Full Blood Moon + Eclipse = Change is in the Air

There is something beautiful happening around us, with us, inside of us: permission to get uncomfortable and vulnerable by moving directly towards the things that scare us. That thing we've been putting off or denying because of fear of failure, those old beliefs that keep us stuck or scared, those lingering emotions that are ready to be loved and released so you can align with and welcome what comes next... 

The sky is asking, with all of it's astronomical happenings, to go where we don't normally go, and see what is on the other side of our comfort zone. 

We have the longest lunar eclipse of the century happening with this full blood moon this week. The lunar eclipse and the full moon coming up July 27-28 (though can already be felt!), according to experts, are mirrors that reflect what needs to change, and asking us to be courageous in making the decisions that are right for us, even if it makes us and other people uncomfortable. 

The full moon + lunar eclipse + majority retrograde planets is quite the combination. It's the time to shrug your shoulders and ask, "why not now?" The sky is having a moment of lunacy (pun intended), so why can't you shake things up a bit and go after what you want?

You will adapt to the changes that come from moving forward with power and with grace. You will, you always do. Try this Walking Meditation to calm your nervous system, clear your mind, and prepare you like the lion (we're in Leo season afterall) to roar into the next phase of your life. 


"I move with courage and I adapt to the situations life presents."

Practice this walking meditation ritual outside under the light of this full moon. Give yourself enough time to sink in and take a break from the onslaught of thoughts and emotions that may arise from even thinking about the uncomfortable and brave steps you are going to take. 

  • Begin by walking at an easeful, natural pace. Let the breath be full and deep
  • Take a few moments to feel your body as it walks: feet hitting the ground, head tall, legs moving, temperature on skin. Notice any sensation or emotions present and simply breathe with these observations
  • Keeping the connection to your inner world, notice the environment around you. Take note of the colors, textures, shapes, smells, and air. Saturate yourself in the visceral experience of the inner and outer world in order to anchor yourself in the present moment
  • If you get lost in thought, use either your breath, sensations in the body, or the colors of the world around you to anchor back into the present moment
  • When your walking meditation is done (we recommend at least 20 minutes) take a few minutes to journal about your experience. Following that, take a few moments to reflect on the question,  "What do I really want?" Take as much time as you need to write honestly about whatever is revealed to you

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