NEW MOON IN ARIES : A Brand New Reality

NEW MOON IN ARIES : A Brand New Reality

 It’s Go Time Baby! We are entering through the portal to a new reality and a grand shift in life as we know it! Take a deep breath and buckle up as the burning fire of Aries energy blazes the trail of a bright new journey!
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By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga

Happy New Moon in Aries, Spring Equinox Astrological New year! We are off to a fiery start with this New Moon lunation occurring at exactly 10:23am PST. Yes you read that right, the first New Moon on the very first day of the new zodiac cycle kicks off at 1-2-3. It’s Go Time Baby! We are entering through the portal to a new reality and a grand shift in life as we know it! Take a deep breath and buckle up as the burning fire of Aries energy blazes the trail of a bright new journey!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is the big bang, our life force, the element of fire, primal passion, anger, rage, ruled by Mars the God of War- this sign is the impetus of life itself. It is the spark needed to light the tinder for existence to evolve. It is our will to persist no matter what obstacles are in our way. This sign is a Cardinal sign which means it is a leader, an initiator, and a visionary of the cosmos.

This exciting New Moon is dancing with many different planetary aspects that will
heighten its ability to wake us up, shake us if it must, and inspire us to reclaim our life force- our precious and divine spirit that has been taking a much needed respite in the watery sign of sensitive Pisces.


This New Moon is at 0 Degrees of Aries, on the exact day of the first day of a new
zodiac year, on the heels of Saturn’s recent move into Pisces (March 7), and just prior to Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius (March 23) for the first time since the late 1700’s! No one, on planet earth, has ever lived through this kind of celestial energy before.

As we know, New Moons in their essence are a time of seed planting, and
intention setting. Yet this particular New Moon in Aries on March 21, 2023 exudes
absolute zero point energies- primal and pure. We are literally being reborn into a completely different reality. There is a cosmic explosion of newness everywhere we look. In a way, we will be meeting ourselves, for the very first time. We have changed. Life has bloomed around us. We have bloomed within our own hearts before our own very eyes. I am in awe of the growth I have seen in the world around me and in the depths of my own soul.

The proof now is undeniable- life as we know it has forever changed. This new world, and the new perspective that ensues can feel surreal, like they are too foreign, too different, too strange to belong to us. It could all be too much or feel too intimidating- but we are stronger now. Aries shows us that.

Things we didn’t realize are possible now and frontiers unexplored are calling out to be discovered. We are being asked to step into our glory and affirm the divinity of our spirit.

This is what our favorite, Molly McCord affirms to see, “this new moon is meant to set us on a new course… a new course in our souls advancement and evolution, a new course in our own manifestation potentials because of how we’re new and different now… Maybe it’s not a new chapter but it’s a new book entirely”

This New Moon will be supercharged by Pluto because it is sextiling the Sun and
the Moon, we are being supported in making life changing decisions- even if we may not know it. The little things in life, as we know, actually are the big things. Habits, patterns, unconscious tendencies… they make up and shape the foundation of our lives. Although you might not feel it immediately, the choices you make, intentions you set this New Moon will have profound impact with this aspect from Pluto. Be patient, for Pluto works slowly- never forget that true power is subtle.


With an aspect to Mars in Gemini we are being called to reflect on the many choices we deliberate, the dualities we dance between, the all-or-nothing mental games we play and emotional black and white’s we possess. This fiery Aries New Moon vibe is giving us the primal courage to trust our gut and finally execute a decision on something important we have been putting on the back burner. Now is the time.


Wherever you are in the world- or in your journey- you may be reading this, at the end of a long day, and you can’t imagine a fresh slate or a whole new world… that is so right on schedule. We have been moving through so much ~ especially in terms of Piscean energy that is soft, sensitive, emotional, and progressing through the last degrees of the zodiac sign which revolve around grief, death, mourning, completions, and endings. Give yourself space, time, love, and grace.

Tomorrow is a new day. You are made of the same stuff as the sun and the moon. The sun will rise again and you will meet your fresh start, exactly when you are meant to. I love you!


NEW MOON RITUAL :: Build Your Altar, Be in Your Body, Plant Your Seeds

The Aries New Moon asks us to be in our bodies and create the life we want from the inside out. It is a time to get still and calm so that we can harness and direct the incredible energy that is pouring through the planet right. 

For this ritual, you will need a journal, a pen, and adornments to create your altar with (such as candles, flowers, stones, crystals, talismans, fabrics, oracle cards, photos, and any other objects that feel sacred to you).

1. If you already have an altar, this is an opportunity to clear it, clean it, and start anew. If you do not have one yet, this is the time to build one. Your altar can be simple or more ornate, it's up to you. There is no right or wrong way to create an altar. Let your intuition guide you.

2. Find a spot in your home or bedroom that calls to you for your New Moon altar. It can be a low to the ground small table, chest, or the top of a table. Find somewhere that you will want to sit with it. Trust what you feel. Then, dust it off, clean the surface, declutter and refresh the space so that it is ready for this fresh start. 

3. Once your space is clear, sit in front of it and close close your eyes. Ground into your seat and imagine roots growing from the base of your spine down into the groundInhale slowly and deeply, and feel the whole body expanding. Exhale slowly and imagine your breath washing down the center of the body like rain back into the earth. In this way you will breathe: expanding on the inhale, rain washing any unneeded energy down the body and back into the earth. Repeat this breath for 10 rounds of breath.

4. Once you complete your breaths, ask yourself any of the following questions in order to claim the seeds you are planting during this powerful new moon. There is no right or wrong answer. Trust what arises for you.

 Choose the question/s that most resonate with you:
What am I calling in?
What do I most desire?
What new beginning am I stepping into?
Who am I when I am most aligned and empowered?

5. Once you are ready, free write your response to your question. No editing needed, simply let your pen flow for 5 or more minutes, and give your intuition space to be heard without judgement. 

Review what you wrote -- what key words from your writing jump out at you? Circle them. This is the heart of your intention for this new moon. 

6. Now begin to build your altar with this intention in mind. Be creative, follow your instincts. Let this altar be a sincere representation of your clarity, your readiness, your courage, your dream, and whatever theme this new beginning embodies.

7.  Sit with it daily, until the next new moon, for at least 3 minutes (or more) every day. You can meditate, journal, drink tea, stare at a candle flame, or simply breathe. You choose.



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