Full Moon in Aquarius :: Training for the Next Chapter

The Full Moon in Aquarius is back to teach us lessons that are not always fun, but always lead to growth and expansion. Where we are going, we cannot begin to fathom.
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The Full Moon in Aquarius, which illuminates the sky on August 22nd, continues to test our resiliency, stamina, and trust that all we are experiencing is is happening for a reason.

All of us here on planet earth are being put through an intense training. What else could we call the last 17 plus months of intensity, emotions, uncertainty, and global threats?

Finding Meaning in the Sky 

So what are we training for? Astrologists point to the fact that more light is coming onto the earth. We have moved out of a magnetic field that we have been in for some time, and therefore there is a massive upgrade happening as all of life absorbs more energy through reception of increased light photons.

In order for anything new to begin, there is essentially some thing, or many things,  that need to end. What we are experiencing now, according to the experts of the ancient art of astrology, is the dismantling of what some have deemed the “old world” which will lead to the co-creation of a more harmonious “new world” where values such as mutual respect, integrity, compassion, and generosity are at the forefront of decision making.

We can trust, that every hardship we are experiencing is helping us to grow and expand in some way, so that we can come into a place inside of ourselves that is in alignment with a higher frequency. Ultimately, we have the opportunity to tune into the messages of the stars and take heed, for they offer us so much support on our journeys of growth.

 Disruption and Awakening

A theme that is continuing Is the strong influence of Uranus as well as the Aquarius sign. Uranus brings with it revolutionary, disruptive, and catalytic energy. Uranus can start a moment of growth with a bang, such as an extreme weather event, the sudden ending of a job, an unexpected pregnancy, or any other surprising or shocking event. Uranus reminds us that we are not in control, and instead of trying to figure out everything that is going to happen, we can use that energy to harness our presence so that we can remain steady and calm with whatever life brings.

Uranus is not meant to bring us into fear, rather to acknowledge the volatility and ride-like nature of existence. We can choose to surf the waves or spend our time concerned with how things “should be.” Uranus is asking us to trade our “shoulds” for radical acceptance. For when we can be present and accepting of all the dimensions of a moment, we are empowered by the choice of how we move forward.

 Working with Emotions

We are being invited into the process of working with our emotions rather than being ruled by them. Freedom, which the Aquarius sign relishes in, is being able to feel fully without reacting rashly or being pulled under by one emotional state. This does not be numb or try not to feel, rather it means welcoming in all emotions, turning towards techniques such as slowing down the breath, moving the body, talking openly, or free-writing as ways to process and learn from our emotions instead of getting submersed by them.

Aquarius energy has to do with the fringe, the outlier, the pioneer, and the visionary. When it is in its shadow expression, which astrologists sometimes refer to as the “lower frequency” expression, it can be cold, disengaged, and lack compassion. Astrologists say that during this full moon it is important that we notice when we are isolating ourselves or denying connection. For those of us that are introverted, we can become particularly susceptible to shutting out the world. Solo time is very important, and we also get so much by connecting with one another.

 Self-Growth and Exploration

During this Full Moon cycle, astrologists note that the relationship between Jupiter and the moon, both being in Aquarius, can bring about good fortune and expedited growth. We can open our palms and our hearts to the energy of abundance and enter into a space of gratitude for what we already have and what is on the way.

Sex and Money 

If there are any patterns or habits that have you playing small in intimate relationships or in your relationship with money, now is the time to transmute them so that you can be available to receive all that wants to pour in. Money and sex are linked in the ways that we humans tend to develop a lot of stories around them, and many of us harbor intense emotions when engaging with these topics. Now is the perfect time to examine your beliefs around money and relationships.

Are there any stories around your innate lack?

 Do you feel in your core that you deserve abundance and happiness?

Are there any fears that come forward when you think about romantic relationships or money?

You might choose to free write with these prompts, or bring them into discussion with a trusted friend, teacher, coach, or therapist. NOW is always the right time to do the work needed to free ourselves from the limiting beliefs that act as barriers to the life we want to experience.

Opening Your Heart

Astrologists say that this a powerful time to keep opening your heart. It is easy to close it, sometimes unconsciously, but we are being asked to expand our capacity for love and compassion. We are in the time of the Heart Warrior, they who step forward without armor to greet the world with open arms. The Heart Warrior is strong about their boundaries, not afraid to leave situations, jobs, or relationships that do not contribute to their highest good. Boundaries and protective armor are different. One allows you a lot of freedom and creativity inside of them, the other is clunky and weighs you down.

Now is the time to connect with your heart space expanding. See your heart energy unabashedly wrapping itself around the world. When we open our hearts, we allow more supportive relationships and connections to flow in. You deserve to be supported, to be cherished, and to experience the inimitable joy that comes from dancing through your life with a light heart.


Full Moon Ritual :: The Awakening Potential 

This Full Moon is calling each of us forward to check in with our priorities and reflect on whether or not they are in alignment with our highest good. 

This is the time to reflect: Where do I spend our resources, my time, my precious energy? Is it in ways that are connected to the purpose that lives at the center of my heart?

We all came to this earth with a unique purpose. There has never before been anyone exactly like you, and there never will be again. Your individual gift to the world while you are here matters deeply, and with this moon cycle raging with energy, we can harness it to propel us forward. 

For some of us, our purpose shows up in our profession. For others, our purpose is the way we are in the world, and how we choose to show up. What matters is not whether you are making money from your purpose but that you give yourself the opportunity to feel fully expressed in this life. 

This full moon ritual will help calm the mind, tap into your power, and remind you that in any moment you to turn towards the infinite potential within. 

1. Set your space so that it reflects you taking care of YOU during this sensitive and intense energetic cycle. Light a candle, dim the lights, dab your essential oils on, and play your favorite music. This is about you, so let the whole process feel good. 

2. Power Pose:  Step your feet slightly wider than hips width. Reach the arms up overhead in a high "V" shape, face your palms forward, and spread your fingers wide. Feel your feet root into the ground as you reach your arms tall. Relax your shoulders and soften the face as you continue finding length in your body. Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths in this pose of Confidence, Balance, and Inner Knowing.

3. Bee Breath: Staying in this Power Pose that you just set up, take 10 more breaths utilizing  'Bee Breath'. To do this breath, inhale deep and exhale a "hmmmmmm" sound, like a bee buzzing. Each time you exhale, increase the volume and length of the sound. It helps to gently press your tongue against the roof of your mouth where it meets the teeth.

4. Once you take ten Bee Breaths, pause. Then take one more deep breath in and this time hold for a count of 10. Reach your arms even longer with your breath held in. Exhale and release the arms by your side. Close the eyes, let yourself float for a moment, and simply feel what is happening for you on the inside. Gently breathe in and out into exactly what is present, trusting it is exactly as it needs to be and so are you. 

5. Place one hand on your heart, one hand on your belly. Repeat this mantra 3 times out loud: 

"I have unlimited potential and claim my purpose. All that I need is within me."

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