NEW MOON IN GEMINI :: Weaver of Your Reality

NEW MOON IN GEMINI :: Weaver of Your Reality

This New Moon is a time to celebrate our mental bodies in the way that they evolve us through higher thinking and join us in connection with others through language. An endlessly curious and social sign, Gemini has a strong power in determining the way we think about the world, ourselves, and other people. This power, as with all things, can be used to benefit us or harm us depending on how we wield it.

By Lexi Marie of @Primally_Cosmic_Yoga

Happiest New Moon in Gemini occurring this Saturday, June 17th at 9:37pm PST! This witty and curious Air sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, learning, and all things cerebral. Gemini is famously known as the sign of “The Twins” and represents the different sides of our personality, duality and the opposing polarities that make up this universe.

This New Moon is a time to celebrate our mental bodies in the way that they evolve us through higher thinking and join us in connection with others through language. An endlessly curious and social sign, Gemini has a strong power in determining the way we think about the world, ourselves, and other people. This power, as with all things, can be used to benefit us or harm us depending on how we wield it.

You are the Author of Your Life

This New Moon is an excellent time to step into the role of “The Observer”. Who is the listener who hears our thoughts? As one of my favorite authors Eckhart Tolle says in his book New Earth, “What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.”

This was a powerful realization on my spiritual journey, to learn that the storyteller in my mind was in fact, not really me. The great consciousness that resides behind the curtain, the one superseding our mental chatter, our worries, obsessive, and sometimes self-critical thoughts, the neutral mind. This is our truest self. A space to retreat to, one of pure presence. It does not judge, it just is- awareness with no agenda.

This place is always available to us. By stepping into this role of the Observer we are able to assess our mental patterning this Gemini New Moon to determine which stories are running our lives. After all, we know the power of our subconscious, the narrative so ingrained within us, it rules most of our life without us even knowing it! This New Moon, bring yourself to a grounded place, in whichever way is best for your body, to relax into a sense of beingness that can witness the thoughts and stories that determine our reality.

Thought forms, mental schemas, can be passed down in so many ways- there are collective stories which have been passed down through history and our ancestors. There are contemporary narratives force fed to us by the media and society. Then there are the stories we tell ourselves.

These stories convey how humans have synthesized information throughout time to make meaning of our lives. Many of them are plagued with a fear, usually to perpetuate our survival as a species, but many of which are no longer serving us now. These stories can be poisonous and separate us from one another stirring feelings of mistrust and disdain, perpetuating pain and trauma.

Other stories are beautiful and convey the strength and resiliency of the human spirit. These stories demonstrate empowering beliefs that assist us in times of struggle, bring hope and faith to us when we are feeling weak.

Remember, none of these stories are “good” or “bad”, they just are, in this neutral space of the mind. Yet they do serve as powerful tools to show us where these stories might not be serving the truth we wish to create going forward. When we take the position of the observer or the witness, we can view the repetitive thought forms that dance through our monkey minds through a lens of curiosity, compassion, and non-judgement. We grant ourselves the ability to better understanding how these ideas and concepts shape the way we feel about ourselves and the world at large.

Spirit Daughter suggests, “This New Moon in Gemini review parts of your life, like your career, relationships, inner work, activities, etc. Ask yourself what pieces are adding to the larger picture of what you want your life to be and what pieces are distracting you from it. Your life is a collaboration of energy. Ideally, each piece feeds one another and even raises the vibration of other areas. They all work together to create a larger vision of your life.”

Re-writing the Story of Your Life

We are Creators. A key element to embodying the energy of this New Moon in Gemini is to accept the great power that comes with the mind. Our consciousness is what distinguishes us from other beings on this planet. We are able to perceive our very own selves, what a trippy and exciting opportunity to be aware of oneself, to be given the gift of presence. With this gift comes great responsibility. We are being empowered to be the authors of our own lives, writing our very existence and creating unique realities which all first start in the mind, in our imagination! We can create worlds of beauty and harmony just based on a dream we have seen in our visionary minds!

Spirit Daughter emphasizes, “when we become aware of our stories, we can choose not to allow them to direct our experience. Instead of listening to a story, we can release all narratives and simply drop into the present without influence from our past, or our ego, or something we were taught. We can be open to the reality unfolding in front of our eyes instead of the one told to us from our mind.”

Choose thoughts that vibrate with your essence, the core truth of your being. Everything you wish to manifest in your life is a ripple effect of being in alignment with the Soul Self. This is a process we will be mastering throughout our lives. Have fun with it and embrace the winds of change with the dynamic and creative energy of Gemini. Socialize with those you love, engage in some witty banter, a debate or two to exercise your mental muscles. Reminder to ground into the body with some barefoot mama earth time or with some deep belly breaths.

NEW MOON RITUAL :: Conscious Listening

Some rituals take place in the privacy of our homes and they tap into our inner world. There is a specific time and place set aside to perform them. And, some rituals can be intentionally brought into our lives as we interact with other people and/or the world around us. They can happen spontaneously as is appropriate as a means of heightening our  awareness and deepening our experiences. 

For the next few weeks, actively listen through these simple practices any time of day or night. 

Listen to Nature: Go out into nature. It can be a city park, a forrest, a beach, a home garden, or any other outdoor place that you have access to. Find a seat or lay down (be sure it is safe to do so). Close your eyes and listen to the sounds you hear. Without attaching to them, watch as sounds enter in to your awareness and travel back out. Stay listening as long as you have the time for, or at least 10 deep breaths. 

Listen to People: When you find yourself in conversation with another person, intentionally ask them at least 3 questions. Have the intention of letting them finish speaking before you respond. Take a breath in and out before you respond. As someone is speaking, listen closely to what they are saying. Notice when your mind wanders and bring it back to the conversation. Have the intention of listening more than speaking for the next two weeks. 

Listen to You: Find a quiet comfortable place to sit or lay down. Close your eyes, deepen your breath, and without needing an answer, ask your intuition what you need to hear for your highest good. Imagine the question dropped into the center of your body, like a pebble into a still lake. Let the ripples of the question expand out, without needing an answer. Sit in the stillness of the question and watch your breath move in and out. When you feel called open your eyes and take a few breaths to move your body in whatever way feels right. It can be very small and simple movements: a cat and cow or swirling of the spine. If you have the time you might find a longer physical practice. 

Return to these practices as often as you can over the next two weeks. As you move through your days, listen for sudden insight, download, or signs. Again, not having expectation is important, as the universe operates on its own perfect timeline. When we refine our ability to listen, the world begins to blossom open.



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