NEW MOON : The Warrior Rises

This new moon speaks to what is currently happening in our world. The Aries moon provides us solace on how to work with what is present and trust that we can rise to any occasion.

Now is the perfect time to look towards the sky for support, for there is so much pain being experienced on Earth. How incredible it is that the celestial energy can speak to our current reality and offer us guidance.

Skeptics may deny the plausibility of connection, but those of us who believe in the mystery of the astrological landscape are shown once again that there is something much bigger happening, moment to moment. Astrology does not speak of fate or tell fortunes, rather it is a reading of a language made up of stars, planets, asteroids, and moons. It is a code that has been passed down since the dawning of woman and man, and what we choose to do with the information offered is our personal choice. This is all to say that looking towards the sky, now more than ever, is a way to gain clarity, assurance, and perspective during this poignant and unprecedented global experience.

New Moons are known for their fertile energy. They provide an invitation to assess what seeds need to be planted for our highest good, and they give us the remembrance that a new beginning can be had at any moment. New Moons are about getting present. We acknowledge how our life has been lived thus far and step into the courageous inquiry of what reality we want to co-create with the universe. New Moons remind us that we are never alone, no matter what. Even if it feels dark and there is loud terror circulating through our systems, we must remember that the light IS still there and it can never go away. We must anchor it.

Inevitably this time will eventually change, and our awareness of light, connection, and love will have strengthened because of our exposure to this collective time of uncertainty.

This New Moon in Aries reflects the current reality of our world.  Experts say the energy surrounding us will further incite the fear, loneliness, remembrance of trauma and pain, aggression, and the surfacing of unprocessed emotion that the events of our world are already stirring up. It is important to remember that these emotions are not here to submerge us beneath them, but rather to be fully felt so that they may be expressed in a safe way which lends to our liberation from them - where we can rise up in alignment like never before. It is not surprising, from an astrological standpoint, that this moon falls in the middle of a heightening Corona Virus reality. Evidence that everything is interconnected, not only humanity, but the entire planet and the galaxy in which it resides. It is also further proof that self-love and self-care impacts the collective in real ways. 

This moon marks an energetic transition time. The second half of this month brings us into the space of learning a new way of being. New information and new paradigms, along with a new way of being in the world that we have never had to encounter until this very moment. It is understandable if you feel overwhelmed or anxious during this time. Know that the invitation is to release judgement of what is present for you (or others) and instead get curious about it. Spend time in stillness with your feelings and see what it is like to experience them. One of the best gifts we can give to ourselves right now is to sit still and be with what is present without trying to make it different. The moment we relax into what is present, is the moment what is present relaxes. Try not to project into the future, while of course taking care, and relish in all of the fortune you have right now. 

This moon signals bursting into spring in the northern Hemisphere and shape-shifting in the southern hemisphere. This new moon falls just a few days after the Equinox, which serves as a marked transition time. Even with the anxiety and agitation that may be present for you during this new moon, know that this remains a time of newness. There is a balance between a sense of beginning as well as being patient with what you are feeling and the fears that arise in the midst of a new moment. With the reality of the pandemic, we are asked to step into a new way of being and be patient with ourselves and others as we rise up to meet the task.

If you are feeling fear, know that fear is an emotion that always precedes the warrior, and this new moon is exactly that. We are being asked to personally step up.

Aries is the sign of the warrior, the champion, the archetype that accepts whatever challenge is placed before her or him. We are asked to take action in the world in the ways we can during this unprecedented time. What this also means, is that we must practice discernment in order to see when we are acting, speaking, or avoiding from a place of fear. This is a moment to be quietly courageous, meaning we must ask ourselves in this moment of social distancing: who am I when no one is around? Stand up for the highest version of you.


NEW MOON RITUAL :: Connection + Expression

There is a serious tone present in our world. No matter where you reside on the globe, you are part of the connected experience of our current reality. We are all being reminded that continents may physically separate us, but there is something inveterate that connects us together.

One of the most healing things we can do for ourselves and for each other is to step into the vulnerability of sharing how much we care. To acknowledge another human's impact on your life and to openly express how they have affected you can be a scary thing to do and for that reason never ceases to be rewarding. This ritual asks you to identify the people in your life that you would like to honor. Because of our interconnectedness, when you honor another, you are honoring you. 

Commit to the following as a way to fill two hearts with one ritual.

1. Find a comfortable place to sit and be still for a few moments. Close your eyes and take a few deep deep breaths, allowing your mind to become steady.

2. After settling in, ask yourself: who in my life would I like to acknowledge? Choose one person at a time.

3. Once you have the person in your mind. Imagine them sitting in the center of your heart, making themselves at home. Contemplate the ways they have impacted your life, how they have made you feel, and what you have learned from them. Thank them quietly as you remain still and at ease.

4. Now, you will write to them about how they have been a positive influence in your life. This could be an email, a voice note, a video, or a letter. You can include photos if that's available, or a piece of art if you are hand-writing the letter. Let this be a creative gift of personal expression.

5. Allow yourself to be fully open and honest. It can be a very vulnerable experience, so honor the feelings that arise during this process. Know that there is no expectation for this person to return the sentiment in any form. This is solely your reflection and your personal expression.

6. Before you send it, take a moment once again to close your eyes and imagine that person sitting in the center of your heart. Offer them the intention that they be happy, healthy, and blessed with the knowing that they are loved as they receive your letter.

7. After you send it, notice any sensations that arise immediately after in your body. Let yourself steep in whatever is present for you as you share in the interconnectedness, the love, and the truth that we need each other as we navigate our earthly reality.


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