From Bulimia to Self-Love: Why I Created The Moon Deck

From Bulimia to Self-Love: Why I Created The Moon Deck

Trigger Warning – This is the story of how TMD founder + spiritual wellness teacher Aarona Leá healed from bulimia and is her personal story only. If you or someone you know struggles with an eating disorder, scroll to the end for helpful links. If you’re currently in a crisis and need help immediately, call the Crisis Hotline at 988 or the ANAD Helpline at (888) 375-7767 for 24/7 support.
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In a society where self-loathing often takes precedence over self-love for far too many of us, my personal journey of healing and embracing my true self led me to create The Moon Deck. It all began with a 10-year battle with bulimia that I fully recovered from 20 years ago.

I tightened my grip on this dis-ease for a long time, unwilling to ask for support or believe that I needed help. But eventually, I hit rock bottom and fell to my knees in a full-body prayer on the rooftop of my old Brooklyn loft when I was in my early 20s. I prayerfully pleaded for another way, a different choice. Through my determination and a profound shift in mindset, I not only healed myself (with lots of seen and unseen support) but I also learned and eventually created powerful practices and tools to help others embark on their own empowered healing journey.

As you read, I invite you to explore my transformation, the inspiration behind The Moon Deck, and how it can empower women to reclaim their lives, heal negative self-talk, and foster a deep loving trust in their beautifully intuitive bodies.


Why did I create The Moon Deck? The answer is multi-layered, rooted in a vision I carried for years and fueled by my need for healing combined with my love of spiritual exploration. My own struggles with bulimia starting at age 13 became a catalyst for seeking healing and guidance from various card decks, movement + art practices, alternative therapies, new moon circles with women, studies around the world, and my 25 years as a student and teacher of yoga and meditation. It all laid the foundation for this beloved creation that has since reached the hands of over 30,000 women worldwide. 



My path toward healing and attuning to my spiritual gifts began in my childhood and has continued throughout my life. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a deep need for guidance, I embarked on a journey of study, practice, and modern ritual as I delved into the shadowy depths of healing relational trauma that started at age 4 (and likely past lifetimes).

Because my eating disorder would swing like a pendulum, I needed to find my center. As I entered my healing phase and looked back, I realized that bulimia and the disorders that accompanied this dark spiral were really a series of rituals that I was hooked on. At its height, it became a routine and a set number of actions that gave me a false sense of control. Upon realizing this and finally getting the support that I needed, I began to weave new rituals into my life to fill this gap and give me something more sustainable to lean on. In other words, I needed healthier rituals.

Ritual and practice combined with various healing modalities, weekly therapy support, and many teachers (to whom I’m forever grateful) became my allies. All of this provided me with the transformative tools that transformed my life and created The Moon Deck.

As I wrote and created this oracle set, I channeled a deeply loving voice that could speak to this younger part of myself who needed so much more love and understanding back then, from both myself and my family. As I wrote, I felt various voices of discernment and compassion come through, speaking to these tender parts and healing a core wound. I also felt all the women who would be touched by this creation so that they too could shift negative self-talk and self-loathing into genuine self-love and trust.



As I emerged from the depths of my personal struggles, I found solace and inspiration in the symbolic power of fire and how it illuminates our heart, mind, and spirit.  

I welcomed the flame’s flicks of red, blue, and violet light - recognizing the transformative and purifying nature of fire as a metaphor for my own healing. The flame within me became a guiding force, igniting my purpose and reminding me to protect and nurture my own inner fire. It wanted to be bright again.

There is a soul sickness that can occur when we neglect our inner fire and bury our emotions. In many ways, I feel that my journey with bulimia was an attempt to extinguish my Sacred Flame as I struggled to love myself and find my place in the world. It's essential to nurture our Sacred Flame as we acknowledge our vulnerability, recognize our resilience, and validate our story. By doing so, we awaken our ability and power to heal ourselves.  



My personal journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of self-love, healing, and embracing our unique paths. I want to share my story with anyone who is ready to break free from negative self-talk and self-loathing as they rediscover trust and love for their bodies.

This journey from bulimia to healing has shaped the creation of The Moon Deck, a powerful resource for women seeking to reclaim their lives and embrace self-love. It serves as a sacred tool, empowering you to embark on your healing journey as you explore self-discovery and a pathway to spiritual and emotional wellness.

Through my own experiences, I’ve discovered that healing and recovery are not only possible but within reach for all of us who are ready to walk on this transformative path, own our power, and move forward. Let us come together, support one another, and ignite the flames of healing. For we hold the power to heal ourselves and help shape a world filled with love, trust, and acceptance in ourselves and all that we choose to create.


May this blog post serve as an invitation and a reminder that healing and self-love are within your reach. The Moon Deck stands as a guiding light on your journey, offering support, inspiration, and the rituals you need to embody genuine self-love, trust your inner flame, protect it fiercely, and let it illuminate your life with more beauty. You have the power to heal and transform, and I am here to walk beside you every step of the way.  

Are you moved by this blog post or The Moon Deck? Please share this blog with others, and gift yourself or a loved one a Moon Deck today. EXPLORE HERE and helps us to further ignite this mission of empowered healing and reach more women of all walks and ages everywhere.




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