New Moon in Taurus ::Shaking it all up and expanding

This New Moon is another potent and powerful lunation. It has the power to support us in disrupting the old and dreaming up the new.

The New Moon in Taurus graces the sky on May 11th. This new moon is coming to us with the energy of the upcoming solar and lunar eclipses later in this month and next, which astrologists say adds more intensity to an already potent time.

Fear not, for the energy of the sky is divinely supportive. We can work with everything we are given and utilize it to fuel our growth and expansion.

With the energy of this moon cycle, you may notice you are being met with circumstances and experiences that act as a catapult into the next iteration of you. Breathe deep, turn to practices that support you in finding inner steadiness and stability, and know that you can handle whatever it is that comes forward. 

Every month, the new moon is a perfect time to plant a seed for what we want to blossom. The dark sky is a fertile ground for harnessing the power of our thoughts to manifest what it is we truly desire. Whether it is a brand new reality, project, or relationship, or we are watering the seeds we have planted, now is the time to pause and check in with what we are focusing on and where we are spending our precious resources.

When we do this individually, we support the collective in planting seeds for the betterment of the planet. We live in an interdependent reality, and so when you make choices from your heart, it ripples through the world. The moon reminds us of the power of our intention. It carries an energy and has the power to create our lived reality. 

Astrologists note the influence of Uranus that is currently taking place. Uranus is in Taurus. This is representative of the "new earth", the next iteration of life on the planet that is more supportive to all who live here. Taurus represents our link to nature, the beauty of it and its healing power. Uranus is connected to awakening, disruption, and revolution. The celestial bodies are cheering us on to work towards a more just and loving vision where all of life and the planet itself are taken care of.

Taurus energy connects us to the simple rhythms of nature. The natural cycles, when we tune in, can support us in finding balance. There is a simplicity to Taurus energy, and it reminds us that simple is often the most advanced. We are invited to support our healing by going outside, placing our feet in the ground and soaking up the ions that the earth gives to us so freely and lovingly. 

Nature also offers us the reminder of the healing power of deep stillness and the medicine of quiet. With so much noise constantly bombarding us through emails, texts, news sources, and the fast pace of life, we are called to balance the intensity through sustained quiet and stillness. This is an exquisite side of Taurus that is antidotal to the times we are in.

Experts say that our senses will be heightened over the next month, as Taurus rules our senses, particularly that of touch. We can turn towards our senses as a way to become fully present to the moment. Tuning in to what we see, taste, smell and tactilely feel. Self-massage and self-touch are practices that can support us during this moon cycle.

As a global community, we have cut off touch due to the pandemic. We have had to forego the medicinal affect of touching and connecting with other people. For that, many of us are suffering psychologically and emotionally. Though there are still health restrictions in place, we can turn towards nature to support us in this deep connection. Nature can give us the touch and connection that we need. Touching a tree, putting our hands in the earth, and celebrating our inveterate interdependence with nature can bring such instant healing into our reality. By using our senses in nature, we can access a deep rooted belonging. We are each part of the tapestry of life and we are affected by the rhythms of nature in every moment, whether we are aware of it or not.

Every lunation in 2021 is powerful, astrologists note, and this new moon cycle is no different. There are 5 planets in fixed signs during this new moon. Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius, and the Sun, Moon and Uranus are all in Taurus. We also have Ceres and black moon Lilith in the sign of Taurus.  Astrologists say that the planets are supporting the Uranus energy swirling around us. 

The strong Uranus energy that is present during this moon cycle may lend to  shocks and surprises in our reality. This might be physical upheaval such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, storms, and other erratic weather patterns as well as quakes in our personal experience such as shifts in relationships, jobs, housing, and resource availability. This is not to scare us, but rather to prepare us and practice our capacity to ride the waves of change and work with the various emotional states that arise from these shifts. 

Uranus is very linked to awakening and expanding, and so we can find solace knowing that the turbulence and the upheaval is in service of highest growth. We are being given what we are ready for, and we can handle whatever transpires. It is important to have daily rituals and practices that help us ground, reconnect to center, and establish equilibrium amidst whatever chaos arises. 

Black Moon Lilith plays a part in this new moon as well. Astrologists refer to this archetypal energy as raw, wild, instinctive and very connected to nature. She sits well in Taurus because of the deep connection to Earth. Lilith brings the energy of disruption and revolution. This is the energy that challenges the status quo and bravely steps forward in truth, regardless of the outcome or the popularity.

We are each being invited to embody this Lilith energy by noticing the complacency in our lives. Where have we given up our power to outside sources? Where are we denying our own truth in favor of what is popular? Lilith inspires us to be courageous in our authenticity as we make our own sovereign choices that govern our life experience. 

The Aquarius energy that is present, according to experts,  further lends to the revolutionary and disruptive qualities that may surface both in the collective and in our personal lives. Embracing change and riding the waves of revolution are an important practice to employ during this time. We must remember that we are constantly expanding, and all that is happening is ultimately in highest service of our collective growth. 

The Sun, Moon, and Pluto are trine during this cycle. Astrologists say that a transformative power will be added to the revelations, rebellions, and truths that are occurring. There will be a sense of validation and support for the overthrow of patterns, systems, and beliefs that are no longer serving the highest good. 

Jupiter moves into Pisces on the 13th of May. This can offer us personal growth, abundance, fulfillment, and positive support. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and any planet in any sign can express positively or negatively. On a lower level, we might feel more confused, overwhelmed, and we may see some volatility with our oceans, rains, and rivers. 

We are being encouraged to spend time with our intuition and our daydreams. We can ask, "What is my future spiritual vision for both myself and the world?"

Spend time daydreaming, especially in nature, and let your vision catapult into higher possibilities. Daydreams are often labeled as wasting time, however this is false. Daydreaming gives us a chance to listen to our highest selves, our soul, what swims underneath our daily business and routines. This new moon calls us forth to elevate our vision and let ourselves dream big. 



NEW MOON RITUAL :: Listen to Your Dreams

This New Moon is a potent and fertile time for daydreaming, visualizing, and tapping into what your vision is for the personal and the collective. We might experience a wild ride in our external and our internal reality due to the influence of the celestial bodies at play during this new moon cycle. As we navigate the winds of change, some subtle and others radical, we can harness the energy of transformation to fuel our visions. Spending time in nature while allowing inspiration to flow freely is a powerful way to both stabilize our nervous system and liberate our vision.

Another powerful way to connect with our evolution is to track our dreams. Dreams are theorized to be the unconscious communicating through images, giving us insight to where we might be blocked, what lessons we need to learn, and insight into what would bring us into the experience of wholeness. Tracking our dreams take practice and intention, but with patience and time we can access this powerful alternate state of consciousness.

Use this bedtime ritual to support you in connecting with the messages in your dreams.

  1. Before bed, place a journal and a pen in accessible reach.

  2. Set the intention to remember your dreams. If you have rosemary oil, apply that to your temples as it is helpful for memory.

  3. As you lay down to sleep, focus on your breath. Count backwards from 100; don't worry about reaching 0. Simply allow the mind to focus on the descent. As you inhale 100, as you exhale, 100. Inhale 99, exhale 99. If you lose count, start back at 100. Eventually you will drift to sleep, let it happen.

  4. As soon as you wake up, take a moment to recollect your dreams while still laying in bed. The space between sleeping and waking is a powerful time. Keep your body at ease as you recollect as much of your dreams as possible. When ready, write down as much as you can remember. Record all of the details. If you cannot remember, simply free write about your sleep, getting into the practice of recording in the morning. With time, you will remember more and more of your dreams. Be patient with the process.

  5. Take some time to reflect on the dreams and sensations you record. The people and situations that show up are not to be taken literal. They are all symbols offering meaning that is unique to you. Contemplate what your dreams could be offering you. Free write about your dreams and see where the process takes you.

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