New Moon in Virgo : Tend to Your Mind

The New Moon in Virgo brings about many blessings and many lessons. It's an intense time on the planet, and we can trust that it is all leading somewhere in the name of love.


The New Moon in Virgo arrives on September 6th and 7th. Virgo being a practical sign with mental energy as one of its strengths, this New Moon is asking us first and foremost to balance the amount of energy we spend in our thinking minds. With the state of the world, it is all too easy to get lost in the “what ifs” that seduce us into anxiety. The Virgo moon reminds us that the mind is meant to be a servant, not a master.

Other themes of this New Moon include: stabilizing during transition, supporting the Earth in her revolution, paying attention to details, elevating your vision, and welcoming the blessings that are pouring in.

There is a lot going on in your reality. Things are heating up, and the cool darkness of the New Moon is here to support us in navigating the intensity, trusting that it is all part of the process.

Breaking Down 

What an incredible time to be alive. The time on the Earth that some philosophers are calling a winter cycle, where things are ending to make way for an inevitable spring, a rebirth for humanity.  We are experiencing break down of systems, of the vision we had for the future, of what we have held as priorities, and ultimately of what is not working anymore. We are seeing this breakdown emerge across every aspect of our reality. Remember, the break down leads to an inevitable break through. This is not a comfortable time, and that is okay. It is okay if you do not feel okay.

 Feel Your Feelings

Notice if you start to go into despair. Feeling our feeling fully is an important practice, for avoiding or pushing down how we feel only causes those feelings to fester. However, there is a difference between observing feelings to allow them to move through you and getting sucked under or stuck in an emotional loop. Give yourself a lot of generous space to feel how you feel. Know that even when we are in our deepest grief, there is still space for gratitude, love, and joy. When we can honor our feelings as well as the higher frequency states, we expand our capacity to navigate difficulty. Grief and gratitude do not need to cancel each other out.

Astrologists suggest turning towards practices and experiences that allow us to move outside of the 3D reality. Perhaps this is through meditation, immersing in nature, creating art, trying something new, or anything else that allows you to enter a space that feels liberating and inspiring to you. Astrologists note that as the consciousness is raising, we will all become more aware of other dimensions of reality. One way we access them is through accessing a flow state, which comes from deep listening and aligned action.

 Non-Judging Witness

Now is the time to refine our ability to step into the seat of the witness. We have all have a reptilian brain that decides if we are safe or not. We also have a logic center that loves to analyze, problem-solve, and think practically. These aspects of the mind are necessary. They keep us safe as well as help us navigate the 3D world. However, many of us are so practiced living in our thinking mind and reacting to the reptilian brain without questioning it. This can lead to getting caught in the thinking mind and shutting out our creativity, vision, and wisdom.

By choosing to notice the mind and the thoughts that come through, we lean back into the place of the witness that can observe life without judging or reacting. The seat of the witness allows us to be with what is and find the inner peace that is always there waiting.

The Healing Power of Nature

Astrologists invite us to witness when our energy has become scattered. There is a lot to navigate on planet earth right now, and we can very easily be pulled in every direction. Cultivate a ritual around bringing yourself into balance, whether that be through time in nature, extra sleep, restorative yoga, or anything else that helps you recollect your energy and give it back to you.

One of the recommendations for this moon cycle is to be with the earth. Go outside and have a date with mother nature. Our nervous systems are intertwined with the earth and when we connect with nature, we recalibrate our systems. At the same time, earth also benefits from human time, and some astrologists say that there is a co-regulation happening between humans and the earth. Earth is going through a massive transformation, and so are us humans.

Astrologists note that Mars’s position in the sign of Virgo can bring about a need to attend to practical details. This is a time to bring mindfulness to your administrative tasks. Intend to be fully present when attending to seemingly minor tasks of your day such as when you do the laundry, wash the dishes or are writing an email. There is power and benefits to focusing on one task and being fully present in the moment.  

 The Fight for Justice

Another aspect of this new moon is the square between  the dwarf planet Eris and Pluto. Eris brings forward warrior energy and challenging authority -  the authority which is represented by Pluto in Capricorn. Eris wants everyone to be heard especially those disempowered by authority, and Eris energy is not one that backs down. We will see more and more protests around the globe, and astrologists say that decision-making power is slowly returning to the people as we move closer to a global community. What a time to be alive!

 Manifestation and Good Fortune

This new moon in Virgo is an especially good time to plant seeds and turn attention towards what we want to manifest. We are invited to get quiet and ask, what is it I really want?  Virgo is very practical and detailed, which is wonderful because Virgo can help us to bring a sense of order out of the chaotic experience we are having. Lean on Virgo new moon to support you in bringing your vision forward, shaping a dream out of the intensity of the modern moment.

During this New Moon, Uranus in Taurus is in a trine with the sun and moon. This can bring about sudden opportunities and surprising expansion. Be ready to receive. Uranus is considered the “sky god” that has an elevated perspective on reality. We are being invited to elevate our own perspective and welcome into our lives what is naturally flowing in. Keep your eyes and heart open for opportunities that support your growth. 

Venus is conjunct to the dwarf planet Haumea, which is linked to the Hawaiian goddess of abundance and fertility as well as the symbol of what some deem the  “new earth” that is forming as consciousness expands. The dwarf planet’s energy operates at a quantum level and supports uniting the psychic energy across humanity. Now is the time to sit with the vision of the future of humanity. Think abundance, spaciousness, and infinite potential. Give yourself time to dream, and let the fertile energy of Haumea support you in your dreams for yourself and the planet.

You can expect boosts of good fortune to come in but you may not recognize them right away.  For example, the job you were hoping to get might not happen, and it is a blessing because there is something else that is coming through for you that is more in alignment. We are being asked to practice patience and radical trust that what is happening is for us. Blessings are not always obvious, yet they are happening every moment of every day. Can you expand your awareness to see the gifts that are flowing in from every direction?

New Moon Ritual : Tune In and Vision

During this wild and unprecedented time, things can feel downright chaotic. There is an incessant amount of mind chatter, information coming from every direction, and constant transition. 

If we choose to, we can harness this chaotic energy and create a vision of our future. The energy swirling around us is dynamic and powerful. By getting quiet and focusing inward, we can connect with what the heart truly desires as well as what fears are standing in the way of us stepping fully into our vision. 

Use this ritual for the next two weeks as a way to gain clarity and stabilize your knowing that you, in this moment, have all that you need to step fully forward.

1. Each morning pull a card from The Moon Deck. Before pulling a card, press the full deck to your heart and ask the cards to reveal what you need to know for your highest good. Trust its medicine as you select your card.

2. After you pull a card, sit with it and take deep breaths. Notice what this card brings up for you. Then, softly ask these questions to yourself without being attached or seeking any specific answer, simply ask and listen:

What excites me in this moment?

What brings me joy?

What am I afraid of?

What do I dream of?

3. Open your journal and begin to write. If you feel stuck, write out the questions or write about the card you pulled and let it flow from there. Inevitably writing will become a 'processing experience' as thoughts and insights emerge. Continue writing until the timer is up or until you feel complete. 

4. Once complete, circle all of the words that speak to either your joy or your fear. You can even use a different color for each.

Reread your circled words and observe what it is like to have your inner experience reflected back to you. Take a few deep breaths, settle into a moment of gratitude for you, and continue forward with your day.

5. We suggest keeping this notebook handy throughout the day and jot down any spontaneous insights. 


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