Full Moon :: Join Your Wolf Pack

This Full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon. It is accompanied by a Lunar Eclipse and brings with it a powerful energy that will effect body, heart, and our relationships in the world. Ride the wave and be present and you will begin well.



Welcome to the first Full Moon of the new year. This full moon will illuminate the sky along with a lunar eclipse, where the moon will pass through the earth's shadow, darkening its color and making its light appear more dense. This full moon is known as the Wolf Moon, as North American tribes noted that this is the time of year when the wolves howl would be the loudest as they prepared for their winter hunt. Like the wolf pack, this moon reminds us that we are not alone in our pursuit of what our hearts most desire. Now is a time to lean in to community, to revisit the relationships that fuel us the most, and offer ourselves as support to those we want to uplift. We are reminded that giving and growing happen together, so as we move into this new decade, we are invited to remember our community, our loved ones, and our connectedness to all living things.

It is all too easy to forget that we are made of the same things as stars, that we share breath with the plants and animals around us, that all of  us humans share the same spectrum of emotions, fears, desires, and needs. We are more alike then we are different, and now is the time to both lean into and to feed the relationships that are most in alignment. This is not about giving ourselves to everyone in our lives, but rather using our power of discernment to choose to whom we share ourselves with. This may bring along a relationship cleansing, and you may find that you are energetically saying goodbye to some of the people your life. Know that this is not a bad or sad occurrence, rather you are making space for who and what is in alignment with your highest being. As you move into 2020, the year of refined vision, let's make more space for what serves you. 

This Wolf Moon also invites us to honor our animal body during this time of beginning. Sleep when you need to sleep, listen to the wisdom of the body and do not push it past its limit or deny it the nourishment, movement, and connection it needs. For many  of us, it is all too easy to get caught up in our heads about resolutions, what needs to happen in the new year, who we will become. It is all too accessible to get submerged in the spiral of the mind. Instead, take more time to ground into the body. Give your mind a break and pause to listen to what your container needs. Burning out and getting sick will get us no closer to where we want to be, in fact depletion will slow you down. You are a unique being that needs your own individual amount of restoration and rejuvenation. Get curious about the ways in which you can restore your whole being, and give yourself the time to do so.

This full  moon brings about heightened intuition, which is a welcome ally to achieving clarity and vision for our lives. However, we are cautioned not to use the excited energy of the new year and full moon combination as an excuse to rush into decision making, dramatic transitions, or hard conversations before we are ready. We are asked to take more time than maybe we are use to before we respond or make decisions. There can be inspiration to do a 180 with our lives and flip everything upside down. But we must know that the big decisions and beautiful moments of our lives do not need to be rushed. If a timeline is being presented to you about a decision and you are not feeling 100% "yes", then you need more time. If more time is not available because of the circumstances, then your answer is "no".

The energy of this moon is ripe with the possibility for meaningful obstacles to present themselves. Know that everything that comes your way is in service of you, and if you find yourself the subject to intense and challenging times, know that it is not forever. We are presented with tests in our lives so that we can continually choose how we want to respond. Tests will continue to show up until they have taught us what we need to learn. It is hard to welcome in challenging times to our lives, and in no way does welcoming them mean you have to like or enjoy the experience. Rather, this next two weeks will be about refining our ability to be in full acceptance of what we cannot control. Radical acceptance is one of the most liberating qualities we can hope to embody. Consider this moon and the flow of your life to be a chance to practice surrendering to what is here and trusting you are being taken care of.

This Full Moon encourages us to look at our finances in a way that is neutral and ultimately supportive. For many of us, money is a big stressor in our lives, and no matter how much we have or do not have, it does not lend to our happiness. We are invited to drop the emotional attachment with how much money we have and instead look with willing eyes at our financial circumstance. Are there any changes we can make in the short term to create more stability in our financial life? Finances are a health system all of their own. If we work on them little by little over a long period of time, we will be rewarded in the long term. This is a perfect time to reassess your budget, or if you do not have one, now is the time to create one. Money is a form of energy, and when we can relax and open to it and our relationship to it, we will experience a more harmonious flow that is neither constraining nor obsessive. 

Lastly, in the brilliant light of this full  moon combined with the darkness of a lunar eclipse, now is the time to get clear on what you want. What is your ideal? Without pressure or perfection, what would bring you the most joy?  Reflect, be patient, and when it is time, you'll know what you need to do. 



FULL MOON RITUAL :: Trust in the Cycles of the Beginning

In this beginning of a year and beginning of a decade, you may experience a spectrum of emotions, circumstances, and experiences. This ritual will help you to take a pause, connect with you, and notice what is present. Trust that everything that is happening is happening for you. You are whole and complete at evert step of your experience. Know that there is always room for personal expansion, and part of that expansion is not rushing to change what is present, but rather to ride the cycles of our lives. During this Full Moon you might experience confrontation and discomfort as energy increases and the new year begins. To settle into trust in the universe as well as inner peace, try this 28 day ritual that will take you through the new moon and into your center as you begin a new decade.
This ritual holds with it the intention of creating steadiness, clarity, calm, and a knowing on your deepest level that you are taken care of.
Cycles Ritual 
  •  You will need: a candle, a meditation seat (cushion, pillow, chair), an outdoor space or a place beneath a window, a smudge stick (sage or palo santo).

  •  For the next 28 nights, choose a time to go outside and be in a comfortable seated position. It is best if you perform this ritual at the same time every night.

  • Light your smudge stick and move it around your body to clear the energy from the day.

  • Light a candle and place it in front of you. Focus on the candle flame for 3 minutes. When that is complete, close your eyes and continue to focus on the image, shape, color or imprint that you see behind your eyelids. Let your breath be light and easy. 

  •  Allow yourself to be exactly as you are. Know that you are creating space for insight  and intuition to speak to you as well as your capacity to listen. 

  • When you feel complete. Take a deep breath in and out. Open the eyes and bow to yourself in gratitude for taking time to bring trust, space, and calm into your life. Trust hat you are on your own individual journey with a unique timeline. You’ll simply keep showing up. 



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