NEW MOON + SOLAR ECLIPSE :: Center Your Self in Center

NEW MOON + SOLAR ECLIPSE :: Center Your Self in Center

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse bring lots of yang energy, stirring up what is ready to shift and change so that we can come into higher alignment. Things are changing and the future is bright.
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The New Moon and Solar Eclipse arrive on April 30th. For those in Eastern and Atlantic time zones, this New Moon is called a “Black Moon”, as it is the second new moon in one month. This New Moon reminds us that we are always a breath away from a new beginning. At any point we are held so fully by the Earth below and the stars above. The Solar Eclipse adds more fuel to the transformational fire of this New Moon, encouraging us to get honest and real with ourselves. What is ready to shift? What is ready to breakdown and fall away so that we can experience alignment and expansion?

This New Moon in Taurus tells us that the time is now. We have everything we need to orient ourselves in the direction that our heart is calling us. With our feet rooted in the Earth and our eyes on the horizon, we are being beckoned forth into the next iteration of our personal and collective reality.

Other themes of this New Moon and Solar Eclipse include: harnessing our power, finding ways to center and ground, self-trust, welcoming in the rebel, the importance of beauty, and unlimited creative potential.

The Power Inquiry

There are a lot of Yang energies operating in the world right now. The theme of power from the Full Moon is still resonating throughout our collective. We are invited to continue to check in with ourselves and notice where we are giving away our power, where we are misusing our power, and how we can empower ourselves and those around us.

We have a big opportunity to restructure our experience with power inside of ourselves which has a direct effect on the collective experience. Tuning into our own inner reality is the most efficient way to support a shift in the fabric of reality. One that supports inclusion, justice, and equality.

 Step into Your Center 

Pluto is moving through Capricorn which asks us to step into our center and our certainty. To come home to our power and our courageous sense of self. This is important for times of transition, and astrologists note that we are going through a huge period of evolution where we are stepping into our multi-dimensional selves. Time is speeding up, growth is accelerating, things are changing, and there is so much to feel.

This can be quite disorienting and can bring massive shifts to our personal and shared realities. Trust that the waves you are riding are ultimately guiding you to the next iteration of you. The one who is being forged by the fires of these times so that they can show up as their highest self.

Create Your Scaffolding 

Saturn is asking us to look at what structures we are building for the future. We are being asked to look at our choices and be intentional about how we are moving through the world, where we are putting our energy, who we are spending time with, and whether or not we are present and awake for life.

 Out with the Old

Astrologists say that right now the old is collapsing and the new is emerging. You might be feeling radical shifts taking place inside of you, and this can be quite disorienting. We are invited into radical surrender. Opening our palms, releasing the grip on what we think we know and how life should be. Instead, we have an opportunity to embrace what’s here and trust that what is happening is exactly what needs to take place in order to bring us into the next versions of ourselves.

 Jumping Timelines 

Astrologists say eclipses can be quite a jump. We can experience big leaps in timelines. We can elevate to higher perspective and experience piercing clarity. It is important that we pay attention and stay present to what is coming through, how we are feeling, and what life is offering us moment to moment.

 Your Rebel Nature

Astrologists remind us of the square between Eris and Pluto which will continue until October. This is the energy of rebellion, especially that which supports transformation and awakening. We are invited to bring forward our inner rebel that is no longer willing to accept anything less than what is in alignment. 

Are there conversations you need to have to stand up for yourself or another? Are there actions you need to take in order to disrupt an internal pattern? Now is the time to use the fire of your inner rebel to support you in moving towards full self-inclusion, empowerment, and justice.  

 Creativity Surges

There is so much creative potential during this New Moon and Solar Eclipse. Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune are all collaborating during this time to offer us creative and spiritual power. Venus offers beauty and love to add to the Neptune and Jupiter conjunction which offers us boundless creativity as well as access to higher vibrational states of being.

 Surrender to What's Here

The highest expression of the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction is an inward experience of surrender. We are being asked to give over our need for life to be different, so that we can be present for what is. When we do this, we have access to elevated frequencies such as bliss, gratitude, and joy. Instead of resisting what’s here, we can let it bring us to feeling more alive.

 Create Your Reality

We can use this creative surge to co-create with the universe the type of world we want to live in. We each have the power to choose how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. We can focus on how we want to live and what we want to see in the world. From there, we can work backwards to discover any practical steps we need to take in order to step into that reality.

Ground into Your Body

The times we are in are calling us forward to ground into our bodies and arrive in our centers. It is easy to get distracted, numb out, or feel overwhelmed by the state of the world. Intensity and chaos are part of the times we are in. Yet there is always an eye of the storm, and we are each invited to find that within ourselves.

The more we can come back to the space of inner peace and stability, the more we will be able to show up to the world as it is. When we show up to the world as it is, we open ourselves to receive the blessings and gifts that are right here waiting.


NEW MOON RITUAL :: Morning Intentions

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse energize new beginnings. This is a time of threshold crossings, initiations, and a departure of what was for what is in higher alignment. Time is speeding up and things are shifting quickly, and so it is important that we continue to orient ourselves towards our intention.

By bringing awareness to our intentions we create an inner compass that helps us to align our thoughts, words, and actions. This is particularly helpful in times of big transition, which as a collective we are all in.

Sometimes rituals can take a lot of time, and sometimes they can happen in the space of a breath. Try this simple ritual each morning as a way to align with what you want, what you’re calling in, and what you stand for.

  1. Once you wake in the morning, take a pause before sitting or getting out of bed. Lay still for a few moments and deepen your breath. Welcome life into your body through the breath.
  2. Offer gratitude for getting to wake up to a new day. Invite in the feeling of gratitude for your body, your home, your bed, and the unlimited potential of this new day. Acknowledge that each sunrise is a new beginning and it is here to greet you.
  3. Set your intentions for the day. Speak them out loud. Ask yourself: How do I want to show up today? What am I inviting in? What is one thing I want to focus on today?
  4.  Take a few more deep breaths to be with your intentions. Know that you have set yourself up for this new day that awaits you. 


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