Super New Moon is On Your Side

Astrologically speaking, this summer we've been opening our palms, shrugging our shoulders, rolling a few eyes, and doing our best to go with the flow. Talk about a turbulent energetic summer!  Blue moons, eclipses, everything in retrograde (including our relationships, technology, and temperament), an over all multi-transitional experience

August's Super New Moon - named as such for sharing space with a partial solar eclipse - has built upon the energy thus far. This New Moon is one to take a prolonged pause and really decide what doors you want to open for you now that you've made it through the whirlwind that was the summer so far. You've got cosmic energy behind you, beneath you, surrounding you, above you.

The questions then fall into your very capable hands: What do you want to do with this energy? Where do you want to call in more joy, abundance, connection, success, or peace? What seeds would excite you if they planted, sprouted, and blossomed over the next month? Really feel into these questions and allow your body and soul's wisdom to arise. 

The thing is, moonbeam, you have everything you need. And in cosmic speak, the universe owes you a win. Spend some time really thinking about what you want. Oh, and don't be alarmed if you get faced with a little more discomfort this moon cycle. We are still in eclipse season, after all. Go get it. 

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