New Moon + Solar Eclipse : Go towards the Dark


Consider the next two weeks of the New Moon cycle a big re-set. This New Moon in Cancer coincides with a Solar Eclipse, meaning the energetic potency increases and we are sent into a darker period energetically as well as astrologically. The shadow that accompanies an eclipse gives us permission to pause and get quiet in reflection. It compliments the peacefulness surrounding this new moon.  Though we go into the dark, we need not be afraid of what we find there. The best thing we can do as we head into the first of two eclipses this month is to trust that we are being taken care of as we get curious as to what is happening for us in our lives. 

This new moon in Cancer is an invitation for us to reflect on where we can give more attention to our everyday life. Cancer brings us into illuminated relationship with our sense of tangible home base: job, foundational relationships with family, the physical spaces we dwell in or routinely visit, etc. It also asks us to reflect on and nurture our ability to be at home in every situation and in every circumstance. We all have the capacity to find home no matter what. We always have our breath and our mindset to help shape our experience of the present  moment. 

This new moon reminds us that the most vulnerable moments are when we experience the most growth. Know that there is no emotion that you feel that you need to hide away or hide from. There is no thought or emotion to push away nor do you need to feel shame. It is so easy for us to judge our emotions as wrong. However we are the only ones operating with that judgmental narrative which we can shift by having inwardly softening and adjusting our perspective. 

Instead of judgement, we are invited to show up with authenticity in every situation. We support our growth and expansion when we learn to be accepting and compassionate towards ourselves no matter what discomfort we encounter. If there is a situation or conversation you have been avoiding because you are worried about how it will make you feel, now is the time to embrace the confrontation and feel it fully. Take note when your triggers show up this month. This is a huge opportunity to respond in a new way, eliminating any chance of drama or unnecessary clean in a situation or with a person in your life. 

The cancer moon also brings about strong intuitive and fluid energy. Synchronicity may be more present in your life, and you can trust that your intuition will help you to take advantage of the serendipities that appear for your own highest good. You will know in the moment what the right choice is for you.

Experts say that this moon is a time to lay down perfectionism and heal the piece of us that doesn't believe we are good enough. The Cancer new moon asks us to go into our internal landscape, nurture ourselves, and fully trust that we are in the exact right place at the right time. 

The new moon and the solar eclipse pull us into darkness. Yet darkness has its own illumination that takes place. Deep breathing, move with ease, take your time, and simply pay attention as we move through the brilliant darkness.  

Everything is happening for you, moonbeam. Even the dark bits. xox


New Moon Ritual : 30 Day Write and Burn 

What does it mean to turn towards your shadow? Simply put, turning towards shadow means accepting those pieces of us that we are embarrassed by, feel shame about, and want to keep hidden. Since we are own worst critics, often it is our own perception of our not-enoughness that keeps us from taking steps towards meeting our potential for love, success, joy, and contentment. In order to support ourselves in moving towards the highest version of ourselves, we can bring those bit of us into the light, look at them with compassion, and choose to release them from our internal world. 

Try this ritual for the next 30 days as a re-set to prepare you for all that is on its way. 


1. Have a fresh pad of paper or new journal for this ritual + something to write with. Mark the day you begin your ritual as well as the final day on your calendar (digital or analog). 

2. Each day, find a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Ask yourself "What do I need to clear and release myself from?" or "What judgement of myself am I holding on to?" Work with the question that most resonates with you for the entire 30 days, and each day set the intention to work through a certain self-judgement, a specific thing you want to forgive yourself around, or something specific you want to move through. 

3. Light a candle during this ritual. Plus you can burn some smudge, sit with your altar, or whatever you’d like to make this ritual sacred. Essential oils can also help to drop you in to this sacred space. 

4. Set your timer for 20 minutes. You will write every day for 30 days for the full 20 minutes. Let yourself empty out. 

5. The intention for your writing is to write about whatever is present for you surrounding shame and judgement. You can spend the whole time writing about one particular situation/person/aspect, allowing your words to flow and pivot organically as your writing finds a rhythm. It does not have to make sense or even be full sentences.  Let your writing come out exactly as it needs to, allow any emotions to come through, no editing and no making it pretty. Give yourself the opportunity to clear shame once and for all (remember you get to burn it after!)

6. Although your intention is what prompts your writing, sometimes other realizations or awarenesses may show up as your subconscious chimes in. Let it all flow. 

 7. When the timer goes off, bring your writing to a close. Take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed and allow the process to settle. Thank yourself for showing up that day. 

8. Bring what you wrote outside to a safe place where you can burn the paper. Rip your paper up into small pieces. Trust that ripping the paper is further releasing the grip of shame, hurt, pain, and heaviness. As you rip your paper, acknowledge that you are ready to heal. Place your paper in your fire safe container (cauldron, pot, fire pit, etc). 

9. Light the paper on fire, feeding it slowly. As it burns, chant out loud repeatedly: “Blame and shame be gone. Blessings and prayers be heard” until the burn is complete. Leave the ashes in its vessel where burned it. 

 10. Once your 30 days is up, find a special spot out in the open to release your ashes. Letting any last bit of holding release. Say the above prayer out loud again and feel into the spaciousness you've created. Take a huge inhale, exhale out of the mouth and release!

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