Full Moon : Harvesting Bounty + Journey In

The Harvest Moon is in Pisces during this full moon cycle, and so it is an invitation to be extra tender with how we are feeling. Like the pisces fish, we might feel sensitive and our emotions may be heightened in favor of softness. This is a beautiful energy to bring forth honest conversations with partners and friends. Offer your truth from a place of warmth and love, even if the conversation at hand is confrontational. Now is a beautiful time, as you start to move towards your inner harvest to contemplate how your heart space is feeling and if there are any changes you want to make or new experiences you'd like to call in.

The Harvest Moon may be one of the most iconic and well known moons, as it is featured in the song "Harvest Moon" originally sung by rock musician Neil Young. The Harvest Moon got its name from the Native Americans in North America, who knew that it was time to prepare for the abundant season of harvesting from what had been planted. Like the first people, we too are invited to pause to acknowledge the bounty we have and prepare ourselves for the work ahead as we continue to create what we want.

Just like the harvesting of food, procuring what we want requires effort. We must go out into the field of our lives and take an honest look at what we have created so far, what truly deserves our attention, and where we may need to send more (or less) intention. The reward for the surveyance of our lives is worth it: we get a moment to celebrate how far we've come while also acknowledging that there is room for expansion. We are abundant in this moment, and we can also continue to do our part to create more abundance in the places we need it most.

The Harvest Moon serves as a clear distinctive seasonal shift and a moving current towards transition. What transitions are unfolding that are a direct result of the seeds you have sown? What are you ready to harvest, even if growth has been challenging along the way? What parts of your life are calling for some more TLC? 

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, our lungs should be included in our focus. Are we taking enough time to breathe deep and experience the ever changing moment? Can we use this intention of slowing down and harvesting our bounty as a needed form of self-care? Utilize this abundant energy of the full moon and commit fully to taking your time as you examine the beautifully textured details of your life and allow yourself to indulge in and be nourished by these fruits.

You've done a lot. And part of the process of growth is reaping what you sow. You are love, and under the light of the Harvest Moon, you are held so dearly. xox


FULL MOON RITUAL : Haiku from the Heart

Poetry is an art form that merges words with spirit, something that can sometimes be hard to articulate. Poetry speaks to the part of ourselves that is many times beyond logic, time, and surface understanding. By giving ourselves a chance to be fully expressive within a boundary of poetic form, what emerges can be music to the soul.

For this full moon cycle, you are invited to tap into your inner Ritual Poet. We all have a creative heart, and we are all fed by our own artistry. This ritual highlights the form of the Haiku.

The Haiku is three lines of poetry. The first line consists of 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables, and the third line 5 syllables. Here is an example below:

Are leaves from trees tears
as they watch us resist change?
Fall, they cry, then grow. 


Your Artist's Ritual:

1. Everyday until the new moon (approximately 2 weeks) either morning or evening, find a quiet place to go with your journal, a pen, and your Moon Deck

2. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. Choose a card from The Moon Deck. Read it, let it settle in to your being, and let it churn up whatever thoughts or feelings it inspires (if you do not have a Moon Deck yet, feel free to simply meditate on how you feel in this moment).

3. Construct a Haiku based on the moment you are in: the feeling, the card, what you are thinking about, what you are dreaming about, what you are afraid of, etc.

There is no boundary to this exercise as far as content, but try to use the form of the Haiku as a supportive container for your personal expression.

4. Read over your Haiku, but do not criticize or try and make it "perfect." Let your art be your art. You can journal about your experience and what the Haiku means if that feels supportive or simply let it stand on its own.

5. Continue until the new moon, and beyond if it feels inspiring. You will create a collection of Haikus, small snippets of your inner landscape that can be shared, offered, and enjoyed anytime you want. You may even think of it as a little spell!

Enjoy tapping into your inner artist, moonbeam. You deserve to set your heart on fire and see where it leads.

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