FULL MOON IN VIRGO : Dare to Dream

FULL MOON IN VIRGO : Dare to Dream

On Tuesday, March 7th early morning we have a full moon in the sign of Virgo. This full Moon in Virgo is opposite the Sun in Pisces and both have very different versions of reality.
By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga

On Tuesday, March 7th early morning we have a full moon in the sign of Virgo. This full Moon in Virgo is opposite the Sun in Pisces and both have very different versions of reality. Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury and Chiron. It represents the healer and the maiden. This mutable sign loves analyzing things but if left untamed can lend itself to overthinking and perfectionistic tendencies. Pisces, on the other hand, is our emotional landscape, our fantasies and dreams that connect us to something bigger than ourselves, however if Pisces waters are strong we can get washed away in a current of delusion.

Traditionally a Full Moon in the sign of Virgo would signify a time to get our daily routines in check. Think to-do lists, planning, cleaning, organizing, etc. However with an abundance of planets in Pisces- the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune, we are immersed in a hazy celestial fog at the moment. Virgo represents the connection between mind and body. We can use this time of Piscean dream state to really tap into the subtle messages our physical vessel is sending.

Molly McCord says with all of these planets in Pisces, amidst a Virgo Full Moon, it can feel like we are very eager to get the ball rolling and attend to our aspirations and goals, but the multiple planets in Pisces are like missing puzzle pieces, we can’t seem to figure out exactly what’s missing but we might be feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed.

Saturn is entering Pisces the very same day as this Full Moon in Virgo further heightening the ethereal, and sometimes other-worldly Piscean vibe. We are beginning a brand new timeline that will last for the next 3 years as it relates to our spirituality and making our dreams a reality.

A boost of Aries energies can help lift the fog for us and ignite us with Love Warrior energy as Aries is in Jupiter, Venus, and Chiron are currently in the sky. Molly McCord describes this conjunction of both Aries in Chiron and Jupiter as a powerful opportunity. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and success will be highlighting an aspect of us that has been in pain (Chiron) yet we have been unable to identify it for true healing.

This blend of energies in our solar system is giving us the awareness to finally have a breakthrough in an area of personal soul healing with the support of the Piscean energies of what Virginia Rosenberg calls, “the boundless waters of omniversal love.”

Let’s allow ourselves to cater to both sides of the equation. Immerse yourself in the waters of your own love and imagination while simultaneously paying attention to the cues of your earthly being.

I love this perspective from astrologer Farah Siddiq regarding this Full Moon in Virgo, “when we allow our body to feel, we liberate our ancestors. We allow the true healing to take place. We connect with the breath. We connect with life. We incarnate”.

When both sides of us are heard, cherished, and respected we can alchemize deep hidden pain that is ready for powerful release. Forgive yourself and the ways you may have neglected or betrayed your body in the past. Connect with the wisdom of your soul and your unique brand of personal spirituality whether it be nature, angels, spirit guides, or whatever it is that you call Divine.

Be the peacekeeper and foster an unbreakable bond between body and spirit this Full Moon in Virgo. Observe yourself in the incoming weeks and notice any shifts that have taken place following this lunation. When the body is nurtured and respected, we create a fertile space for dreams to manifest. Embody the abundance in which you seek and watch as your dreams magically become reality.

FULL MOON RITUAL :: Bedtime Intentions

During our waking life, it is easy to get lost in the thinking mind that wants to know the outcome to everything, generate solutions, and analyze until we are exhausted. Sleep is essential to our ability to restore, heal, and become clear. 

Sleep is also beneficial because we get to process what is in the unconscious mind and allow messages from this part of our mind, that which is not available to our waking conscious mind, to appear in the form of dreams.

We can also choose to set intentions for our sleep to support whatever it is we are calling in, working on, or desiring in our waking life. By setting intentions before going to sleep we allow the universe to continue to work with us and for us as we sleep.  

Consider Bedtime Intentions  a way to tuck yourself into the magic that is around you, that which is always waiting for you to open up and invite in. This practice also promotes clarity and heightens vision for what it is you'd like to manifest and what you want to embody in the world. 

1. Once you lay down to sleep, lights off, body comfortable, take a few deep breaths. With each inhale, imagine your day rinsing itself through your body, then exhale out of the mouth and imagine the day leaving the body. Repeat this four more times as all stress, tension, or hardship leaves your body. 

2. Take a moment to check in with what is present. How are you in this moment? Is there anything that would bring you into more balance? What do you want to manifest? What do you want to know? What qualities would you like to embody? 

3. Ask out loud (or to yourself if need be) for what you want. Maybe you resonate with Spirit, the Universe, God, Mama Moon, Highest Self -- whatever name you'd like to speak, call out its name. Speak your intentions and prayers into the dark space of your room. Let them be the last words  that carry you into sleep. 

4. Know that as you sleep, the analytic mind also sleeps but there is still part of you that stays awake, and it is that part that holds infinite potential and possibility. You can fall asleep knowing that you are entering into the miraculous and mysterious space that is available for your highest healing.

Bedtime Intention examples:

"Universe, while I sleep please remove any obstacles that stop me from being fully in love with myself and the world."

May my dreams be peaceful. Anything I need to know for the highest good, may it be revealed in my dreams."

"Mama Moon, please give me clarity around "X" decision. While I sleep, may I better understand what I must do so that the best decision becomes clear.

"May I sleep deep and be fully nourished tonight so that I can wake up refreshed and ready."

End your Bedtime Intentions with a moment of gratitude. Thanking yourself for pausing, listening and responding in kind. 

Know that you are being taken care of as you drift into peaceful, deep sleep. 



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