New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, + a Ritual to Bring it all Together

Get ready,  moonbeams. We're in for a powerful ride. It's officially summer on this side of the world and we are feeling the expansive heat of the sun, while those of you in the Southern Hemisphere are moving inward with winter. That said, we can all use the energy of  this new moon for movement and levity, as well as an opportunity to use this season as a vehicle for transformation.

The sky agrees with this sentiment. This New Moon moves into Cancer, which will bring into our awareness - through circumstances, obstacles, and new beginnings - our relationship with our home base. Cancer is responsible for security: housing, food, job, finances, as well as the more intangible qualities of self-confidence, trust, connection to abundance, and groundedness. There is an inherent energetic support for you, this moon cycle, in re-defining your relationship with your home base. Are the homes you dwell in (ie your physical body, emotional body, as well as the structure you live in) set up to be sanctuaries? 

Along with this focus on home, the solar eclipse brings about a powerful moment of transformation. Astral experts note that the solar eclipse is directly opposite Pluto, a planet responsible for pulling us out of our comfort zones. Consider this a time to get a little messy, try something new, make a decision that makes you happy but runs the risk of disappointing others. The universe rewards the risk of being vulnerable in a new beginning and you've got the momentum of the eclipse behind you.

Talk about yin and yang: connect to your stability, but also go a little wild. xox


RITUAL: What Makes You Happy?

"I am deserving of Joy. I am connected to Joy. I am made of Joy."

This New Moon cycle asks us to pay attention to both our home base and also the sometimes turbulent waves of change. Like a snake shedding its skin, sometimes finding the "home" of our own true nature takes a little bit of discomfort and writhing free of what binds us. 

One way to support yourself during this time is through the cultivation of JOY.  It sounds simple but it is rather profound. Joy is always accessible to us because it is an ingredient of our true nature. Life hardships, uncomfortable experiences, fears, and other human qualities can create layers that obscure us from our connection to joy. 

Try this ritual this new moon cycle to bring you to a place of excitement for all that is to come once the dust settles and a reminder that whatever is happening for you, joy is always available. 

1. . Find a cozy spot. Have  a notebook and a pen nearby. Make a cup of your favorite herbal tea. Light a candle. If it inspires you put on soft music to set the tone. This is your date with you. 

2. Set a timer for 20 minutes 

3. At the top of a fresh sheet of paper, write the question: “What brings me joy?”

 4. Until the timer goes off, Spirit Write (another term for meditative freestyle journaling): list every thing, person, experience, taste, sound, texture, etc that makes you happy. These things are your medicine, your anchor, your through-line to joy. 

5. When the timer goes off, pause for a moment. Put the pen down. Bring a hand to your heart and a hand to your belly. Take three deep breaths. Repeat the mantra: “I receive Joy. I am connected to Joy. I am made of Joy."

6. Open your eyes and read over your list. Allow whatever feelings arise to be present.

7. On a new page in your journal. Write down 1 thing you will do this week that will be for you - in service of living in and nourishing your joy. Make the commitment to yourself. Describe it in as much detail as possible: when, where, what you will need - get specific about this date with you. 

8. Know that you can return to this list anytime you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or in need of reminder. Recognize all of the joy that surrounds you. 

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