Full Moon in Virgo: You're Magnetic Right Now

The Full Moon asks us to take pause, to clear out the old, to take really good care, and to open up to the creative force that is wanting to flow through us into the world.

Welcome to the luminous, enchanting, and elegant Virgo Full Moon. It comes to us as we are in the midst of another global shake-up. As we send our love and support to our sisters and brothers undergoing the horrors of war, we can look to the sky to offer us its wisdom, guidance, and support.

We welcome in the Full moon in Virgo on March 18th. Whenever we have a Full Moon it can bring a sense of completion and culmination. Astrologists say that collectively, we might see the full moon shining its light on details and truths that might otherwise remain hidden. It is a time of revelation, vision, and clear seeing. Amidst the human turmoil, the cosmos remind us of the healing power of truth.

Themes of this full moon include: tending to our life, self-care, the earth's medicine, harnessing rebelliousness, giving in to creativity, and being magnetic. 

Take a Pause

Now is a great time to take a pause and pull yourself out of any sort of merry-go-round you might be on. Now is the time for each of us to give our minds, bodies, and hearts permission to stop running from one moment to the next. It is only when we pause that we can really see how life is unfolding. it is easy to get caught up in the to-do lists and endless emails, but amidst it all the question remains: are we enjoying this life?

Our life is made up of moments, and the fast-paced of the modern world makes it easy to race through them. Yet, the Full Moon is reminding us to shine the light of awareness on all of the areas of our lives and nurture those that matter most. We are authoring our stories as we go, and if we don’t pause to take it in, we may miss the chance to write the kind of story we want to be writing. 

The Virgo and Pisces archetype is the monk sitting patiently in the cave. This is a time to get quiet, still, and give ourselves a little time in solitude before we bloom forward with the Spring Equinox.

Self-reflection questions you might ask during this Full Moon cycle: Am I living life in the way I want to be living it? Are there any details that are falling through the cracks that I need to tend to? Am I prioritizing the relationships and experiences that fill me up? Am I tending to myself in the way that allows me to thrive?

Self-Care is Medicine

When we take time to pause, sometimes we become aware of how exhausted and under-resourced we are. When we finally interrupt the momentum of doing, we can experience the fatigue that was not allowed to be present. Us humans are resilient and hard working, and so many of us keep pushing on the gas until we are completely empty. 

Whether this resonates with you or not, what is true for all of us is that self-care is essential. Taking care of ourselves first allows us to show up in the world in the way we want, and it is also allows us to enjoy our lives.

If we do not have rituals in place for consistent self-care, it can feel like foreign terrain and hard to know where to begin. The most important aspect is that self-care is completely for you. It is not something you "should do" because it is good for you, it is something that actually allows you to feel nourished, restored, taken care of, in joy, or held by the moment. It can be anything from taking a long walk in a park to getting a massage to calling a friend. It can be a daily tea ritual or a weekly yoga class. It can be helpful to make a list of what self-care feels good for you so that you have options available when you need them. 

  The Earth Gives Us All We Need

This Full Moon, astrologists note, reminds us of the natural medicine that the earth gives us. In the western world, we often forget that the earth gives us everything we need to thrive. We are grateful for science and the increased quality of life that western medicine offers us, and it is also important that we do not become disconnected from the wellspring of nourishment available to us. We must remember that we are inveterately connected to the Earth. Everything that happens inside of our bodies is happening to the Earth body on a larger scale. 

It is important that we remember this connection not only for our own health and well being and that of our families, but also the well-being of the earth. We are at a crucial time as a species on this planet, and the more of us that come into remembrance of how sacred, beautiful, and wise the Earth is, the more we will want to protect her and connect with her. We protect what we love, and so now is the time to fall in love even more deeply with this incredible planet we call home. 

Spend time with her. Put your hands in the soil. Offer your gratitude and your prayers. Offer patronage to farmer's markets and local sustainable businesses. Let your love for the earth infuse your decisions and you will see how it radically affects your life for the better. The truth is that we are deeply connected to Earth, and she to us. Let us take care of her and honor her so that we may leave it a better place for those who come after us. 

 Clear and Cleanse the Old

Virgo energy has to do with cleansing and clearing. This is the time to spring clean your home, not only where you live, but the home of your body. Offer yourself a re-set by nourishing your body with whole foods. Eat slowly and mindfully. Balance movement with ample rest. Hydrate well.

Give yourself the time and space to let your energy de-clutter and re-set by tending to your inner and outer worlds. Spend time tidying your house and giving away or recycling what you no longer use. 

This is also important on the level of the mind. Notice where you are placing your mental energy. What are you thinking about? What are you paying attention to? How much time are you spending on screens? How much time are you giving to content that does not inspire or support you? Spring cleaning the mind can help us to feel light bring about more clarity. 

The Time of the Mystic 

This Full Moon is ripe with mystical energy. Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct, which astrologists say makes for the perfect time to dedicate to our spiritual lives. There is so much going on in the 3D reality. While it is important that we do not run away from it or go numb, we can balance the turbulence with meditation, prayer, or any other way of connecting to that which is bigger than the individual self.

This is a time for insight, dreams, and downloads. Make space for what wants to flow through. Creative energy is coursing through the planet, and all we need to do is open ourselves to receive it. In order for it to come in, we must make space for it. All the more reason to pause the rushing about, calm our minds, and allow life to flow through us with all of its mysterious magic. 

Astrologists  say that this moon cycle is fantastic for creative writing and poetry, energized by Mercury sextile with Uranus which lends to big ideas and dreams. Inspiration and creativity are here to flow freely through our lives. So long as we are ready to receive them.

Rebellious Energy Can be Harnessed

We might feel a strong rebellious energy moving through us on the individual as well as communal and societal levels. Astrologists speak about the archetype of the street-fighter committed to justice and protecting those who are overlooked by systems of power. Rebel energy is important, for it challenges the status quo that is no longer working.

For those of us that tend to take on the role of nurturing those around us, it is easy to reject this part of ourselves. We can notice in ourselves if we are giving space to this aspect of our being. In order to connect to healthy rebel energy, we can ask: Do I reject the rebel? Do I allow myself to have a relationship with anger? Can I safely express my anger without causing harm to myself or another? Where do we need to set or communicate stronger boundaries?

 New Relationships Await

If we are open to it, the sky is offering us a chance for exciting new relationships. This can be in the romantic space or a new friendship. We are asked to consider if we have the time and space for new energy to enter into our lives. If we are ready for it and open, we can relax as we place ourselves in situations and environments that allow us to come into connection with the types of people we want to be surrounded by.

Consider that right now, and for the next few weeks, you have a magnetism that is available to open and turn on. Walk confidently and kindly into the spaces you traverse. If you are open to connection, let that be known. Make eye contact, be the one to say hello to a stranger, and commit to listening with your heart to those you are in conversation with. You might be surprised by how quickly you can go into deep spaces with those around you.

Full Moon Ritual :: Set Your Intentions for Sleep

The turbulent time we are in is one of radical growth and transformation. It is one of vision and dreams. It is the time of self-care, creativity, and endless possibility.

During our waking life, it is easy to get lost in the thinking mind that wants to know the outcome to everything, generate solutions, and analyze until we are exhausted. Sleep is essential to our ability to restore, heal, and become clear. 

Sleep is also beneficial because we get to process what is in the unconscious mind and allow messages from this part of our mind, that which is not available to our waking conscious mind, to appear in the form of dreams.

We can also choose to set intentions for our sleep to support whatever it is we are calling in, working on, or desiring in our waking life. By setting intentions before going to sleep we allow the universe to continue to work with us and for us as we sleep.  

Consider Bedtime Intentions  a way to tuck yourself into the magic that is around you, that which is always waiting for you to open up and invite in. This practice also promotes clarity and heightens vision for what it is you'd like to manifest and what you want to embody in the world. 

1. Once you lay down to sleep, lights off, body comfortable, take a few deep breaths. With each inhale, imagine your day rinsing itself through your body, then exhale out of the mouth and imagine the day leaving the body. Repeat this four more times as all stress, tension, or hardship leaves your body. 

2. Take a moment to check in with what is present. How are you in this moment? Is there anything that would bring you into more balance? What do you want to manifest? What do you want to know? What qualities would you like to embody? 

3. Ask out loud (or to yourself if need be) for what you want. Maybe you resonate with Spirit, the Universe, God, Mama Moon, Highest Self -- whatever name you'd like to speak, call out its name. Speak your intentions and prayers into the dark space of your room. Let them be the last words  that carry you into sleep. 

4. Know that as you sleep, the analytic mind also sleeps but there is still part of you that stays awake, and it is that part that holds infinite potential and possibility. You can fall asleep knowing that you are entering into the miraculous and mysterious space that is available for your highest healing.

Bedtime Intention examples:

"Universe, while I sleep please remove any obstacles that stop me from being fully in love with myself and the world."

May my dreams be peaceful. Anything I need to know for the highest good, may it be revealed in my dreams."

"Mama Moon, please give me clarity around "X" decision. While I sleep, may I better understand what I must do so that the best decision becomes clear.

"May I sleep deep and be fully nourished tonight so that I can wake up refreshed and ready."

End your Bedtime Intentions with a moment of gratitude. Thanking yourself for pausing, listening and responding in kind. 

Know that you are being taken care of as you drift into peaceful, deep sleep. 

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