New Moon: Steady Transformation

The New Moon is in Taurus, the astrological sign that brings steady and stable earth energy to everything we do. Lean into slowing down, grounding, and trusting in nature's process.


New Moon, new beginning. The sky gives us permission every 28 days or so to begin again. We get to start over, if we decide to. That’s how powerful we are - we can utilize the energy of nature to create new beginnings whenever we want, no matter what is happening around us.

This New Moon is in Taurus, the stable and steady earth sign. This cycle's new beginning brings with it stability and ground for us to stand on. The energy of this new moon cycle is as patient as it is fertile, meaning  we have the chance to plant the seeds for whatever change we want to create, and then patiently let them grow and blossom without exerting all of our effort. Change will happen  without you being overwhelmed or burnt out. 

One of the most important things for this moon cycle and creating room for this fresh start is establishing firmly the knowing that we are worthy of expansion and facing head on any negative beliefs that say otherwise. This is the time to look the inner critic in the eye, acknowledge that it is trying to keep us safe, and decide to stay steady in our focus on growth. It is more than accessible to let fear reign over our experience and keep us from risking failure. However, like the strong Taurus bull, we have everything we need to continue moving forward, step by step.

This new moon also comes with what is known as a grand trine. The grand trine links three signs of the same element, in this case earth, and thereby creates a powerful energetic offering.  Pluto is in capricorn which offers transformation and Jupiter is in Virgo which brings us into physical abundance. We’ve got the moon and the planets holding space for us to step into the next chapter, the blossoming into reality of what we desire deepest in our hearts.

So, moonbeam, no matter what has happened before now, no matter what you’ve been through, now is the time to begin again. You’ve got the universe behind you.



Adding crystals and precious stones to any practice helps not only amplify the energy around you but also can act as a conductor for certain qualities and characteristics to enter into your being. Whether you decide to use TMD Manifest and Protect Crystal Set or other favored stones, try this ritual under the dark sky of the new moon as a way to ground down and create a clear vision for what you want.

For this, you will need 1-3 crystals (more if you have them) a journal and pen, a comfortable space to lay down.

1. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Have your journal and pen close by as you come to lay down on your back. If you have more than three crystals, you can place them right behind your head on the ground. Take one crystal and rest it on your belly. Place another on your heart, and one on your third eye in the center of the forehead. If you only have one or two, you can choose either belly heart or third eye.

2. Open your palms out to the side and get really comfortable. Let your breath be deep and slow, imagining the breath filling up to where you feel the crystals on your body. Let your exhale softly release the body of any tension or stress. You’ll take 15 deep and slow breaths, watching it move in and out.

3. After the fifteenth breath, you’ll return to easeful natural breath. Without expecting or searching for an answer, you’ll ask yourself: where in my life do I want to expand? Repeat the question a few times slowly to yourself, allowing the inquiry to settle in. Do not worry about having any answers or clarity right now. Simply be in the question.

4. After a few rounds of either silently asking yourself or verbalizing out loud, you’ll let the question release and let your mind go wherever it needs to go until the timer is up. Let the crystals, the inquiry, and your breath simply hold you as your mind free associates with the question.

5. Once the timer goes off, move the crystals off of your body and place them behind your head on the ground. Roll to one side and come to a comfortable seat. Open your journal to a new page and at the top write the question: where in my life do I want to expand?  For at least one full front and back page of your journal, allow yourself to free write. Whatever comes up and out.

Note that sometimes with free writing you have to release some of the clutter of the mind, and so give yourself some time to write out exactly what comes up. Again, not looking for specific answers but rather living in the inquiry of expansion. This is how growth begins — the acknowledgement that you are ready to receive however it shows up.

6. When you feel complete, close the journal, and place the crystal(s) in your hands. Take a few deep breaths anchoring your courage, intention, and willingness to show up into these little pieces of earthen magic.

7. Acknowledge yourself for showing up for you. As you are ready, you’ll continue on with the rest of your evening. Feel free to return to this ritual as much as you’d like over the next two weeks.

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