New Moon in Libra :: Accelerated Expansion

Continuing the trend of intense lunations, this New Moon in Libra reminds us of the power of personal choice, the importance of balance, and the way in which beautiful creation.


Does it feel like every moon cycle brings with it another layer of intensity?

Well, that is exactly what is happening. 

The New Moon in Libra kicks off a powerful month, one that sets the stage for 2022 in all of its glory.

Themes of this new moon include: conscious choice, integrity, intuition, standing up for justice, elevating one's frequency, and rapid unavoidable expansion. 

We are in a powerful time on our beautiful planet Earth, a time of rapid acceleration of growth, energy circulating at a fast rate, changes taking place swiftly and consciousness continuing to expand. What an incredible time to be alive. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, wired, or like you cannot seem to find stable footing in this shifting reality, you are not alone. In fact, you are exactly right. This is the reality we are in, and it is all happening for a reason. 

This New Moon cycle, reaching its peak on October 6th and continuing for about two weeks, will set the stage for what will happen in 2022. Astrologists note that the celestial happenings of this month are indicative of the increase in energy that is flooding the planet. Around the globe people are experiencing the symptoms of this: insomnia, headaches, indigestion, increased agitation, unexpected moments of ecstasy, and other experiences that come with the upgrading of our cells from the inside out. 

This may seem extreme, but when we look around at all that is happening, it is hard not to notice how accurate the astrological predictions have been, how aligned the energy of the cosmos is with our earthly experience. Now, more than ever, is the time to lean into the mystery of galactic reality, trust that what we are experiencing right now is a necessary part of our planetary evolution. 

What does this New Moon bring?

One major aspect of this New Moon is the divergence of individual reality. More than ever we are experiencing polarization. Fear brings us into a "this way or that way" mentality. Duality, right and wrong, black and white are defining reality more and more. Yet, this does not have to be the case. Each of us gets to choose if we want to abide by this polarizing view or take the higher perspective that there is space for all experiences.

We do not need to demonize or push away those who are having a different experience or a different perspective than our own. The sky is reminding us that we are one global family, and the sooner we remember this truth the sooner we can step into the peace and unity that is medicinal for these challenging times. 

Choose Your Focus

Each of us is invited to take responsibility for where we are focusing our energy. Are we spending a lot of time trying to predict or control the future? Are we binge-watching the news and getting lost in fear? Though we cannot control so much of of our reality, both internal and external, we do have full capacity to decide how we show up to it. Focus is a major theme of this new moon, and by taking time to self-reflect on how we are utilizing our precious personal resources, we can support ourselves in navigating these incredible times with spaciousness rather than fear. 

Along with focus, balance is also a major theme circulating at this time. Libra is a sign that seeks balance in the archetypal scales of our lives. What aspects of our being are being given too much power? Are we consumed by our coping mechanisms rather than giving energy to self-care? Are we over-working, moving quickly, staying busy as a way to distance ourselves from our emotions? Notice if you can self-reflect on what is out of balance in your reality without judging yourself. 

Nature Is a Healer

One way we can support ourselves in balancing from the inside out is to spend time in nature. Sitting or laying down on the earth and breathing long and slow breaths. Our sympathetic nervous systems (flight, fight, freeze) are being activated every day - especially if we spend a lot of time with the news. Earth has been referred to as the Great Mother, or other similar names, by cultures around the world. Spend time with this unconditionally loving energy that is our home. By being in nature, we help our nervous system to come into equilibrium so that we can better navigate our shifting reality. 

Chaos and Justice

Throughout the past year, Eris squaring Pluto has been a celestial happening that has greatly affected the collective on Earth. Eris is the energy of awakening and revolution. In mythology she was said to be the only goddess not invited to a wedding, and therefore started a revolution due to the injustice. The Eris and Pluto square continues to fuel the radical shift in perspective happening across the planet, as well as the movement towards equality and justice. 

Astrologists say that the Eris and Pluto square is reaching its peak this month, meaning the energy from this square will be at its highest intensity. We are reminded by Eris that the chaos we feel is fertile ground for creativity. It is out of the darkness that all creation springs forth. In this way, we can embrace the volatile energy, the unknown, and the swirling emotionality and use it as fuel to create. Your creation might be in the form of art, a new project we start, or the bright vision of your future. Eris reminds us not to spend time spiraling in fear, for there is so many gifts emerging from this time. 

Spiritual Expansion 

Within two weeks there are four planets that are going to come to a halt and then change direction. Astrologists say that this shift is powerful, slow-moving. One astrologist compared it to a large tanker truck decelerating slowly, coming to a steady pause and then reversing. We cannot help but feel the concentrated power of this change in direction. What this might mean for us is big spiritual transformation and continual collective challenges to the status quo. 

During this new moon cycle, Jupiter moves stationary direct, which experts note will lend to expansion, surges of personal power, confidence and vision. This is great time to set aside time to connect with the vision of your highest self. How do they move through the world? Where do they spend their time? How do they work with both the challenging and the energizing emotions that rise up? Now is the time to call forth your future self and let Jupiter support you in expanding into it. 

Mars and Uranus are also carrying big energy during this new moon. From this, we can expect shock, surprises, perhaps the feeling of reality once again being turned upside-down. The strong presence of these planets can also lead to the revealing of truth.

Trust Your Intuition

We are invited not to resist the truths that arise from our own intuition and inner knowing, even if they seem vastly different than what we previously experienced. Remember, the celestial entities are supporting us all in the rapid changes and accelerated growth taking place. We are invited to step into this growth and embrace it, for it is bringing us into a higher truth and thereby a more expansive lived reality. 

We are in a time of complex and dynamic energy. New social structures are being built or are on their way as existing structures that no longer serve the highest good nor a unified global family break down all around us. Saturn in the sign of Aquarius is all about stretching into more expansive structures and systems. Libra reminds us that ultimately we each have the choice to cling onto what is familiar or open up to the new.

Our choices shape our reality, and if align our vision with expansion, unity, unconditional love, equality, and health for all beings, we will make choices that support this vision becoming a reality. We do not have to predict the future, nor is it required that we know exactly how we get to where we are going. What is important is that we turn inward and make big and small choices that uphold the integrity of the heart. This is how we move forward with compassion and courage rather than fear. 

New Moon Ritual :: Regulate your Nervous System 

As we experience increasing levels of intensity and energy courses through our bodies, it is important that we lean into our individual capacities to regulate the nervous system. When we are in a consistent state of fight or flight, stress and tension accumulate. The body tightens and braces, and the essential processes such as digestion, cellular reparation, and immunity are greatly affected. We can all too easily experience burnout or the paralyzing effects of anxiety and depression.

The good news is that we have a free, simple, and extremely powerful tool that we can utilize any moment we choose. The breath is in direct connection to the nervous system. When we are in a heightened emotional state such as anxiety or fear, we can change the way we breathe as a way to bring ourselves into balance. 

Slowing down and widening the breath in challenging moments is a way that we can utilize the moment for our own expansion. When we expand the breath in a moment that it might otherwise be unconsciously shortened and shallow, we increase our window of tolerance and thereby increase our capacity to remain present and calm no matter what life brings. 

Sound good? Try this simple diaphragmatic breathing ritual to tap into the power of your breath.

1. For this ritual you will need a comfortable and safe space to lay down, a journal and a pen, and anything else to set up a sacred and peaceful space.

2. Find a comfortable space to lay down on the floor.  You might choose to lay on a yoga mat or a blanket. If you can do so safely, invitation to take this ritual outside as a way to lean into Mother Earth's unconditional love. If you do this ritual inside, know that your floor is a stand in for the Earth's powerful energy. Set a timer for 10 minutes. 

3. Laying on your belly, stack your hands under your forehead and rest the head on the hands. If this is uncomfortable for you, you can make a cactus shape with your ams and turn a cheek to one side. Let your body relax into the floor. Every inhale, sense the ground rising up to collect you, and every exhale you give your body even more to the ground. 

4. Bring your awareness to your belly. Let it soften into the ground. As you inhale, try and press as much of your belly into the ground as possible. As you inhale you are expanding your lungs and your diaphragm and giving your digestive organs support. As you exhale, you are releasing all effort and letting go into the ground.

5. Begin to add in a count to your breath. Breathe in for your count of 4 or 5 on the inhale, and the same count on the exhale. Avoid rushing through your count and instead go at a natural pace as you fill and empty your body. Continue until the timer goes off. 

6. Roll to one side and pause in a fetal position. Notice how your feel and set the intention to bring the ease and space you have created into the rest of your day. Take some time to free write about your vision and your intentions. Let them emerge from this place of peace inside of you.  



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