New Moon + Fall Equinox : Balance, Levity, Relationships

This New Moon cycle, we are invited to experience our own power of choice when it comes to our relationships. This Libra New Moon is connected to the planet Venus and directly relates to our friendship, partnerships, and colleagues. 
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The New Moon is lauded as the most potent time to contemplate beginnings, fresh starts, page turns, and the open space of possibility. We are graced with the brilliant darkness of the new moon each month, yet every time the sky blackens, it is unique to that specific moment of our lives (and the zodiac sign of that new moon). Since we are constantly changing every day - in both small increments and wild transitions - each new moon offers us something new. Reflecting on the seeds we want to plant happens with new information, feelings, desires, fears, and every other aspect of an evolving humanity.

What does this mean for us? That in any moment we can decide that it is a beginning. We can start something new, take a step, shift our perspective, and move forward towards the unknown. The sky brims with potential as vast as outer space. We are never stuck in any moment because we have the power to transform it anytime we choose.

This New Moon cycle, we are invited to experience our own power of choice when it comes to our relationships. This Libra New Moon is connected to the planet Venus and directly relates to our friendship, partnerships, and colleagues. We can use the energy of the next two weeks to contemplate: What do I want to begin? How does this beginning involve my relationships? It is through our relationships both in the world and with ourselves that we experience expansion. Our relationships with others are a direct reflection of our relationship with our inner self, and both are vehicles of transformation as well as experiencing bliss in the present moment. We need each other, and most importantly, we need ourselves.

This Libra New Moon also brings a dose of levity and play after the full moon in Pisces, which was saturated with emotion and thus felt heavy for many of us. In the Northern Hemisphere we had the Fall Equinox take place on September 23rd, where the summer season officially ended and we turn our dials towards the inward gaze of autumn. The Fall Equinox is the signpost of transition - we move away from the heat, energy, and experience of the summer and into the cooling introspective time of autumn, and then shortly after we are escorted into winter.

Treat this lighter, more easeful Libra New Moon as a well deserved break. A pause to find balance, as Libra loves to do.There are still seeds in their planting phase, some have begun to germinate, and others are moments away from bearing fruit. It is not yours to figure out or  try to control. Simply water and nurture them. This new moon cycle coupled with the Fall Equinox reminds us that time is ours to thoroughly experience and maybe even fully enjoy. 

Whether you are beginning in a big way, or this next inhale is transition enough, be here for it moon beam. Rest easy, and know you deserve it. xox



Power Pose + Bee Breath 


These rituals are meant to support you in connecting to your unlimited potential and claim your purpose in the world as we move into the fertile ground of the new moon cycle and the inevitable transition of this Equinox.

This ritual has 3 parts. Practice them all together as one sequence, and then you can repeat any part individually as needed. They are your tools now!

We recommend doing the full sequence first thing when you wake up. Additionally you can choose to add in a few minutes to journal about what is present after you've completed these empowerment techniques.

1. Power Pose: Step your feet slightly wider than your hips and parallel. Feel your heels root firmly and evenly into the earth.  Extend your arms upward, turn your palms forward, and spread your fingers wide. Lengthen and extend your spine upward, with legs strong and grounded beneath you. Close your eyes and then take 3 deep breaths, imagining brilliant light filling you as you inhale, and radiating outward in all directions as you exhale.

2. Bee Breath: Remaining in power pose, empty your breath out on your next exhale. With lips sealed and chin gently tucked in, take a gentle inhale. Exhale and create a “hummmmmmm” sound (like the sound of a buzzing bee) for the length of your exhale. Repeat 5-10 rounds of Bee Breath. With each hum, increase the volume and play with various pitches of the sound. Close your eyes as you breathe and feel vibrations moving through your entire body and skull.

3. To end: Pause and keep your arms up for a few natural breaths, allowing yourself to float in place for a moment as you feel into this energy. When ready, place your hands on your heart and repeat this mantra: "I have unlimited potential and claim my purpose. All I need is within me."


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