NEW MOON :: Feed Your Fire

This New Moon is a time to step into your power and follow your heart's desire. You are supported by this uplifted energy of the new moon, and you deserve everything that is true to your heart.


The New Moon in Pisces graces the sky in its ghostly darkness on Sunday, February 23rd. Though we experience a new moon each month, the energy is unique every time. What remains the same, is the reminder it gives us: even when you cannot see something, it doesn't mean it is not there. The invisible holds such mystery and power. And for many it is easier to act as if only what we perceive with our eyes is real. The new moon reminds us that although its light may be hidden, it is never gone. The energy that this new moon cycle stirs will have us all believing in the pull of the moon. 

Experts say that this February New Moon is a time of action. A fire will be lit inside of us, that asks our hearts, our bodies, and our minds to go into action. We will experience heightened energy as we are propelled towards what we want. This is a brilliant time to go after what we have been procrastinating starting or finishing, and it is also encouraged during these next two weeks to try something new that we have been hesitant to attempt for fear of failure. This could be a new job, a sport, a relationship, or even a conversation we've been meaning to have. You have an activated energy on your side that will help you ascend up and over the fear that has kept you bogged down. This is the time to take risks, and know that you are supported along the way. 

This is also a time for dancing with our desires. Take some time to get quiet and ask: what does my heart truly desire? It is only when we get still and quiet that the mind gives the heart a chance to speak. This is a time to be courageous and active about what our heart wants. Remember, you've got a magnificent energy with this new moon. It is cheering you on and hoping that you will decide to go after what will bring you the most joy. This may be as simple as taking a dance break in your bed room or perhaps it is time for a spontaneous trip into nature. Maybe you've been craving creativity and it is time to draw, paint, or write.

Getting clear on what we want can be a powerful way of stepping into alignment with our most joyful, most creative selves. 

Desire also applies to our animal body. For many of us, we are not given the opportunity growing up to learn about sexuality and the power it holds. Consider this new moon a green light to (safely of course) explore what your sexual nature is craving. This includes intimacy of all sorts and can happen with a partner or by yourself. Consider the Ayurvedic Ritual of Abhyanga, or self-oil massage as a way to give back to your body and offer it nourishment. This new moon asks us to redefine our relationship with pleasure and to see it as not only an important part of our human experience, but necessary to bring us into balance. 

Athletic experience is encouraged during the next two weeks as a way to circulate the energy offered by the cosmos. Let the fire that is roaring inside of you move in a way that brings you joy. That can be taking a walk in nature or returning to a sport that you use to play as a kid. It can be dancing with abandon or signing up for a race and beginning to train for it. Your body, mind, and heart will be fueled and you will experience increased vitality as we end this month. 


NEW MOON RITAUL :: Self-Pleasure

The New Moon in Pisces is firey and activating, and so to balance this energy as well as to utilize it for healing, we can turn to a soothing ritual. It is easy to abandon ourselves when we get excited about a project, relationship, or circumstance - which experts say that this new moon is perfect for. Use this pleasurable and nourishing ritual as a way to ground down, give back to your body, and offer sacred and intimate time to the person that matters most: you. 

Try this ritual every night for the next two weeks. Notice how you feel while doing it, and allow any emotions or thoughts that arise to simply be there as you continue to show up for the highest, most nurtured version of you.

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga, and is a lifestyle followed by many. Ayurveda is a way of maintaining harmony between the body, mind, and spirt as well as the natural world and the changing of seasons. One of the main practices of Ayurveda is called Abhyanga, self-massage. This technique asks you to spend time caressing your body with oil and maintaining presence as you do so. It is a very healing experience to touch our own skin in a way that is loving and fully accepting of its size and shape. Consider this ritual a celebration of you in this moment, and all of the wonder in store for you under this new moon energy!

Ayurvedic Self- Massage 

1. Choose a body oil that you love. 

2. Warm the oil by placing the bottle in a mug of hot water.

3. Massage the oil into your entire body, beginning at your extremities and working toward the middle of your body. Use long strokes on the limbs and circular strokes on the joints. Take deep breaths as you massage. 

4. Massage the abdomen and chest in broad, circular motions. On the abdomen, follow the path of the large intestine, massaging clockwise, moving up on the right side of the abdomen, then across, then down on the left side. 

5. Put a couple drops of warm oil on the tip of your little finger or on a cotton ball and apply to the opening of the ear canal.

6. Take your time with this process. Spend up to 20 minutes massaging the muscles and working the oil deep into the skin.  You may even repeat the words "I love you" as you massage the various parts of your body.

7. After you have finished, take a warm bath or shower. Celebrate yourself for taking this time for you. 

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