FULL MOON :: Discernment Under the Worm Moon

This full moon is asking us to step into the seat of the wise one. We must use our discernment to choose how and where we spend our time and who we are investing in.
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The Full Moon in Virgo will grace the sky on March 9th. It’s luminous light once served as a beacon to the native populations of North America. As this moon signaled that the ground was beginning to soften, revealing earth worms and other insects, and attracting spring birds to come and feed. They named it the Worm Moon. This year’s Worm Moon will be the first of three supermoons in a row, meaning the moon will be at its brightest capacity in the sky. This Worm Moon will offer us plenty of light to shower ourselves with.

During this full moon the celestial entities are aligning, inviting each of us into the conversation of what is personally in alignment for our highest self. This moon is about taking responsibility for our power. It's about stepping into what we need to feel nourished, empowered, energized and vibrating high. This is a time when we are encouraged to put our needs first, knowing it is not selfish, but rather a means to guarantee that we have the energy and availability to show up for our community.

Food will play an important role in this full moon cycle. We are being asked to look at how we are nourishing our bodies and if we are truly serving ourselves. For those of us who have had contentious relationships with food, we may be triggered during the next two weeks. The temptations of old habits that do not serve our highest good may be tempting as a means of coping with painful emotions. Know that you have the power to make choices that serve you in this moment, regardless of what your past relationship with food has been. You are being called to fully honor and nourish your body because you will need energy, balance, and vitality to share your unique gift to the world. This is true for every living being.

Nourishment of the soul is also an inquiry during this  moon phase. What are the ways that truly fill us up? What makes us want to dance with joy and vibrate high? For many of us, the business of life coupled with our to-do lists and “shoulds” (I really should go to yoga more..”) pile up and make us blind to opportunities that fill up our soul and refresh our spirit. The universe is always presenting bits of joy to us, but it is up to us to pause the doing and take a look around. Make time over the next two weeks to do nothing. Give yourself a chance to get quiet without agenda or progress. Set the intention to listen to what naturally comes through. Nothing needs to happen, but only in quiet and spaciousness can we hear what we need to know.

Along with nourishment of the body and soul comes identifying the areas of our lives where we are being depleted more quickly than serves us. 
We are encouraged to spend a little time looking at with whom, what, and where we spend our time and if it is bringing us joy or bringing us down. Recognize what or whom in you life feels toxic, like it's draining your energy, or dampening your vitality. This can be a sticky area if you've been in a deep relationship with someone or something that hasn't been serving you for some time. Yet only when we take a stand for our own needs can our needs be met. 

Simplicity is a theme for this full moon. Simplicity and abundance seem on the surface to be at odds. Yet simplicity is a pre-cursor to abundance. When we simplify our lives and surroundings, we become more aware of the abundance we have in this present moment. 
Life is miraculous, and abundance of all kinds is always here. Take this time to decongest and simplify. What areas in your life are you ready and willing to say “no more"? Where have you overcommitted yourself? Where do you feel cluttered or overfull? This may lead to challenging insights and conversations, but the reward you will get when you remove what does not serve you is worth the process.

You are wise, and you are ready. 


FULL MOON RITUAL :: Nothingness + Clear Space

The energy of this Virgo moon will bring us many opportunities to make decisions regarding how we want to take care of ourselves, who we want to spend our time with, and the way in which we do or don't support our highest self. Use this two-part ritual as a way to take a well deserved pause and energetically cleanse your space of any echoes of old stories, habits, and pain that no longer serves you. 

Part I: Calendar Date with Nothing

This one is fun. Schedule a block of time in your calendar within the next month. We recommend at least 3 hours, if not a half or full day. Block this time off with the word NOTHING. Make no plans in advance, and do not schedule anything before the actual day. When the time comes to have your NOTHING date, decide in that moment how you want to spend your time. The only rule for NOTHING time is that if you start to feel a "should" creep in or any guilt about "wasting precious time", do not listen to it. Stay the course. Scheduling time to be in the moment and lean into simple pleasure or joy is one of the best ways to quickly fill your cup and relieve the pressure of needing to be endlessly busy.

Part II: Cleanse Your Space

On a different day than 'Do Nothing Day', cleanse your space. For this ritual be sure to have your favorite smudge (such as sage, copal, or incense). 

1. Make yourself really comfortable in your space - put on cozy  clothing, play music you love, adorn yourself with your favorite essential oil, and anything else that makes you feel lush and relaxed in your space.

2. Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and take 5 deep breaths. Acknowledge that your home is a safe space, and you are held inside of it. Repeat this mantra three times to yourself:

I welcome loving energy into my body and my home
I welcome loving energy into my body and my home
I welcome loving energy into my body and my home

3. Light your smudge and walk around your space, allowing the smoke to waft throughout. Make sure to get the corners, around the door frame and over the space around your bed. As you cleanse your space, repeat this mantra out loud:

I cleanse my space of all that doesn't serve me
I cleanse my space of all that doesn't serve me
I cleanse my space of all that doesn't serve me

Continue this until you have moved through your entire space,

4. Know that you can return to this anytime you sense that you need to create a more loving and supportive space inside of your home. You are held inside of it, all around it, and the sky supports you from above. 

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