We are being called to surrender. What we are surrendering will depend on us. This is a beautiful opportunity to release and cleanse yourself of that which holds you. For this brief moment in time, we are given a sacred moment to pause and just BE.
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By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga

The Pisces New Moon occurs at 11:06pm PST on February 20, 2023. This lunation occurs in the last sign of the zodiac, the sign of Pisces which is ruled by water. This is a spiritual sign~one that can be associated with fantasy, illusion, dreams, emotions, and spiritual seeking. We are being called to surrender. What we are surrendering will depend on us. This is a beautiful opportunity to release and cleanse yourself of that which holds you. For this brief moment in time, we are given a sacred moment to pause and just BE.

There is light re-emerging and this Pisces New Moon is here to remind us of the power of dreaming. Though the moon is always with us, during the New Moon phase it appears to have temporarily left. In the darkness of the New Moon sky, we are asked to step into the trust that light is always there even if it is hard to find. Soon enough, the moon will reappear in all of its fullness. If you're experiencing the grips of uncertainty, anxiety, pain or any of the suffering that is available to feel, look towards the sky and know you are held. 

No plotting and scheming with this New Moon as we usually would do for the New Moon lunation experienced each month. Typically, New Moons are dedicated to setting intentions, goals, and formulating a plan to evolve and reach new heights in our journeys. Not this time, this special New Moon at just 1 degree of Pisces occurs the same day as Pisces Season begins so if we surrender to this sweet and soulful energy it will be exactly the sacred pause we need to begin this season of love, spirituality, and devotion with an essence of grace and faith. Breathe deep beloveds and know that in this moment you are so held by the cosmos!

My favorite astrologer, Sarah Vrba about this New Moon says, “It’s a time of letting go. Letting go of all those pressures, all the purpose seeking, partner seeking, place seeking, and just taking a moment to witness ourselves, to ritually close out the energetic cycles we just moved through, and to just be ok….” She moves onto close by saying this is, “a moment to be with ourselves and befriend our spirit”.

The divine within you speaks to the unconditional love that you are. There is nothing you can achieve or become that will make you more love than you already are, it is how you are born to this earth and it is how you will leave. Sure there are beautiful things we do that deserve recognition, and there are mistakes we made that also build us and transform us as people. Whether we rise or rather we fall makes no difference to the divine, our spirit is always whole and we are always worthy of this unconditional love.

Allow yourself to bask in this energy and let the Piscean waters of emotion and nurturance soothe your being, washing you clean.

Astrologer Farah Siddiq poses, “there is a reset taking place here. A reset of how you view yourself. Allowing yourself to feel things as they come up versus storing them away.”

All of you is welcome here, light, shadow, and all of the rainbow and gray bits in between. You are safe to feel your truth, to honor the callings of your heart, and to embark on a path that is unique and supportive of your innermost calling. 

NEW MOON RITUAL :: Blessings to the Waters

Pisces is a water sign that is connected to spirit, creativity, and sensitivity. We are asked to greet our own emotional waters as they swirl inside of us with as much compassion and reverence as we can. Sensitivity is a super power, and Pisces reminds us to respect our waters, for they can be deeply healing. 

Every time we shed a tear, a mini healing happens. Tears are a way of processing the energy of emotions, just as sweat is a way of processing physically. Water is said to be connected to the land of dreams that visit us with symbolic information meant uniquely for the dreamer. 

This is a beautiful time to offer gratitude to the waters that animate our lives, that flow through the earth and through our bodies. Perform this ritual as a way to connect with this sacred element. 

1. Find a comfortable place to sit and meditate. This can be at a space in your home or out in nature by a natural water source. If you are in your home, pour water into a little bowl so you have water near you. 

2. Sit in front of the water and close your eyes. Take 5 deep breaths in and out of the nose. Tune into the waters circulating through your body. Our muscles and organs are made mostly of water. See if you can sense the fluidity moving through you. 

3. Turn towards gratitude. Feel into the gratitude for this element that is an essential part of you. From this place of gratitude, offer a blessing to the water. Speak your blessing out loud. Let it flow from an intuitive space.

Optionally, you can speak the following prayer. 

Blessings on the water that flows through my body. 
Blessings to the water that flows through the earth.
Gratitude for the teachings of fluidity, perseverance, ease, and grace. 
Gratitude for the sensitivity that water brings, the deep watery emotions that help me heal and grow. 
May the waters flow fully and freely. 
May I flow fully and freely. 



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