NEW MOON IN VIRGO:: A Homecoming to Ourselves

By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga


The Virgo New Moon graces us with her presence this Saturday, August 27, 2022 at 1:17 am PST. We have been through a whirlwind of energies the past few weeks through the triumphant sign of Leo and the spark of our spirit is lit and looking for direction.

Virgo is an Earth sign grounding us into the archetypes of the Goddess and the Hermit. It is time to take the revelations we have gained lately and anchor them into a more practical expression. This is a time to go inward and make connection with the more subtle, delicate aspects of our being.

Astrologist, Sarah Vrba beautifully draws us a picture of what this may look like as she compares the expression of Virgo to that of a “bridge builder between the unconscious and conscious mind, the hidden worlds between us- the unseen and the seen.”

Deeper Inquiry Within

Who are we both in our internal private experience and who are we out in the world? The Aquarius full moon of last month emphasized this interaction that takes place between our personal life and our responsibility to the collective. How have you seen that play out in your own life over the last few weeks?

To anchor in these insights and to create tangible growth in our experience this New Moon in Virgo comes at the perfect time every year to remind us of our responsibility to our earthly vessel and the practicality of how our routine can serve our highest good or leave us disorganized and burnt out.

Dial in Your Rituals 

Virgo energy begs the question, “how do we take care of our energy on a daily basis?” Virgo invites us to create daily devotions and commitments that create our life. Astrologer Molly McCord speaks on the physical aspect and inspires us to inquire within, “how do we care for ourselves at a mind and body level?”

This Virgo new moon is much less about planting inspiring seeds and more about taking the time to discern for ourselves which healthy habits and practical measures we can dedicate to our daily routine that will advance us into the next stage of our growth and evolution.

Virgo is the healer and has a message for us:

Can we open up a bridge for our minds and hearts to speak to our bodies in a way that honors the needs of each of these important aspects of our beings? 

Can we all get on the same page so that each of our vital compasses is being heard, honored, and treated with respect? 

Do our minds and our hearts need to have a conversation that we have been avoiding in the highly social season of Leo?

Tend Lovingly to the Shadows

This is a HOMECOMING for ourselves. We are being asked to heal our most delicate parts and the Virgo energy of this New Moon gives us ample opportunity. With the wisdom flooding in of the healing Virgo vibe the shadows of our being can be met with compassion and understanding.

After taking this time we can greater focus on the new potentials we are growing and building based on what we’re ready to experience next.

Simplify Your Intentions

There are a few aspects we are dealing with this New Moon in Virgo and these are some ways you can use them to your advantage. With Maris in Gemini squaring the New Moon there is a bit of a restless energy. Mars in Gemini loves multi-tasking and saying yes to everything.Allow the energy of Virgo to simplify and purify your intentions so that you are taking on only the responsibilities that truly honor your soul’s purest intent- without fear of judgement from others.

Be Your Bold Bad@ss Self

Uranus in Taurus is squares Venus in Leo and astrologer Adrienne Elise gives us a great call to action, “this potent fixed square is saying that this new timeline requires some strong, bad@ss queens. This power is being called forth in each of us”.

I’ll leave you with that and this ritual that will activate you in all of the right ways to vibe with this energy in all of the best ways…

New Moon Ritual :: Connecting the Mind, Heart, and Body

1. Write a letter from your mind & heart to your body

2. Then, write a letter from your body to your mind & heart

3. Compare the two with curiosity

4. Understand where your being is aligned and where you can channel a little extra love so that all parts are honored equally

5. Create a game plan (rituals & routine) – 3 healthy habits that you can commit to this Virgo season

6. Start small & simple, even getting in an extra few glasses of water today is a huge win!

7. Surprise yourself with how rewarding this is and with the extra momentum, it can inspire more and more healthy changes



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