FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS: Envision a Brighter Future

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS: Envision a Brighter Future

Coming out of the Lions Gate 8/8 Portal we have been infused with downloads
and high frequency vibrations that have shaken us up to the core.
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By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga


This Full Moon in Aquarius reaches its peak illumination at 6:36 pm PST on August 11, 2022. This is the last Supermoon of the summer which means it's going to be an intense one! Buckle up for a wild ride as Mars and Saturn square each other this Full Moon.


Release to Realign

Coming out of the Lions Gate 8/8 Portal we have been infused with downloads
and high frequency vibrations that have shaken us up to the core. This time is
very much about taking a deep breath and releasing all that is no longer serving us. Purging is necessary to move to the next stages of our journey.


Collective Vision

This Full Moon is in Aquarius, the sign which represents the collective, it is the humanitarian. With the Sun in Leo, its opposite sign, we are being asked to balance our personal soul’s journey along with that of our community. Molly McCord makes the wise instruction of, “taking the new directions very seriously without taking on too many burdens of others."


Healthy Boundaries

Chani Nichols tell us that we must, “refuse whatever drains your energy” and that
“serving your community may require sobering conversation and some very real
boundary setting”. This time is all about navigating that fine line of what our desires are and where our responsibilities lie.


Co-Create Your Future Self

This is the ideal time to reflect and assess where we want our future to go. With the high frequency energies of the Sun in Leo partnered with the Full Moon in Aquarius we embark on a journey of being the visionary of our own spirit.

Let's ask ourselves:

Where are the moments we are most in our power and in our light (Leo)?

In which ways can we utilize our energy responsibly (with the help of the energies of Saturn) to really provide a solid structure for our spiritual, creative, and worldly pursuits?

What can we trim excess from?

Are there outdated thought patterns, relationships, jobs, etc. that are no longer fueling our fire?

How can we take what serves us and release the rest with this last Supermoon?

Molly McCord probes us with the beautiful and necessary question: “Does this vision involve all of who you truly are?"


"I am Courageous, Steady and Strong"

As you come out of these reflections and have done all of the releasing
necessary to embody this vision for now and the future, we are developing a sense of courage and trust in ourselves and the mosaic of energies that form our unique soul signature. There is a deep knowingness that shall arise as we call back the shine and twinkle of our spirit throughout all time and space.

This tapestry of our multi-dimensionality is receiving some serious divine support with these cosmic energies. Tap into your star family or whatever feels “other worldly” and divine to you to receive the individual support your unique spirit needs. We are outgrowing old parts of ourselves and expanding into a new sense of joy.


Keep reading for a beautiful exercise that can be done in as little or as much time as your spirit calls for. Light one of our non-toxic candles and dive in deep!


Full Moon Ritual :: Ignite the Light


1. Close your eyes and take a few belly breaths.

2. Drop your focus to your Solar Plexus, Manipura Chakra.

3. Visualize a great fire at the center of your core.

4. Imagine this light growing to encompass the room you're in, move this light to the city, the state, the country, and out even further until this light fills the entire galaxy.

5. Visualize this light burning away that which no longer feeds your destiny
and your highest timeline.

6. Remain in this state for as long as possible. Focus on the warmth, the sensations, and your breath.

7. Co-create with the universe as you set your intentions for the weeks ahead.



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