New Moon : Listen and Be Steady

New Moon : Listen and Be Steady

The Gemini New Moon brings an opportunity to tap into the accelerating pace of the world while maintaining inner stillness and tapping into our own intuition. A big practice for this new moon? Active listening.



This New Moon signifies a busy time. New projects, opportunities, relationships, as well as an acceleration of what’s already present. If your plate has already been full, it will be extra important to take care of yourself, as this Gemini moon wants to give you as much as you can handle.

During the next two weeks, the shifts that occur will happen quickly. This new moon, experts say, is asking us to  be agile in decision making. Not second-guessing what feels right, but rather continuing to ride the universal pace that will be sweeping through our reality.

Don’t fight the momentum, but compliment it with intentional dropping into stillness. Amid the motion, the plans, the newness, the speed, find time to sit inside of it and be present. As an example, imagine you are riding in the passenger seat of a car. You’re on a wide open road, you’re not driving, but you trust where you are going. You intentionally roll down the window, stick your hand out, and feel the wind moving your arm. You become present as you continue to move forward. You feel the journey as it is happening. And perhaps you even smile as you’re driven on.

This is the time to take ownership over how  much time you give yourself to reconnect to stillness because means pausing the activity of your mind and your body but not of your growth. In fact it is a bit of a paradox, the more you find stillness, especially when you are busy, the faster you will accelerate to an elevated version of you. Stillness is where the answers are, even if the outside world continues to speed by.

Find stillness, listen, tap into you, and buckle up for your next adventure. xox



 Some rituals take place in the privacy of our homes and they tap into our inner world. There is a specific time and place set aside to perform them. And, some rituals can be intentionally brought into our lives as we interact with other people and/or the world around us. They can happen spontaneously as is appropriate as a means of heightening our  awareness and deepening our experiences. 

For the next few weeks, actively listen through these simple practices any time of day or night. 


Listen to Nature: Go out into nature. It can be a city park, a forrest, a beach, a home garden, or any other outdoor place that you have access to. Find a seat or lay down (be sure it is safe to do so). Close your eyes and listen to the sounds you hear. Without attaching to them, watch as sounds enter in to your awareness and travel back out. Stay listening as long as you have the time for, or at least 10 deep breaths. 

Listen to People: When you find yourself in conversation with another person, intentionally ask them at least 3 questions. Have the intention of letting them finish speaking before you respond. Take a breath in and out before you respond. As someone is speaking, listen closely to what they are saying. Notice when your mind wanders and bring it back to the conversation. Have the intention of listening more than speaking for the next two weeks. 

Listen to You: Find a quiet comfortable place to sit or lay down. Close your eyes, deepen your breath, and without needing an answer, ask your intuition what you need to hear for your highest good. Imagine the question dropped into the center of your body, like a pebble into a still lake. Let the ripples of the question expand out, without needing an answer. Sit in the stillness of the question and watch your breath move in and out. When you feel called open your eyes and take a few breaths to move your body in whatever way feels right. It can be very small and simple movements: a cat and cow or swirling of the spine. If you have the time you might find a longer physical practice. 

Return to these practices as often as you can over the next two weeks. As you move through your days, listen for sudden insight, download, or signs. Again, not having expectation is important, as the universe operates on its own perfect timeline. When we refine our ability to listen, the world begins to blossom open.

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