New Moon :: Prepare to Breakthrough

This Capricorn New Moon coupled with a Solar Eclipse brings dynamic and powerful energy to the transition of the new year. Both action and receptivity will be needed to ride the potent waves of this moon cycle.
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Welcome to the December New Moon, the last major lunar happening of the decade. This new moon will make its energetic mark, as it is accompanied by a Solar Eclipse. According to experts this celestial coupling is here to shake things up in the best way possible. The Capricorn energy of this new moon is energizing, determined, and committed to get things done during the transition into 2020. The solar eclipse layers in spontaneous openings, opportunities, and perspectives that have seemed too grandiose or out of reach. Simply  put, doors that were locked will now swing open without us forcing our way through.

This is a New Moon where our energy will be more readily available for new projects and transitions compared to the past few moon cycles, and such opportunities will find us right where we are. The next two weeks invites us to stay awake and aware. We are asked to notice signs that the universe offers and take advantage of them in ways that feel the most resonate to us.

This is not the time to be busy in order to be busy, although you will want to feel productive and you will have the energy to do so. This is a time to pause and ask "in this moment, where do I want to  direct my attention?" There is a difference between intelligent action that serves us and to-do lists for the sake of not being alone with our thoughts. You will have the determination and the drive, but that does not mean you need to force anything into your experience.  A reminder - there is nothing that should happen or needs to happen, rather allow the unfolding to take place and be proactive in creating the space for what needs to float in to find you. You will know when inspired action hits, and you will be ready.

If we were to describe the energy and potential of this new moon in one word, it is POWER. The next two weeks are a potent time to sit with the word and notice how it resonates for you individually. Everything is available to us during this moon cycle. We are held and we are supported, but many times our own doubt, insecurity, or limiting beliefs surrounding our innate worth are obstacles standing in the way of stepping fully into our power. Take time to ask yourself, do you know you are powerful? Do you trust this truth? The moon, stars, and planets keep reflecting this truth to us. Are we able to fully receive it? 

This Capricorn energy of this new moon brings forth the beneficial aspects of the masculine/feminine polarity. The drive, determination and motivation are all available, as well as the nurturing, soft, and receptive qualities. This means that we are invited to spend some of our copious energy on actively cherishing ourselves and the people we love. Self-care as well as outward expression of gratitude for those we cherish are encouraged during the next two weeks. The feminine energy of Capricorn is also here to ask us to take action in protecting and revering our environment. We are invited, in whatever ways we each can, to contribute to the nurturing of the planet, which takes care of us every moment of every day. Some traditions call her Pachamama, the great mother that holds us close to her. 

Additionally, with the powerful energies of this new moon and solar eclipse comes the releasing of those people, experiences, and beliefs that do not serve us. Eclipses can be seen as doorways and the new moon energy connotes both the darkness of endings as well as that of beginnings. With a full heart and a buoyant spirit, this is the time to courageously listen to what endings need to happen and to take the steps to fulfill that release. Courage will be called upon, but know that you are fully supported by the sky and the stars to make big transitions and be held along the way.

Another aspect of this moon is to go into the heart. What are our biggest, fullest heart's desires? This is not about material wants, but rather heart centered ideals. What do you want for your life and for the world? Bringing in the feminine aspects of Capricorn, what would you give to everyone you love if you could? What qualities, emotions, and experiences would you give to others if you had the choice? This is the time to be hopeful and optimistic about what is possible. 

As we transition into 2020, know that everything is aligning to take you from where you currently are to all of the magic that is in store for you. Be present for it all.



NEW MOON RITUAL :: Release What Isn't Yours

This Solar Eclipse and New Moon combination is the perfect time to get clear on what you are ready to release. It is not always easy; sometimes what we cling to becomes familiar, and even if it is not serving our highest self, it can be scary to consider what happens when we are without it. Toxic relationships, stagnant jobs, limiting beliefs or habits, and material possessions need to be let go of in order to create open space for what is next. 

Try the ritual below as a way to commit to what you are releasing. Trust that with an open heart and the courage to let go, you are doing the work that needs to be done. Know that you are supported, you  are seen, and you have everything you need to let go and be free.

1. SET UP: Find a comfortable space to sit in. Have a pen and a piece of paper. Be sure the paper is not from your journal, as you will be releasing it. Make your space sacred for this ritual - light a candle, burn some smudge, play aligned music, and dress in the way that expresses how you want to show up in the world. This is an initiation ceremony for this next big and beautiful year.

2. TO BEGIN: Close your eyes and take five deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Know that with each exhale you are releasing tension, worry, and doubt. After 5 breaths, repeat this mantra out loud: "I am ready to release what does not serve me. I now release and renew." Say it slowly a few times and feel how it lands in your body. Even if there is still doubt or resistance to the possibility, know that you are well on you way to freedom.

3. REMEMBER: There is no need to feel guilt or shame during this experience. We all have heaviness that we must release. Part of being human is the recognition of when it's time to let go, and the practiced knowing that though it may be hard, we have everything we need to continue towards our highest, lightest selves. 

4. WRITE at the top of your paper: I release...
Line by line, write what you are ready to give over, let go of, or put down and never pick up again. Start each line with I release. If there is something that has been causing you a lot of pain, spend a little time writing about how and why. Continue to write. No need to edit or revise, let the pen move. You can write the same statement multiple times as a way to imprint your conviction to its release.

5. WHEN YOU FEEL COMPLETE: Place the pen and paper down. Close your eyes and take 5 breaths. After your breaths, repeat the mantra again: "I am ready to release what does not serve me. I now release and renew."

6. REVIEW: Open your eyes and take your paper in your hands. Rip it up into small pieces. Continue to rip it apart until you have a collection of small shreds of paper. Option to light it on fire (in a fire-safe container of course), burry it in the earth, or throw it away outside of your home. Be sure to dispose of your paper shreds. Know that this physical embodiment of release is communicating to your energetic body that you are truly ready to let go.

7. PAUSE: Now, notice how you feel. Trust that you have created more space in your body, heart, mind, spirit, and life. In the coming weeks if/when you find yourself triggered, recall that you have released what does not serve you and breathe deep into your body in that very moment. 

8. REJOICE:  To complete this ritual, grab one more clean piece of paper. Write down 1-3 words that will represent your 2020 year. Let these words be bold, clear, and truly YOUR words in their raw and current form (not old expectations of you). Repeat them to yourself a few times and let them enter your being. Place this paper somewhere you will see it. Come back to these words internally whenever you need a boost, a reminder, or a balancer so that you stay close to your bigger vision.

9. THIS RITUAL IS YOURS: Return to this exercise anytime you feel weighed down, overwhelmed, or that knowing voice inside of you says it is time. 

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