New Moon in Leo :: Cultivating a Heroic Heart

The Leo New Moon is here to offer us courage, up-leveling, and expansion on every level.

Welcome to the New Moon in Leo, whose dark brilliance appears in the sky on August 8th. This New Moon signals a crossing into an energetically stormy period, according to astrologists. We are no strangers to conflict and intensity here on planet Earth, and the skies are continuing to encourage each of us to walk the path of the courageous warrior, willing to meet any situation with an open heart, integrity, and an elevated vision for a bright future.

The celestial bodies are reminding us that after every storm is an inevitable moment of clear and refreshed space. The sun peaks through the clouds and we get to bask in the reward of weathering the storm.  We can trust that in this moment no matter what life brings, it is always carrying us across to the next great expansion.


Cultivating the Warrior Spirit 

The warrior mentality is one of resilience and perseverance. Astrologists say it is essential that we cultivate these qualities in order to navigate these next few months. During this new moon cycle the dominant energies are that of Uranus and the Aquarius zodiac sign. This is an energy that is eruptive and volatile. We might experience this in the natural world through earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, hurricanes, and other intense weather patterns. This is not meant to strike fear into our hearts, but rather bring us into reverence and awe at the power of the natural world and do what we can to support it.

 Aquarian energy has to do with waking up out of the trance of modern life and elevating consciousness. Nature will continue to speak to humans until we listen, and give our planet the care and respect that it deserves. Without the Earth, we would not be alive, and we can see the changes in climate, the increasingly volatile weather patterns, and the growing tension as stern nudges from the cosmos to the inhabitants of earth to wake up to the ways in which we are neglecting our home and creating suffering by doing so.


Connecting with the Great Mother 

Many wisdom and indigenous traditions refer to the Earth as Mother. Madre Tierra, Pachamama, and Gaia are some of the sacred names that refer to the earth. When each of us can enter into the perspective that the Earth is our mother, it asks us to reflect on our relationship with the planet. How do we want to treat our global mother? What are the ways we show gratitude? What are the ways we connect to her? Are we spending time with her or ignoring her? When we enter into a familial connection with the Earth, we step into a conscious giving and receiving that is at the heart of all life.

Especially during this new moon cycle, we are invited to plant and tend to the seeds of a deepened relationship with Earth. Spend time with her, offer your thanks, and step into the role of taking care of this beautiful place we all call home. Make the time to go out into nature and set the intention to listen. Every time we make room to receive the wisdom of the earth, she offers it freely.


 A Time of Quickening Revolution

The time that we’re in, according to astrologists, is all about revolution. Revolution and chaos often dance together. Embracing change and riding the waves of transition are important aspects of this revolutionary moment. The old ways of being have to give way to the new ways of being - which are more inclusive, harmonious, and trade consumption for generosity, greed for giving freely. We are entering into the beginning of a powerful transition around the planet, and there is a lot of resistance to change from many of the existing systems of power. What is important is that each of us find community and connection with those who see the possibility of a more loving future. Continue to spend time with those committed to this new way of being.

During August, Mercury is in Leo which means that time will be moving very fast. Information will be coming at us very quickly, and there will be a lot to process. Events and happenings will also be taking place at high volume, meaning there is a saturation of experiences. It is essential that we each have our self-care dialed in. We must practice saying “no” to excess obligations, tasks, and time-fillers. In order to not be bulldozed by life, we must be able to restore and recalibrate. Self-care is no longer a luxury; it needs to be a priority.

We can be ready for feelings of instability to accompany us throughout this next month.  Astrologists say that at the 3-D level of reality, there will be shifts happening in every aspect of life. The good news is, the more we are asked to practice riding the waves, the better we become physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at surfing through life. At some point, we become so effective at navigating change that the experience lends to joy, uplifting energy and excitement at all the possibilities.

Also lending to this volatile energy is that the sun and moon are opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus. Astrologists say this might lend you to feel more constricted and confined by your current reality. This confinement can spur your own revolutionary energy, the kind that breaks you down in order to foster a massive break through. If you experience intense emotions, tears, or anger, know that it is part of your process of releasing the old and welcoming in the new.

Eris, the dwarf planet, has been showing up a lot these past few months and continues to influence reality. She represents the female goddess of awakening and wants to bring justice to whatever inequality is taking place. She is also a representative of chaotic creation, such as changes of states that lend to unprecedented experiences. The chaos we experience, individually and collectively, has a great global purpose. This is a time to trust in the unfolding, especially when the unfolding feels turbulent. Just like the dwarf planet Eris reminds us, when things get shaken up, it is often because a better way is presenting itself. What it requires is trust, courage, and deep listening to one’s inner compass. When we listen inward, especially in moments of intensity, we are never steered wrong.

The Portal of Creativity and Expansion

We can think about the changes in our reality as the tilling of soil, making it more fertile and nutrient dense. This is a powerful time to plant seeds of creativity as there will be surges of creative energy pulsing through our world. Creativity is an energetic force that circulates freely, and though we cannot force it to arrive, when it is present with us we have the opportunity to work with it and step into the power to manifest the life the we want. This month is the time to call forth your inner artist in whatever way you feel inspired. Perhaps this is in your work-life, your relationship, or a passion project. Whatever you decide to direct this energy towards will open and expand that area of your life.

 The 8th of August is known as the Lions Gate portal in astrology. The portal is said to open us up to higher timelines of reality, meaning it is a time of rapid inner growth. Consciousness is expanding around the planet, and the portal magnifies that expansion. This is an exciting time filled with an infinite sea of potential that is benevolent, creative, and powerful.  

During this new moon cycle there are six planets in fixed signs. Experts say that this fixed sign energy brings a tenacious quality to our experience. We are being offered resiliency and stamina by the skies. It can lend to interpersonal conflict and the feeling of being at odds with the parts of our world that are resistant to change.

What is important during this time is to stay connected to our personal truth and the vision of the heart. Stick to the knowing that is not influenced by any outside individual or group. Everyone is learning, and the wisest teacher for you is the one inside of you that is not afraid of their truth. When you come into disagreement or confrontation, turn towards radical compassion for everyone involved. This is an intense time to be alive, and we can trust that each of us is doing the best we can.

The Aquarius energy that is strongly circulating throughout this whole month is linked to higher mind, science, and those who are outliers to the status quo. The shadow side of this energy is that it can make us cold and detached. We can go numb to the pain of the world and isolate ourselves from each other. There can too easily be a lack of compassion when Aquarian energy is operating at a lower frequency. Therefore, to optimize Aquarius, we need heart energy, which coincidentally is the energy of the new moon, that of Leo.


The Heart Leads the Way 

The heart energy of Leo is exuberant and courageous. It is strong and tenacious. The energy of Leo combined with Aquarius makes for ideal leadership that can envision alternative ways of being and make decisions from the heart. Leo energy asks us to stand tall and beam out love in every direction. It is important to know that Leo invites us to notice where we are identifying as the victim of our circumstances and instead shift that into hero energy. This is the time on earth when we need heroes of the heart to step forward. Trading in the “woe is me” for the “I can handle this” and guided always by love instead of fear.

This is a beautiful time to connect with your passion, what brings you alive, and courageously claim it. We need all those who are willing to commit to shining their light brightly. Notice when stories of personal lack, self-consciousness, and insecurity are present and bring forward enough self-compassion and trust to let those feelings rest. When our passion meets our courage, when revolutionary vision meets the energy of the heart, we are combining Leo and Aquarian energy. In spiritual traditions this is when we experience the activation of the third eye energy center, the rising of Kundalini energy, and the circulation of powerful life-force that is healing, inspiring, and endlessly creative.

For this to happen, we need to be in a coherent internal state. We need to feel love, joy, peace, compassion, and gratitude. The good news is, these feeling states are ultimately choices and we can turn towards them anytime we choose. Wherever we are and whatever is going on, we have a choice to step into the energy of the heart. When we have a strong heart field, every cell is boosted, and it enables us to broadcast loving positive emotions to the world. We become the sources of healing that the world needs. 


The Internal Upgrade

Astrologists note that we are moving into a different area in space, meaning we’re moving out of what is known as the magnetic cloud, which has not happened for thousands of years. This is exciting because we are having surges of energy come onto the earth that previously could not move past the magnetic barrier. This can lend to disruption of technology, satellite systems, and electronics. More positively, it means that high frequency crystalline energy is pouring onto the earth upgrading each cell in our body.

This is an incredible time on Earth when we have the chance to retain a lot of energy, a lot of light, and experience the upgrade to higher levels of consciousness. Experts say that how much of the light we retain depends on our personal frequency. Experiences of joy, gratitude, love, and compassion are high frequency states, and so the more we choose to enter these states the more light we retain and the more service we can offer to the world. It is all happening for us, and we can trust that we are ready to step forward.



NEW MOON RITUAL :: Create an Offering

The New Moon in Leo energy is a time to harness our creative energy and use it for good. Creative energy can be personally fulfilling, but is even more powerful when it is utilized for service to others. Combining creativity with a generous heart is one of the most beautiful gifts we can offer as a human being.

Step into this new moon ritual as a way to orient your creativity towards healing, hope, and support.

When we give to others, we often receive exponentially in return. Take some time to tap into your heart, and let your unique expression flow freely.

  1. Set aside enough time that you do not feel pressured to complete this ritual. Creativity prefers to not be confined by time. Gather the artistic materials that speak to you. This can be paper and pen, tools to draw or paint with, photos, collage materials, fabrics, beads, or any other tools that speak to you.

  2. Go to a comfortable place where you can stay and create undisturbed. Close your eyes and connect with your breath. Relax your body and your mind as much as you can. If you prefer, you can lay down to fully release as much tension and stress from the mind as you can.

  3. Bring forward to your awareness someone who you would like to offer a gift. Perhaps it is someone close to you, or someone you have been meaning to offer your gratitude to. Call them forward and feel into the energy that arises. Let the love, respect, and gratitude flow freely.

  4. Now is the time to create a token of appreciation for them. This could be a picture, a letter, a collage, a decorated poem, or any other artistic expression. When you're ready begin to create. Let the love that is alive inside of you flow forward into what you create.

  5. When finished, set what you have created in front of you. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Set an intention for your love, care, and respect to emanate out of your creation and into the person who receives it.

  6. When the time is right, present your gift to its recipient and trust that they will receive exactly what they need from it.

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