New Moon : Virgo Passion + Inspiration

The new moon is a brilliant darkness ready to ignite us in the directions that we deeply desire. It is time to stand fully in what lights up, and take a small step towards it. For ourselves and for each other.

The New Moon is here, in all of its brilliant darkness, as a time to take solace in its spaciousness. Akin to an exhale, the new moon is about a necessary end, a darkness, that comes before a beginning. The page turning and the next chapter. There is a collective story being written that we are all a part of. No matter where we live or what or continent or time zone is, we are part of a global humanity and the collective circumstances we face as a planet. Now is the time to turn to nature, trust in nature, and listen to her needs and invitations. The new moon asks us to take pause and be in reflection. The pertinent question now: how can I best serve myself so that I can directly serve the planet?

This new moon carries an activating energy that awakens as we drop into a pause. It asks that we slow down and take a step outside of our routine and come back to equanimity (ie: meditation, journaling, a walk in nature, or quiet time alone). This will help us to sense a new tone of ignition that will illuminate our passions and deepest desires + bring us home to our own center of gravity. This is the time to enliven what we care about most so that we fuel inspired action.

When we decide to move in the direction of what we care about most, we enhance our capacity to serve others and be stewards of the world around us. Your vitality contributes to the vitality of the collective.

This new moon asks us to be courageous and vulnerable enough to assert and claim what ignites our personal fire. Now is the time to ask: what lights me up and gets me excited? What have I been longing to create? What would give me more energy and vitality to engage with? How will this impact the world in healthy and positive ways? There is nothing too big or too small.

We can use the energy of the new moon and its invitation, to take a step forward in the direction of that which has been glowing and growing inside of you. Now is the time to breathe deep and turn embers into flames so that they may energize you and propel you forward. There will be discomfort, uncertainty, fear - as happens in a new beginning, but you will have the armor of your own inspiration to continue unscathed and all the more expansive. 

Now is the time, moon beams. First we must ask: what lights me up from the inside? What means SO much to me that failing scares me less than actualizing it in my lifetime? 

Take a deep breath. Then go. Because we need you to be fully enlivened. The planet needs you, she needs all of us, right now.


NEW MOON RITUAL: Love, Commitment, and Believing in You

As Rumi says, "Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

It is important that we love the work we do in the world and where we spend our time. We are being asked to prioritize stepping into inquiry around what we care about most so that we can kiss, honor, and support the ground as well as each other.

Going towards what we are passionate about requires two ingredients: knowing what we want + what we care about, and believing in our capacity to go towards it. 

Use this ritual for the next two weeks as a way to gain clarity and stabilize your knowing that you, in this moment, have all that you need to step fully forward.

1. Each morning pull a card from The Moon Deck. Before pulling a card, press the full deck to your heart and ask the cards to reveal what you need to know for your highest good. Trust its medicine as you select your card.

2. After you pull a card, set a timer for 20 minutes or write until you feel complete. Close your eyes for a moment and take five deep breaths. Then softly ask these questions to yourself without being attached or seeking any specific answer, simply ask and listen:

What excites me in this moment?

What brings me joy?

What am I afraid of?

What do I dream of?

3. Then, open your journal and begin to write. If you feel stuck, write out the questions or write about the card you pulled and let it flow from there. Inevitably writing will become a 'processing experience' as thoughts and insights emerge. Continue writing until the timer is up or until you feel complete. 

4. Once complete, circle all of the words that speak to either your joy or your fear. You can even use a different color for each. Reread your circled words and observe what it is like to have your inner experience reflected back to you. Take a few deep breaths, settle into a moment of gratitude, and continue forward with your day.

5. We suggest keeping this notebook handy throughout the day and jot down any spontaneous insights. 


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