Full Moon in Libra

This Full Moon in Libra brings important teachings Earth bound for us to reconcile with.


This Full Moon in Libra reminds us that we are in a multi-dimensional reality that is as turbulent as it is divine. We are invited to relax as we engage with what's here, dance as we weep, celebrate life as we grieve, open to new beginnings as we say our goodbyes to what has been, and do our best to take care of ourselves as we seek inner balance amidst this wild and shifting reality. 

Amplified Energy Surrounds You

During this Full Moon cycle all the planets are moving direct which increases the feeling of momentum and speed. Have you noticed that time is speeding up? The days whiz by and for many of us it is hard to get everything on the to-do list done. It is a good time to practice time management by being honest about our expectations of ourselves and others and prioritizing what is essential to our well-being.

If time is speeding up and we are not making more space for self-care and connection to what matters, we will find ourselves overwhelmed, burnt out, and unavailable to receive life's magic. The Libra Full Moon reminds us to balance our work with our play, our productivity with our willingness to relish in deep relaxation and rest. 

Big Changes Ahead

We are approaching an eclipse on the 30th, and we might be feeling the beginning of it with this full moon. Astrologists say that this upcoming eclipse heralds big changes in our personal and collective worlds. Our desire to control outcomes, to be right, and to  predict what will happen may create a lot of friction if we continue to grip tightly. We are encouraged to reflect on our relationship with impermanence as well as trust in something bigger than ourselves: such as the cosmic intelligence weaving its way through space. 

War...What is it good for?

One major aspect of this Full Moon is the presence of war and destruction which are  coursing through the collective. We are being asked to let our hearts be cracked open by not numbing out or running away from the reality that is affecting so many. We can stay informed and engaged enough to let our hearts link with those directly experiencing the consequences of war such as those in Ukraine, Russia, and the surrounding areas. We are invited into deeper levels of compassion, love, and the remembrance that we are a global family. 

What is Completing?

Full Moon's tend to bring a sense of completion and closure. We might see the fruits of our labor in different areas as well as an illumination of what may have been previously hidden. It can be a time of big revelation and insight, of truth coming forward. 

The Dynamics of Power

This Full Moon illuminates the theme of power. We are invited to look at our own relationship with power.

Where are we giving away our power?
Where are we misusing our power and/or privilege?
Where are we seeing abuse of power in our world?
Can we set the collective intention to bring harmony and integrity into our lives and the power we wield?

We all hold inside of us immense power and when we connect with it and use it benevolently, we can have a tremendous impact on our lives and those around us. 

Shadows and Light

The Full Moon is in a t-square to Pluto, which means secrets and shadows are being brought to the light. Astrologists say that the shadows of finances, sexual abuse, and authoritative manipulation may be brought forward in order to be reconciled with. We are invited to take really good care of ourselves so that we can meet reality as it reveals and show up awake, compassionate, and ready to create a reality that is just, safe, and inclusive of all people. 

Eros Stands Up 

Along with the t-square in Pluto creating waves, Eros, the goddess of discord and chaos, is also with us in a loud and unabashed way. Eros has been active since 2020 and continues to play a role in our Earthly experience. The energy of Eros is all about inclusion and protecting those whose rights have been unfairly taken away. Eros energy motivates us to stand up for what we believe in and protect the most marginalized among us. 

The New Earth

The North Node is in Taurus, which invites us into the dream of the Earth we want to co-create. The positive message given by the cosmos through this North Node is that we have the power to create, moment by moment, the world we want to live in through our actions, speech, and thoughts. 

Taurus is also inviting us to simplify. If we have a lot of questions and uncertainty, we can turn towards nature to ground and receive a simple yet powerful medicine that is our connection with nature. Consider spending extra time outside in the park, on a trail, in a garden, or by the sea. Let nature remind you of your true essence and offer you the companionship and wisdom you seek. 

Bless it and Release it

One of the big questions swirling during this full moon is around what we are willing to release.

 What are you leaving behind? 
What is no longer serving you that you are bravely willing to offer up?
Who or what no longer fits all that you are becoming?

It is time to spring-clean that which no longer serves us. It can be hard to release the relationships, jobs, hobbies, and experiences that are comfortable and familiar. It is a brave thing to look at the places we are holding on to what no longer is in alignment with who we want to be and the life we want to live. 

Make Way for the New

It is in the unfamiliar and the new that we grow into the next iterations of ourselves. It is through the discomfort that we get to integrate the aspects of our being that are ready to give way to new vision, new reality, and new life. It is when we release what no longer serves that we make room for the unimaginable magic that is in store. 

Find Harmony Through Your Choices

 Libra energy is about equanimity and harmony. We are being asked to look towards the places where we are over-giving our time and energy as well as those where we can show up more.  With ease rather than judgement, we can support ourselves in expanding into well-rounded higher versions of ourselves. Remember that your "YES" can open doors, and your "NO" allows for more aligned doors to present themselves. 

A very important aspect of this Full Moon is the remembrance of kindness. It easy for us high-achieving humans to be very hard on ourselves. We are often our biggest critic and can spend a lifetime with a bully in our minds running the show. We are invited to remember the power and importance of kindness towards ourselves first and foremost.

Remember that we are human and we all make mistakes, yet the more self-love and forgiveness we can carry with us, the more efficiently we turn the mistakes into great teachings and thus can grow from them. Kindness is simple, yet requires practice if we have spent a lot of time being unkind to ourselves. You deserve all the love and kindness the universe has to offer. And it is already inside of you. 


Full Moon Ritual :: Dedicated Ritual Space

Trusting in life’s natural cycles can be challenging, and during this Full Moon you might experience confrontation and discomfort as shadow comes forward to be brought into the light. To settle into trust in the universe as well as inner peace, try this 28 day ritual that will take you through the new moon and into whatever awaits you.

  •  You will need: a candle, a meditation seat (cushion, pillow, chair), an outdoor space or a place beneath a window, a smudge stick (sage or palo santo).

  •  For the next 28 nights, choose a time to go outside and be in a comfortable seated position. It is best if you perform this ritual at the same time every night.

  • Light your smudge stick and move it around your body to clear the energy from the day. Offer gratitude to the smoke for clearing what you do not need to hold onto. 

  • Light a candle and place it in front of you. Focus on the candle flame for 3 minutes or until your eyes begin to water. When that is complete, close your eyes and continue to focus on the image, shape, color or imprint that you see behind your eyelids. Let your breath be light and easy. 

  •  Allow yourself to be exactly as you are. Know that you are creating space for insight  and intuition to speak to you as well as your capacity to listen. There is nothing that has to happen here. You are simply making the space for what wants to reveal when it is ready to. 

  • When you feel complete. Take a deep breath in and out. Open the eyes and bow to yourself in gratitude for taking time to bring trust, space, and calm into your life.

    Trust that you are on your own individual journey with a unique timeline. You’ll simply keep showing up. 

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