New Moon :: More Yin in the World's Yang

This New Moon in Aquarius asked us to add more receptive and self-caring energy into a world has more Yang energy in it then ever before. Now is the time to choose the heart over the head, and find time to dedicate to more ease and beauty.
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The first New Moon of 2020 is here. The first time of the year when our vision of the sky will be void of the light of the moon. It's important to remember that although the light is not visible, it is always there waiting to re-emerge. Just like the sky, times of suffering or hardship in our lives no matter how dark they may be, always possess light around the corner. We have to trust in our innate wisdom and goodness, and see through all of our experiences with as much loving tenderness as we can. This New Moon invites us to practice going into the darkness of self-reflection, to be with this current cycle, and let it spark our most cherished desires inspired by the Aquarian energy.

Remembering the light will be of great service to you over the next couple of weeks, as the energy of this new moon may be turbulent. Experts also say that some will experience mood swings, restlessness, and a peaked anxiety about the unknowns of the future. Time will feel as if it has sped up, and we may feel like there is not enough time to do anything more, yet so much needs to be done. The wise choice over the next two weeks would be to schedule in quiet and nourishing time into your calendar each day, so that as time races you will have built in moments to stabilize, re-set, and connect with your heart. 

Over the next few months there will a lot of Yang energy taking place in the world. Massive shifts, heated energy, and intensity. It has the power to be transformational if not exploited. We are witnessing the repercussions of global choices, and we are being reminded that a shift in the dominating world vision requires a shift for us all. In order to affect the macro, the micro must first be accounted for. Now is the time to take responsibility for our personal impact. With loving integrity, it's important that we each think about what we want to commit to on behalf of the planet. It is the time to ask, What kind of person do I want to be in the world? How can I  best be of service to the planet? What are some small shifts or expansions I can make in my own life in order to step into my highest self so that all may benefit?

This is a moment when we need to fortify and return to the knowing of our own innate goodness. The goodness inside each person is always there but it is easy to doubt it, deny it, or forget it completely. Visualizations such as filling the body with white light or seeing a golden flame rising from your navel to your heart are powerful ways to use meditation as you add more Yin to the Yang happening in your experience.

Your effort will be in stabilizing your mind and grounding your energy over the next two weeks. The mind will want to go in every direction and your thoughts may feel like an anxious runaway train. Remember, your heart is always clear and always true. It takes getting still and quiet, as it always offers its truth if we take the time to listen. 

This is also a time of beauty and the appreciation of beauty. The Aquarius energy invites us to indulge in our senses in ways that feel loving and supportive. Allowing the experiences of eating and resting to be just as luxurious as a day at the spa. 

Experts invite us to lean into the energy of the archetype known as Chariklo. In the the astronomical world, Chariklo is an asteroid (possibly a dwarf planet) that has beautiful rings around it. The energy of this celestial entity is connected to the Greek myth of Chariklo. She is an exquisite centaur who embodies unconditional love and connection. She operates from source and trusts that she is being guided, taken care of, and encouraged to steep in joy rather than quiver in fear. Chariklo is a  heroine for the modern moment because she greets chaos, intensity and suffering head on. She opens her arms lovingly and embraces all possibility. Chariklo is a powerful energy to remember and embody over the next month. We all have Chariklo capacity inside of us. Astrologers say it is time to wake her up and let her lead. 

The shadow side of this moon energy is the overthinking mind. The part of ourselves that over analyzes, gets caught up in future-planning, and abandons awareness of the physical body in favor of the mental body. So set the intention to notice when you are caught in the mind and ground back into your body. This time invites us to use the next couple of weeks to refine our commitment to staying present in the heart even when we are tempted to get lost in our heads.

This is a time of beautiful transition and transformation, and you deserve the very best. Let's practice together. xox


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