Full Moon : Beaver Says Slow Down

Don't feel pressure to get everything done and know exactly how you want 2020 to begin. Slow everything down, feel your heart, be in your body, and breathe.  It's enough right now.

The Beaver Full Moon will illuminate the sky on Tuesday November 12th in the Northwestern Hemisphere. It is named as such in the Farmer's Almanac as this was when the beavers would begin to build their dams as they prepared for the winter ahead.

This full moon is in the steady and sturdy house of Taurus, which will come as a welcome respite for those of us feeling the collective intensity, which astrological experts note is particularly high.

Each full moon has the quality of abundant light. Emotions, thoughts, and (often most uncomfortably) lessons our highest self needs to experience rise to the surface. This full moon has a loving lesson to offer to us, and it is a time tested wisdom that we cannot hear enough: quality over quantity. This includes how we spend our time, the relationships we invest in, what we buy, and what we take into our bodies via food and information. This moon is reminding us that though we are in a fast paced modern moment, we do not have to do anything more. We can take our time and be extra particular about how we are showing up in the world. And we can better show up in the world when we take care of ourselves by slowing down. 

We all have dreams and desires, and they are changing all the time. Though the full moon reflects abundance and possibility, the message of this Beaver Moon is that you can take the pressure off of "figuring out" the big vision and instead pause to relish in the moment you are in. Instead of taking action steps, this moon asks us to be in conscious thought. Notice what we spend time thinking about and ask, is this thought nourishing my highest self? For many of us, this moon will be about taking the time to cherish where we are at as we slow down the pace of our lives.

This full moon shares the sky  with Mercury in Retrograde. Even though this celestial event has developed a negative connotation, Mercury Retrograde and this full moon offer us a beautiful invitation to go inward. We are asked to pause the stories about everything "we need to do and have done" and instead leave a lot of space for contentment to greet you in the present moment. Now is the time to notice where in our lives the "if only" syndrome is present. If only I had a better job, if only I had a partner,  if only I was single, if only I lived somewhere else, if only I lost ten pounds...then I would be happy.

These two weeks are a time to release the need to be different. It is not the details that create the container for contentment, but rather stillness infused with the knowing that right as you are, you are enough.

It's worth repeating. Right as you are, you are enough.

Let this be your mantra for the next two weeks as you trade the google calendar for the meditation cushion, the night out for a spa day, and you start to cherish the pieces of you that just want to be be loved. 

There is no need to resist the energy around you. Lean into the bright light of the full moon illuminating the richness of the present moment. Commit to noticing the moments when the mind wants to be in go-mode. Especially as 2020 creeps near, we can spin ourselves into a whirlwind of resolutions. Instead, pause in the present moment and take stock of your energy. Make decisions on how and when you move and act that are in alignment with your highest self. Knowing what is in alignment only requires a pause and a willingness to listen. Based on the energy of the collective right now, you may find you want to be saying more no than yes.

Pluto plays a part in the affect of this Taurus full moon. Pluto is known, according to experts, as the energy that loves to know we are doing things the "right way". There is a desire to control and be certain. However, as we prove to ourselves time and time again, striving to control outcomes leads to burn out, resentment, and ultimately pain. It is much  more enjoyable and rewarding to lean into the flow life, opening our vision and taking in the scenery rather than closing in on a specific end point. 

There is a difference between showing up fully to the moment and trying to control it based on an agenda, especially when the agenda is ruled by fear.

Notice the times when you are tense or gripping on to how things "should go", and sit with what it means to unravel that need. Journaling will be extremely valuable during these next two weeks. Consider it your own sacred laboratory for working through what is present for you.

Know that even as things come up that present discomfort, everything that is happening is for your highest good, and you are being taken care of. Trust that you have everything you need in this moment, that what you desire will be brought to you the more you connect with the deep love that resides inside of you.

It is the same love that created the planets and all the stars. It is the same love that holds you in every moment, including right now. 





FULL MOON RITUAL : Forgive Again and Again
The Beaver Full Moon  in Taurus invites us into a slow and deliberate self-reflection process. If she had a voice we could hear, she would coo: "Come, darling, and settle down with me. I'm holding you as you go inward." The light of the full moon indiscriminately shines on every piece of ourselves. The parts we easily celebrate as well as those we prefer to keep hidden. The light of the moon is like truth, it is always available even when all seems dark. The Beaver Moon holds us as we explore what is present across the vast interior landscape of our personal experience. 
The moon unconditionally loves. Can we say the same for ourselves? Being able to show up fully in the world requires us to work on the relationship we have with ourselves. When we form a loving and trusting relationship with self, the healing ripples out into every other connection we have with others. One of the obstacles to coming into harmonious union with our highest self is our unwillingness to fully forgive ourselves. 
Forgiveness holds hands with deepening connection, even ushers it in to our reality. Now is the time to reflect: what are the parts of my being that I shame? What situations have I blamed myself for? Where am I  with-holding kindness and celebration of myself?
Many times, when we reach the point of full forgiveness of a part of ourselves, the habit, pattern, or belief that led us to experience suffering will begin to unravel. The problem that was so big or the thought pattern that has commandeered our awareness begins to shift. Consider self-forgiveness to be an accessible expansion  tool. 
Try this ritual at the end of every day to step into the process of forgiving, soothing, and eventually loving all pieces of our selves and our experience.
1. Have a journal and a pen, a candle, and make a comfortable spot for yourself where you  can go each night to reflect. You are welcome to burn incense, light sage, put on an essential oil, or add anything else to your ritual that tantalizes your senses. 
2. Each night, go to the ritual space you created. Make yourself cozy, close your eyes and take 5 deep and slow breaths. At the top of the fifth inhale, you will hold your breath and count to 5 before exhaling out of the mouth. Repeat this 2 more times. Know that you are held. 
3. Open your journal to a clean page each night. For two weeks, you will make a list of everything you are forgiving yourself for. You will use the prompt:
 "I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that.."
"I forgive myself for..."
You will start each sentence with these words. Give yourself permission to write about every experience, feeling or thought that has ever caused you suffering. For many of us, what we need to forgive ourselves for is a misunderstanding of the truth. For example the belief "I am not enough to be loved" is a complete fallacy. What we need to forgive ourselves for is the misunderstanding that it might actually be true. 
4. There is no right or wrong with this exercise. You may find what you write doesn't make sense in the moment. Know that we are doing this more for the processing effects than the content that is written. 
5. Write until you feel complete. If it feels supportive, you can always set a timer. Start with ten minutes the first night and increase if desired. At the end of each journaling session, you will read over what you have written, intending to  keep  the body soft and at ease.  
Every relationship has its origin in the way you treat you. Let's love that inner you up, and remind them that they are powerful beyond measure. 



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