Full Moon in Scorpio : Big Emotions and Soulwork with Scorpio

The Scorpio full moon brings us into deep exploration, intense emotion, and connection with the soul.
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The Full Moon in Scorpio graces the sky April 26th and 27th, depending on where you are in the world. This moon is a supermoon, meaning it is the second full moon in a month. The lore around the supermoon is that the energy is even more potent, although astrologers do not always agree with the claim. Experts have used words such as dramatic, intense, unabashed, and whirlwind to describe this moon, reflecting its stance as truly a super moon.

This moon brings us into deeper relationship with the birth, death, rebirth cycle that is woven throughout our reality and innate to our lived experience. Every day there is an ending and a beginning. Each breath is a reflection of the cycle in a very local momentary way. For many of us, however, it is hard to deal with endings. We like the familiar, the known. Having some end by necessity means we are moving into new territory. This moon cycle supports us in asking the hard question: What in my life is ready to end?

Endings are allowed to be hard and sometimes they are messy. However, we are always rewarded when we follow through with completing a moment that is ready to be complete. Whether it be a relationship, a job, a way of mistreating ourselves, a too-small belief, or a looping thought, we have the power to choose to embrace endings and open to new beginnings. This cycle is part of growth and we need to walk across the threshold of death to inevitably be reborn.

There is a lot of fixed sign energy around this Full Moon. Astrologists say that the fixed signs – Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio – are related to the anchors we have in our lives. Three out of the four cardinal signs are big players in this full moon cycle. We can take this as an opportunity to check in with ourselves around where we are placing our anchors. What are our principles? How do we ground and balance our bodies and minds? What are the beliefs we hold about ourselves and are they still working for us? Now is a good time to reflect on our beliefs surrounding ourselves, the way we move through our lives, and why we do what we do.

As the above process might infer, this is a Full Moon that wants to go deep. Deep conversations, deep self-reflections, and connection to soul. During this full moon, the mind gets permission to take a break, maybe even a nap. This full moon is not about the rational mind and its brilliance, it is about making more time for what nourishes the soul.

On the note of the soul, the soul loves play. One of the ways we process our world, tap into inspiration, and gift ourselves with that childlike perspective is through play. Let’s be sure during the next two weeks to add in plenty of spontaneous and unproductive joy. Our souls are an important part of our well-being, though western culture tends to deny the prioritization of anything outside of the rational mind. Attending to your soul might look quite different than any other part of your day. Sometimes it means getting quiet and nurturing, other times it might be putting on music from your teenage years and dancing like mad. It might look like taking a new walking route or trying a new dish for dinner. Tending to the soul does not have to be expensive or time consuming, rather it only need be intentional time for you and the deepest most sacred part of you.

Tending to the soul also gives us the chance to listen deeply to the soul. Pausing all of the external noises and going in is such an important practice, especially with all of the information that is available to us. Transformation and evolution, very much involved with Scorpion energy, happen when we are able to embrace growth on the level of the soul. This might very much challenge the status quo. Often where we are stopping ourselves from living the lives we really want, we are doing it in the small day to day ways. This moon invites us to update and innovate our routines, our schedules and where and how we spend our time and energy.

The moon’s energy may lend to a lot of emotion. It can feel overwhelming, like there is a lot going on. More reason to find grounding practices. Step out into nature, put your feet in the dirt, look at the dark night sky. If we feel overwhelmed emotionally, turn towards the body and give yourself the opposite of overwhelm: space. Yin yoga, stretching, restorative postures and breathwork are all beautiful and effective ways to find harmony inside increased emotions.


FULL MOON RITUAL :: Overwhelm to Spaciousness

The full moon is Scorpio is offering us a powerful energy that wants to bring us deep. It asks us to do the best we can to take good care as we work with the intensity that presents itself. When there are intense emotions, coupled with the birth/death/rebirth cycle and the unknown it brings, there can be a lot of fear that rises to the surface. Fear around our security, our understanding of who we are, what we want and need, and how everything will turn out.

These fears are understandable and human. We are all asked to work with these fears to various degrees and at various times. Use this full moon ritual as a way to draw attention to the fear and then actively transmute it by offering it to love. It is simpler than we think, and writing it out can help us to see and to commit to how we want to feel in our lives - for ourselves and for the world.  

Our own fears can be the most heated places to travel into, but you've got the  energy of the super moon on your side. Lean into this RITUAL to support yourself as you alchemize any fears into love. 

Try this practice under the light of the full moon:

1. Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Light a candle, sage, incense, or whatever would make your current space feel nurturing and supportive.

2. Close the eyes and take 10 deep breaths. Steady yourself in this moment and feel your breath move in and out. As you inhale, color the breath with a warm white light. As you exhale, imagine red smoke move from your body. The breath nourishes and then moves out any tension or stress that might be lingering.

3. At the top of one piece of  paper write "I fear..." and on the other paper write "I am a person who..."

4. You can choose to set a timer for 20 minutes or simply write until you feel complete. Start with your fears page. Completely unedited, write your fears. Let the pen flow. You can start each sentence with "I fear...". Only you will see this.

5. After you are done, take a moment and pause. Close the eyes, bring your hands to your heart. Take a few breaths and acknowledge the courage it takes to own our fears. Offer gratitude to these fears, as they arose from the part of you that is looking out for your safety and well-being.

6. Now, either set a timer or choose to write until you are complete. On the second sheet of paper, you will write every version of YOU that the LOVE would have you be. Meaning, you take those fears and transmute them through love.

Begin each sentence with: "I am a person who...". Looking at each fear one by one, ask yourself, how would love have me show up to this fear? What actions will you take? What perspectives will you carry? Who will you show up as?  In this way, you will be writing down the ways in which you will move, act, speak, dream, and create from love.

An example could look like:

I fear being alone.

I am a person who walks through the world with an open heart, ready for connection.

7. Once you're finished, place both pages side by side in front of you. Choose to either rip up, burn, or throw away your fears page. For the length of this full moon cycle, place the second list somewhere you can see and return to when you need it.


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