you can visit each morning and night. Make it cozy and yours. Light a candle, burn sage or any other form of aroma therapy. Have your journal and your pen.

2. Upon waking, you will visit your sacred space. Sit down, close your eyes, and take 5 deep full breaths. Do not rush, but rather intentionally go slow. Ask The Moon Deck what you need to remember for the day ahead. What wisdom can you be armed with as you meet the unknown and the unexpected?

3. Pull one card. Read it and the ritual. If it speaks to you, perform the ritual offered. Either way, spend a few moments with your journal, reflecting on how the card speaks to you and what specific details of your life it connects with. 

4. You will repeat this in the evening. Before bed, when you sit down, ask The Moon Deck what wisdom will support your bedtime intention. A bedtime intention is an intention you set while you sleep. It can be clarity on a certain situation, nourishing rest, self-forgiveness or any other want you might have. Magic happens when we sleep and dream, and this ritual will help take care of your highest self while the thinking mind is laid to rest. 

5. Once you pull a card, read the description and if it resonates, perform the ritual. Take your journal and spend 5-10 minutes crafting your bedtime intention. What wisdom did the card offer that can inform your intention?  Sometimes what shows up when we draw cards is speaking to a bigger vision than our minds can ascertain in the moment. Trust in the cards, trust in you, and know that the only way to do this wrong is to not do it. 

Give yourself room to be surprised and watch what unfolds and comes to light as you continue this journey. We are right there with you. Us, and the brilliant darkness of the new moon.

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