Full Moon in Pisces: The Answers are Inside of You

The Full Moon in Pisces is a time of 3D intensity, heightened sensitivity, and the potential for deep connection to one's highest self.
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The Full Moon in Pisces illuminates the sky on September 20th, days before the Fall Equinox, which astrologists say is a powerful combination, and if we choose we can harness this celestial energy and utilize it to support our highest visions.

Two major themes of this Full Moon are inner strength and human resiliency. 

Astrologists note that the increase of light pouring down on the planet is lending to efficient and fast upgrades on a cellular level. Consciousness is elevating at a fast pace. 

Things are shifting quickly, and we can lean into our strength and resiliency to ride the waves as they present themselves.

We are being asked to trust that we have everything we need to go through this process and arrive on the other side.

Physically, our world is changing quickly, and a lot around us is breaking down so that it can be rebuilt in its upgraded form.

Changes on the 3D Level

There is a tipping point we are reaching at the 3D level and intensity is at an all-time high. This is a moment that we get to decide if our fixation on materialism and consumption is working for us. Our modern world depends on the idea that we need more and more external things in order to be happy, and this not true. As we are experiencing these massive frequency shifts, we are each invited to notice when we are pre-occupied with money, possessions, vanity, and a sense of material security and make a shift.

One way to do this is through gratitude. Gratitude is like a radio station that we need only turn our inner dials to. We can tune into the energy of gratitude that is always flowing around us, and be filled up by the myriad of benefits it offers. Even in the darkest of moments, there are so many gifts to acknowledge. Steeping in gratitude is a practice, and the more we do it the easier it becomes to tune in when we need to. 

Revolution and Justice

Uranus and Eris have had a big influence in the last few months, and the planet and dwarf planet continue to have an impact. They both share the energies of awakening, revolution, and breaking down to build. Uranus and Eris are in support of the defiance of authority, especially authority that is operating in an unjust or exclusive manner. Astrologists note that the empowering energies of these planets will prevail in the world, but there is and will continue to be a fight between the old way and the new world that is emerging. We are being asked to trust that we are going through this process for a reason, a very bright and expansive reason that will be revealed in time.

Astrologists highlight the square between Uranus and Saturn which highlights the systems and the authoritative powers that are not truly in service of the people. Uranus wants freedom, revolution, and is not afraid of drastic change. We can lean into Uranus’s bravery by choosing to stand up for ourselves and make choices in alignment with our truth.  

Sensitivity is a Superpower

The Full Moon is in Pisces, which is one of the most sensitive signs. Think deep waters, emotional exploration, and increased sensitivity. Be sure to tend to you and those you love. Know that your community might be feeling more on top of everything that is already going on. This is the time to practice patience and compassion. Speak kindly, offer a lot of generous space to those you love because it is likely everyone’s emotions will be high. Prioritize quiet time and self-care to help regulate your emotional system.

Health and Healing

During this Full Moon cycle, the Sun is in Virgo and Moon is in Pisces. This is known in astrology as the health and healing axis. This is a time to dedicate to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Healing can be expedited during this time. Give some of your energy to healing by resting, meditating, being in nature, eating whole foods, speaking kindly, setting supportive boundaries, and anything else that contributes to your healing. When you heal, you are able to help others around you to do the same.

Death and Rebirth 

Astrologists point to the placement of the Full Moon in Pisces which is twenty-nine degrees. This is known as the anaretic degree and it is the last degree of any sign. This brings us into the theme of endings, closure, death and inevitable rebirth. This Full Moon is a time for conscious transitions and new chapters. There is no need to rush this. Honor the process that is unfolding for you. Take some quiet time to check in with you and ask “What is ending for me?” We must celebrate the endings just as much as we do the beginnings.

High and Low Expressions

Pisces at its highest expression means that creatively and spiritually, this is a potent time. The added sensitivity can lend to added inspiration and ideation. We are invited to enter flow state, where we lose sense of time and space and become absorbed in the present moment. The way we enter into this high frequency state is to engage in what brings us joy, inspiration, and excitement. This level of presence and ease is available to all of us.  

At its lowest expression, we can experience emotional overwhelm and a flooding of intensity that can paralyzing. Astrologists note that with every aspect in astrology, we have the opportunity to play at the high frequency or low frequency. Many of us do not realize that we have a choice. We can use the intensity of this full moon energy to create, take pause, go out into nature, and trust that it is all happening for a reason.

Intuition and Highest Self

At this powerful time on the planet we are each being asked to come back to our own intuition. We can read the external sources, watch the news, follow the social media accounts of those we look up to and yet we cannot let the external overpower our internal wisdom. Look out and look within. Check in with your highest self to see if the information you are receiving aligns with your own knowing.

This is the time of building deep trust in our highest self that is always available to guide us if we choose to listen and to trust. Deep listening is a skill that takes practice, and with so much distraction it is easy to hurry through reality without pausing to check in and listen. Practice listening with your heart to the people in your life when you are in conversation and make time to sit quietly and listen to what your intuition has to say. Stillness and sitting meditation are one way to access our highest self, but it is not the only way. We can dance, sing, paint, write, or any other form of experience that gets us into flow.

The Power of the Galactic Center

Another important aspect of this Full Moon is the Sun and Moon opposite each other are tightly squaring the galactic center. When planets align with the galactic center, we have a direct and fast moving energy source. Astrologists say that the shifts, learnings, and growth that happen during this Full Moon will come to be very important in the trajectory of the planet. Breathe long and slow, settle your nervous system, and allow the shifts to happen. What is unfolding is not in our control, but we do get to choose how we greet all that is happening.

There is a sense of expansion radiating around the planet at this time. It is an important time to pay attention to our dreams, both waking and sleeping. Make it a practice to keep a dream journal and reflect on what feelings arise when you sit with your dreams. 

Relationship Considerations

If you are in an unsatisfactory relationship, this Full Moon can lend to the energy needed to take the steps to end the relationships that are ready to end. At the same time, if you are looking for a romantic partnership, you may experience it blooming out of nowhere. 

Since the collective energy is pulsing, astrologists say that now is a great time to gather in groups (safely) to meditate, connect, and amplify the energy that is circulating. Focusing our collective intention is one of the most powerful things we can do right now. Collaboration and collective consciousness can help expedite the creation of a shared world that is inclusive, harmonious, and thriving.

What the Equinox has for Us

The Fall Equinox happens on September 22nd, and we will have the combination of Full Moon and Equinox energy swirling around. We might see even more uprising in the streets as equality and justice are major themes for this Equinox in Libra. We can use this extremely potent energetic time to go in and manifest the life we want. We are always co-creating our reality, and we have the energy of the cosmos asking us to dedicate our attention and energy to what is in alignment.

Lots happening on the planet. As one astrologer suggested, make peace and bliss your focus and allow the rest to happen. 

 Full Moon Ritual :: Blessings to the Waters

Pisces is a water sign that is connected to spirit, creativity, and sensitivity. We are asked to greet our own emotional waters as they swirl inside of us with as much compassion and reverence as we can. Sensitivity is a super power, and Pisces reminds us to respect our waters, for they can be deeply healing. 

Every time we shed a tear, a mini healing happens. Tears are a way of processing the energy of emotions, just as sweat is a way of processing physically. Water is said to be connected to the land of dreams that visit us with symbolic information meant uniquely for the dreamer. 

This is a beautiful time to offer gratitude to the waters that animate our lives, that flow through the earth and through our bodies. Perform this ritual as a way to connect with this sacred element. 

1. Find a comfortable place to sit and meditate. This can be at a space in your home or out in nature by a natural water source. If you are in your home, pour water into a little bowl so you have water near you. 

2. Sit in front of the water and close your eyes. Take 5 deep breaths in and out of the nose. Tune into the waters circulating through your body. Our muscles and organs are made mostly of water. See if you can sense the fluidity moving through you. 

3. Turn towards gratitude. Feel into the gratitude for this element that is an essential part of you. From this place of gratitude, offer a blessing to the water. Speak your blessing out loud. Let it flow from an intuitive space.

Optionally, you can speak the following prayer. 

Blessings on the water that flows through my body. 
Blessings to the water that flows through the earth.
Gratitude for the teachings of fluidity, perseverance, ease, and grace. 
Gratitude for the sensitivity that water brings, the deep watery emotions that help me heal and grow. 
May the waters flow fully and freely. 
May I flow fully and freely. 

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