CAPRICORN NEW MOON :: Committing to a New Chapter

CAPRICORN NEW MOON :: Committing to a New Chapter

We are being offered an opportunity to declare how we are choosing to move forward and are gifted with the empowerment to face what is in front of us and make lasting change. The cosmos are encouraging us to commit to ourselves and our trajectories. 

By Alisha Palmer of @cosmic.ali

What are you building for yourself?

The first lunation of the year is upon us, as we kick off 2024 with a New Moon in Capricorn on January 11 at 3:57 am PT at 20 degrees. With our Lunar Light hidden from our sight, we enter a period of Luna’s synodic cycle that is reminiscent of planting a seed into soil. This fertile phase of the process plunges us into darkness, inviting us to tend to that which is unseen. Utilize this time to cultivate an internal ecosystem that promotes the health, growth, and quality of the intentions that are birthing from within. 

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign that is ruled by Saturn, which may be described as ambitious, stoic, strategic, powerful, structured, and status-oriented. The sign of the Sea Goat craves achievement and success. Working with the element of terra firma, Capricorn is driven to draw ideas and inspirations into physical form, ie: getting s*** done. This sign is known as being “the boss”, and for good reason. With its innate discipline and determination, Capricorn reminds us to stay dedicated to our purpose. 

Shoutout To Saturn 

The ruler of this New Moon is Saturn, the planet of responsibility, wisdom, and maturation. The Keeper of Time is located at 4 degrees of Pisces, set between two harmonious sextile aspects with Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus. We are being offered an opportunity to declare how we are choosing to move forward and are gifted with the empowerment to face what is in front of us and make lasting change. The cosmos are encouraging us to commit to ourselves and our trajectories. 

During the last Cancer Full Moon, we talked about how Saturn is related to the Father Archetype and assessing our personal relationships with this internal essence. The energetic expression of the Father can display as the authority, the protector, the provider. Read more about this dynamic here for it is highly relevant for this Capricorn lunar event as well. New Moons initiate new beginnings, but also simultaneously close out the previous chapters. Now is the time to rewrite the script, to choose something different, to act in a more aligned manner. Saturn backs us by giving us ambition and staying power to support a fresh start. 

Structured Success 

Please note that the earthy emanation of this Capricorn world-building technique is not a “quick fix”. Saturn and the Sea Goat want us to take incremental steps as we set the base of the chapters and conditions we are constructing. We don’t want what we are creating to wash away, we want it to be durable and stable. This New Moon summons us to execute a strategy that sets us up for success. Daily habits and routines may seem insignificant in the moment, but add up to be something great. Think about if you were to make one small change everyday. Before you knew it, weeks and months would pass by and you could look back on your progression to notice just how impactful these choices can be. Don’t underestimate the effect of taking it one step at a time, laying one brick at a time. It’s not a race. Set your pace. 

It’s All About Boundaries, Baby 

Boundaries allow us the space to thrive. They serve as a form of self protection and self love. They draw the lines between where the energetic exchanges between ourselves and others begin and end. They speak to how we respect and hold space around our auras. They make up the framework of what we are willing to tolerate. Boundaries can feel hard to set and tricky to maintain, but there is so much value in implementing and upholding them. Both Capricorn and Saturn emphasize the importance of knowing our limits and holding our needs in high regard. Let this New Moon infuse you with the courage and strength to speak up for yourself. In the long run, this self preservation will pay off. 

Energetic Investments 

What are you paying attention to? Where are you investing your awareness? That which we focus on expands, and our presence is our most precious and valuable currency. Are you giving your power away or are you practicing mindfulness with your energy and consumption? Are you filling yourself up with your truth or are you intaking the noise around you? In order to create new patterns and cycles for ourselves, we must be intentional about what we are allowing into the field of our frequencies. This Capricorn New Moon wants to build from the foundation up — be conscious of the vibrations you are holding and engaging with, as they saturate our process of creation, permeating the materials we are laying our groundwork with. 

Celestial Conditions Of The New Moon Chart

What draws my eye the most when interpreting this lunation chart is the heavy Capricornian influence — with four cosmic bodies in this zodiacal zone, the characteristics of this sign are amplified. Mars, the Moon, the Sun, and Pluto all occupy this space, really enhancing the push for making tangible transformation. Mars is the planet of taking action and motivation, Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. Combined, along with the illumination of the luminaries, we are reaching a turning point with our soul progression journeys. 

In addition, we find the Moon and Sun in an exact square with the lunar nodes of karma, fortune, fate and destiny. The north node (Rahu) represents where our souls are developing and the direction we are heading in this lifetime. The unknown, the unfamiliar. While the south node (Ketu) stands for what we are shedding, letting go of, growing out of. The comfort zone, what we are carrying over from past lives. Squares are aspects of tension, where planets sit 90 degrees away from one another. When sitting in this formation with Rahu and Ketu, astrologers refer to it as “bending of the nodes”, which highlights this dynamic sense of push and pull between the old and new. We have a choice to make: repeat residual energies and loops keeping us stuck in what is no longer serving us, or embrace the evolution before us. 

Activating this theme further, we see the New Moon trine to Uranus in Taurus. This far out celestial being seeks to awaken, to shake up, to revolutionize, to break loose. The astrology here is very clearly calling for us to accept these advancements, even if it may feel uncomfortable or uncertain as we choose differently for ourselves. Although Uranus brings a certain electrifying tone to the table, the line of sight it’s sharing to our Night Light is a positive and supportive one, encouraging us to leap with faith. Trusting relentlessly (even when it’s scary) in ourselves and the Universe. 

Mercury, the planet that oversees communication and the mental realms has stationed direct after completing its recent retrograde where it traveled from Capricorn back into Sagittarius. Readjusting to its regular motion, our Mystical Messenger shares the clarity it has gained from its findings during the rx cycle of review and reconsideration, assisting us in determining where to go next. Mercury will soon re-enter Capricorn, finally moving away from its ongoing square to Neptune in Pisces, clearing any confusion and enabling us to integrate any new ways of thinking. 

Taking a deeper look at Mars, we see it forming an exact trine to Jupiter in Taurus. This cosmic combination energizes us to expand, to take up space. Go ahead and experiment with your personal philosophies. We are reminded it’s okay to change! 

Lastly, we’ll chat about Venus in Sagittarius, our Galactic Goddess, planet of pleasure and love. In this lunar chart, we notice her passing through a trine to Chiron in Aries. This asteroid is known as “the wounded healer”, showing us our spiritual sore spots and offering us the keys to healing through them. In a matter of days post-New Moon, she also shares a trine to Rahu, following in the footsteps of our Lights. This blend speaks to how it might feel emotionally charged to let go of certain relationships, patterns, or ways of being, but ultimately it is for the best. Honor your highest good. 

With so many benefic aspects activating the astro of the moment, we are reminded that the cosmos are cheering us on and conspiring in our favor. We just have to surrender to the flow of the timelines that are presenting themselves to us. Accept what is, remain open, ride the waves with grace and trust in the process. 

NEW MOON RITUAL : Get Clear on Your Goals

Although we are moving through winter, a season that asks us to slow down, rest, and reflect, this cosmic chapter inspires us to set goals and take note of what we would like to build, achieve, aspire towards, and invest in throughout the upcoming year ahead. While it may not feel like the time to hit the ground running quite yet, we can utilize the initiatory energy of this New Moon to set ourselves up for success by creating a plan of action surrounding the structure necessary to make these moves. 

This ritual is similar to making resolutions, in the sense that we will be creating an outline of what we envision for ourselves and how we can ground these ideas into reality with patience, discipline, and dedication. Capricorn not only asks us to do the physical work to show up for ourselves, but also represents the energetic work that allows the material to come together. This sign represents our determination to stick something through so that we may celebrate the success of the outcome. 

To begin, as always, we will set a space to drop in with ourselves and our energy. This will likely look unique to each of us, as we sense into what feels best for our individual needs. Perhaps lighting a candle or incense, playing soft healing frequencies, cozying up with a blanket, or making a warm cup of tea — do you, boo! 

Next, grab a pen and paper, or a keyboard and word doc, whatever you prefer. Before diving into the questions below, take a few moments of stillness with yourself. Closing your eyes, breathing with mindfulness, feeling the air entering and exiting your lungs. Call to mind the life you are envisioning for yourself. Sit with this image. 

As you answer the questions below, do so thoughtfully, with detail. Internally inquire and listen to the depths of your truth that come forward. Each prompt is followed by a corresponding affirmation, written to further amplify these statements. Dive in. 

What would I like to build and craft into my life over the next 6 month lunar cycle, leading up to the Capricorn Full Moon? Additionally, the 12 month yearly cycle? 

Affirm: I am worthy of remaining dedicated to what I am creating and calling in.

Where would I like to see myself in the next 3 months? 6? 9? 12?

Affirm: I allow myself to move at a pace that best serves and supports me. 

What do I need to set free and release to make space for what I’m creating?

Affirm: Even if it’s hard, it is worth letting go of anything holding me back from living my authentic truth and stepping into my pure potential. 

Where am I choosing to invest my energy and attention? 

Affirm: What I focus on expands, I am intentional with the power of my presence. 

What habits hinder my success? What habits support my success? 

Affirm: The long term of what I am building is crafted by my daily routines, I choose to make mindful moves that serve both my present self and future self. 

Where may I need to establish boundaries that uphold my peace and wellbeing?

Affirm: When I protect my energy and take good care of myself, I am able to thrive. 

Once finished, allow the vibrations you’ve cultivated to radiate throughout your being. See and feel your answers to be real in your reality. And so it is. 

Mini Moon Horoscopes 

What themes and areas of life are being most activated in your personal natal chart by this Capricorn New Moon? Read on below for your mini horoscope, written by rising sign. 

Aries Rising: 10th House – career, public image, aspirations, achievements, reputation, legacy
Taurus Rising: 9th House – belief systems, higher education, travel, knowledge, foreign affairs
Gemini Rising: 8th House – boundaries, intimacy, shared resources, shadow work, investments 
Cancer Rising: 7th House – relationships, partnerships, one on one connections, collaborations 
Leo Rising: 6th House – physical health, daily devotions, wellness practices, rituals, pets
Virgo Rising: 5th House – creativity, children/inner child, romance, pleasure, addictions
Libra Rising: 4th House – family, ancestry, inner foundations, home life, roots, traditions
Scorpio Rising: 3rd House – environment, intelligence, expression, habits, siblings, neighbors
Sagittarius Rising: 2nd House – finances, income, material possessions, values, self esteem
Capricorn Rising: 1st House – identity, the physical body, sense of self, appearance, beginnings 
Aquarius Rising: 12th House – mental health, spirituality, subconscious, self undoing, solitude
Pisces Rising: 11th House – friendships, community, audience, awareness, innovation 

Thank you for reading! Sending you love and blessings during this New Moon! xo


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