Aries New Moon :: Heal and Connect with Life

This New Moon in Aries calls us forward to slow down, trust life, step into our power, shift our energy when needed, and connect to something bigger than ourselves.
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The New Moon in Aries rises on April 1st. At this wild time in our collective, we can remember that though the moon is in shadow, it is still full. Like the moon, we can remember that we are never not whole. This remembrance can help provide buoyancy and faith as we journey through personal and collective hardship. Even in the darkest of moments, we can trust in our wholeness, our goodness, and that the light returns.

We are in the first New Moon of the Astrological year. The fertile soil that presents itself to you is ready to receive your intentions, your vision, and your new beginnings. 

Themes of this New Moon include: stepping bravely into new beginnings, feeling our feelings, vulnerability as strength, healing in relationship and with self, coming fully into the body, and connecting to something bigger than ourselves.

Say YES to Life

The Aries New Moon comes right after the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere which signals a time of rebirth and reawakening from the slumber of winter. We might experience increased energy during this New Moon, encouraging us to say YES to whatever life presents for us that feels in alignment with how we want to feel. We do not need to force ourselves into any experience that isn’t for us, yet we can get curious and courageous with the added energy we’ve been given.

Communicate to Heal

Astrologists note that during this New Moon Mercury and Chiron are activated. This means it is a powerful time for vulnerability and open communication in our relationships so that we can heal and grow together. Revealing our inner world to another is one of the most confronting experiences a human can have. It can bring up fears of rejection and memories of times when our truth was not well-received.

When we are sharing something difficult, the throat constricts, our pulse quickens, body temperature changes, and we can all sorts of other physiological responses. We can trust that the cosmic bodies are aligned in a way that helps us to heal through communication. Especially if it is an edge, we can proceed with compassion and trust that we are held.

Tending to Your Inner World 

Along with healing in relationship to others, this is also a time for each of us to apply more kindness and compassion inward. We may have wounds resurface from early in our lives that are asking to be tended to so that they may heal. In the next few weeks, you might notice yourself becoming more triggered and emotional. Know that whatever material is coming up is doing so because you are ready for it to be loved, integrated, and healed. Every time we confront with care what is coming up, we give ourselves permission to grow and expand.

 Slow the Breath 

Another aspect of this New Moon is a quickening pace of time. We will experience momentum and it might feel like time is zooming by even quicker than we know what to do with. It can feel overwhelming. It is important that we take time to slow down. This can happen through ritual space and it can also happen moment to moment by lengthening our breath. When we lengthen our breath, we support our nervous system in relaxing into the moment rather than bracing against it. When we feel rushed or hurried, the body contracts and the breath shortens. When we slow down our breath, we encourage our whole system in coming into ease. 

Fertile Ground for Beginnings 

Astrologists talk about the importance of this New Moon as it is the first new moon in the astrological new year. It is an important time to plant a new seed and set your intention for what is to bloom during this year. Along with planting seeds, it is in an incredible time to begin something new. We are encouraged to take action towards what we are calling in. It might be a small simple step such as making a list of what you want, or reaching out to someone to ask for support on a new project.

Calling All Innovators 

The energy of this New Moon supports pioneers and innovators. If you are feeling inspired to do something differently, follow that pull. We are in extraordinary evolutionary times, and this new moon is asking us to step forward if we are ready to lead the way to the new reality. Those that are on a path of consciousness might feel a big uplifting energy coming through. Consider this as wind beneath the sails of your vision and let it carry you into the new terrain of your dreams.

How do I see the world?

This a time to ask ourselves: What is my worldview?  Can we see the world as an evolving and conscious being that we get to participate in rather than a pessimistic view focused on the world’s destruction. There is a lot of conversation about the pivotal time we are in, and astrologists remind us that we are growing and evolving. The sky is reminding us that there is so much at play that is way bigger than what we can see, and so we can trust in goodness and have hope for the future. There is a benevolent force that weaves its way through all living things and supports all life in thriving.

 Amplifying Your Energetic State

Astrologists say that Jupiter’s placement will lend to the magnification of the energy that we are choosing to place ourselves in. If we are feeling fearful, angry, pessimistic, or warlike, these energies will amplify and take shape in our reality. If we can place ourselves in the states of gratitude, joy, ease, and love those will take shape in our reality. Bring yourself as much as possible into calm states where you can rest in the gift of being alive.

Drop Into The Body

Aries energy supports us in being in our bodies rather than our minds. For the modern world, it is easy to get caught in the mind and forget about the body. Now is a time to move your physical body in ways that feel good. Get out in nature if it's available. Walk, run, dance, play, take up a new physical activity, practice yoga, or any other form of embodiment that speaks to you. When we inhabit our body, we have access to all of the wisdom and intelligence that lives within us.

One major benefit of making time to be in the body is that we have to be fully present to be embodied. The mind can orient itself to the past and the future, but the body only knows the present moment. It can only exist in the here and now, which is the most powerful place we can be. Embodiment is a choice and a practice, and the more we do it, the more it becomes our habitual state. When presence is our default state, we can relax into the fullness of the moment and recognize how held we are by this life.

Connect with Something Bigger

 Astrologists note that this New Moon brings with it an opportunity to connect with something bigger than ourselves. We do not have to give it a name (though every culture and religion calls it by a different name) in order to trust in it. We can release the grip on what is going to happen or should happen, and let life surprise and delight us. When we give up the illusion that we control the outcome of reality, we open up so much space for the benevolent universe to meet us right where we are.

New Moon Ritual :: Build Your Altar, Be in Your Body, Plant Your Seeds

The Aries New Moon asks us to be in our bodies and create the life we want from the inside out. It is a time to get still and calm so that we can harness and direct the incredible energy that is pouring through the planet right. 

For this ritual, you will need a journal, a pen, and adornments to create your altar with (such as candles, flowers, stones, crystals, talismans, fabrics, oracle cards, photos, and any other objects that feel sacred to you).

1. If you already have an altar, this is an opportunity to clear it, clean it, and start anew. If you do not have one yet, this is the time to build one. Your altar can be simple or more ornate, it's up to you. There is no right or wrong way to create an altar. Let your intuition guide you.

2. Find a spot in your home or bedroom that calls to you for your New Moon altar. It can be a low to the ground small table, chest, or the top of a table. Find somewhere that you will want to sit with it. Trust what you feel. Then, dust it off, clean the surface, declutter and refresh the space so that it is ready for this fresh start. 

3. Once your space is clear, sit in front of it and close close your eyes. Ground into your seat and imagine roots growing from the base of your spine down into the groundInhale slowly and deeply, and feel the whole body expanding. Exhale slowly and imagine your breath washing down the center of the body like rain back into the earth. In this way you will breathe: expanding on the inhale, rain washing any unneeded energy down the body and back into the earth. Repeat this breath for 10 rounds of breath.

4. Once you complete your breaths, ask yourself any of the following questions in order to claim the seeds you are planting during this powerful new moon. There is no right or wrong answer. Trust what arises for you.

 Choose the question/s that most resonate with you:
What am I calling in?
What do I most desire?
What new beginning am I stepping into?
Who am I when I am most aligned and empowered?

5. Once you are ready, free write your response to your question. No editing needed, simply let your pen flow for 5 or more minutes, and give your intuition space to be heard without judgement. 

Review what you wrote -- what key words from your writing jump out at you? Circle them. This is the heart of your intention for this new moon. 

6. Now begin to build your altar with this intention in mind. Be creative, follow your instincts. Let this altar be a sincere representation of your clarity, your readiness, your courage, your dream, and whatever theme this new beginning embodies.

7.  Sit with it daily, until the next new moon, for at least 3 minutes (or more) every day. You can meditate, journal, drink tea, stare at a candle flame, or simply breathe. You choose.

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