CANCER FULL MOON :: Attune to Your Intuition

CANCER FULL MOON :: Attune to Your Intuition

During this period of balancing, nourish and replenish yourself as you release and let go of any energies that no longer feel in resonance with the truth of your being. Let cycles close and complete, while allowing your intuition to guide you along the way. 

Are you listening within? 

by Alisha Palmer aka @Cosmic.Ali 

The Moon is at home in the cardinal water sign of Cancer, shining bright in its fullness on December 26, 2023 at 4:33 pm PT at 4 degrees. Opposite from the Sun in earthy Capricorn, this lunation encourages us to seek stability for our sensitivity, cultivating and holding a grounded foundation within as we navigate any emotional waves. During this period of balancing, nourish and replenish yourself as you release and let go of any energies that no longer feel in resonance with the truth of your being. Let cycles close and complete, while allowing your intuition to guide you along the way. 

Slow Down & Tune In 

The Moon works with the subtle energetic realms, inviting us to utilize our intuitive instincts to move through the world around us. The Yang energy of the Sun is bold, masculine, active, and hot, while the Yin energy of the Moon is soft, feminine, passive, and cool. Yang energy seeks to take charge and make change, while Yin energy practices surrender and the acceptance of what is. 

With the Moon as the ruler of this Cancer lunation, this Yin influence is increased. Even when it feels like we are traversing the darkness or unknown, we are reminded to have trust in the unfolding. Our bodies hold a cosmic consciousness within, of wisdom, codes, and ancient knowledge. Beyond these terrestrial forms, our eternal spirits are alive inside, offering divine, infinite guidance in every moment. The energy in the astro atmosphere invites us to seek stillness so that we may hear the quiet whispers from within — this process may feel difficult if we are used to going going going, which tends to drown out and distract us from this inner voice. Allow this to be a practice of attunement. The more you tap in, the more you can hear and receive. 

Tending To Our Tenderness

Cancer, by nature, is a sensitive sign. Just like the crab, Cancer energy can be described as having a tough exterior, with a delicate and squishy interior. The vibes are soft, yet fierce. Whether or not you have any personal placements in this area of the zodiac, we all contain a certain level of sensitivity within us. This watery slice of the sky teaches us to celebrate our vulnerabilities, to allow ourselves to feel our feelings unapologetically. Hold space for yourself. Honor these parts of you. 

Inner Child & Inner Parents 

Along this zodiacal axis, Cancer and Capricorn are thought to represent the archetypes of Mother and Father. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, holds nurturing, soft, and caring qualities reminiscent of a mother’s warm embrace while Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, emulates the fatherly role of being an authority, protector, and provider. 

This doesn’t necessarily have to correlate directly to our actual, physical parents, but more so the energetics of what these roles represent. Much like how we all have an inner child, each of us also works with our own inner parents. We all carry the archetypes of Mother and Father internally, sometimes mirroring the relationship dynamics we share with our earthly parental figures. When the Sun and Moon illuminate these signs within our natal charts, we are asked to address and be aware of how these archetypes are playing out within us. 

Psychologist Carl Jung considered the Mother archetype “the most important, as it seems to contain all else”. The Mother births all life. Without the Mother, all would cease to exist. Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma (Sanskrit meaning, praise to the Mother). 

When working with the Mother archetype, we look at how we care for and comfort ourselves, the levels of compassion we carry for ourselves along this journey of life, and how we pour into ourselves. A well-balanced example of the Mother may express through unconditional love, a sound sense of self worthiness, and the ability to attend to our needs. Struggling with the Mother archetype may be felt as emotionally cold, distant or manipulative, inadequacy or low self esteem, possessiveness, disordered attachment, or entrenched with enmeshment and codependent tendencies. 

On the other hand, when working with the Father archetype, we check in with how we are offering support to ourselves, how we keep ourselves safe, and the structures we are upholding to maintain a sense of security. A well-integrated example of the Father may look like setting boundaries into place that offer a sense of peace and protection, taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives, and moving with a steady sense of discipline. An out of balance Father may turn rigid, tyrannical, oppressive, and controlling, unfairly wielding or abusing the power of this position.

As our luminaries spotlight these star signs, we are encouraged to take account of and accountability for these archetypes. What is your relationship to your inner parents? How are you mothering and nurturing yourself? How are you fathering and supporting yourself? Reflect without judgment, giving yourself grace and space to adjust wherever necessary. 

Family Karma 

While discussing the archetypal qualities of the Mother and Father, it’s important to mention how this lunation may activate karmic ties, threads, and timelines within family dynamics. Whether from this lifetime or previous, these themes can run thick. 

The Cancer Full Moon energizes us to step away from and break out of familial patterns or contracts that leave us feeling unfulfilled, unseen, unheard, and ultimately don’t serve our highest good. Cancer can represent our home lives, our roots, and our lineages. Ideally, these areas of life would feel comfortable, supportive, uplifting, and safe. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Should any challenges arise, utilize them as opportunities for growth, to reframe these structures and rewrite these stories. You deserve the best and nothing less. Continue to cultivate that for yourself. 

Chiron, The Wounded Healer 

Chiron is an asteroid that is known to represent not just our deepest core wounds, but also holds the key to how we may heal, transform, and transmute them. This astral body has been moving through Aries since 2019 and will be transiting this area of the sky until 2027, working with each of us individually to heal through any issues of self confidence, insecurities linked to our identity, and fears that keep us stagnant versus moving forward. Chiron stationed retrograde back on July 23 and is stationing direct alongside this Full Moon, highlighting this healing process we have all been undergoing the last 6 months. This Cancer lunation already carries a signature of sensitivity, but it may feel even more heightened due to this celestial circumstance. 

With this retrograde wrapping up, we may be reflecting upon these themes, and how we have felt through and grown through them for the last 6 months. 

Celestial Conditions Of The Full Moon Chart 

Mercury, the planet of communication, mental activity, thought patterns, and expression stationed retrograde alongside the last New Moon, recently traveling from Capricorn back into Sagittarius. This reversal of motion gives us an opportunity to review, rearrange, rethink, and reset. 

Speaking of Mercury, we find our retrograde Cosmic Communicator sitting in conjunction with Mars in Sagittarius. Mars is the planet of movement, temperament, aggression, and is known as “the God of War”. This aspect may be expressed as energized communication and connection, empowering us to speak our minds and align words with action. On the other end of the spectrum, it may lead to angry or emotional outbursts, passive aggressive exchanges, or increased irritability. 

This dynamic duo shares a positive contact with Rahu, the North Node, via a trine. This potent point stands for fate and destiny, what we are soulfully growing towards in this lifetime. Move mindfully and with purpose, allowing everything to fall into place. 

Mercury Rx and Mars are also both forming a square to Neptune, which is known to be an aspect of tension. This hard line of sight to the planet of dreams, inspiration, confusion, and delusion has been quite strong in the skies, as both the Gemini Full Moon and Sagittarius New Moon have had similar conversations and activations. Read more about how we’ve been feeling this energy here.

Speaking of Neptune, Venus in Scorpio, our Galactic Goddess is soothing the tough transits with a trine, ushering in a creative, romantic, and charming quality to the tone of the transits at play, especially since it’s taking place between water signs. 

The Cancer Moon is working closely with Saturn in Pisces, the planet of discipline and responsibility, sharing a supportive and benefic trine. This planetary pairing brings patience and steadiness, along with a constructive, refined, and emotionally mature approach to handling any arising energies. 

Lastly, Jupiter in Taurus, the planet of expansion and good fortune, is passing through favorable aspects to both of our luminaries: a trine to the Sun in Capricorn and a sextile to the Moon in Cancer. This combination invokes a harmonious and optimistic radiance, inspiring us to grow through whatever may be unfolding in our experiences. One more note about Jupiter — our largest planet is now moving over the same degree that was activated by the Taurus Lunar Eclipse in late October, which may bring a continuation or amplification of themes that were pronounced around that time.  

FULL MOON RITUAL : Water Cleansing Ceremony

Water is vital to all existence on Earth and has been viewed as sacred in many cultures, religions, and spiritual practices all around the globe throughout history. This element is revered for its cleansing and purifying properties, offering restoration and rejuvenation. Our bodies are composed of over half water, symbolizing a deep, profound connection to this element. In the ritual for this Cancer Full Moon, we will tap into the power of these elemental properties for the sake of release and renewal.

To begin, we will prepare a shower or bath for ourselves, setting our spaces with intention. A few suggestions for doing so include: lighting a candle or incense, diffusing essential oils, preparing herbal tea to sip on as you soak, placing crystals or other meaningful objects around the room, and playing healing frequencies or other calming music. Follow what feels best for you, listening to any intuitive desires. 

Once the space is prepared, disrobe and begin running the water. While waiting for the shower to warm or the bath to fill, bring your full awareness to the sounds of the water streaming, using these moments to draw your attention to the present moment and meditate on what you are feeling called to let go of, to cleanse, to release. 

As you enter the water, notice how it feels against your skin. Let it run over your face, your crown chakra, caressing your body from top to bottom. Take a few moments here, to offer appreciation to this life-giving liquid. Deep breath in, slow breath out. 

Shift your focus to that you are feeling called to shed, to energetically set free. Envision the water washing whatever it may be away, drop by drop. Perhaps it feels liberating to let go, perhaps it feels sad or sticky. Keep releasing. Let the power of the water take over. Stay here as long as you need. 

Once finished, drain the water. Offer gratitude to it, for absorbing and removing whatever needed to leave your auric field. From here, spend time investing in your after care. Moisturize your body. Sit in the steam of the room. Pamper yourself. 

Feel free to take a picture of your water ceremony set up and tag @the_moondeck and @cosmic.ali on Instagram to share and amplify the vibes. 

Mini Moon Horoscopes 

What themes and areas of life are being most activated in your personal natal chart by this Cancer Full Moon? Read on below for your mini horoscope, written by rising sign. 

Aries Rising: 4th House – family, ancestry, inner foundations, home life, roots, traditions
Taurus Rising: 3rd House – environment, intelligence, expression, habits, siblings, neighbors
Gemini Rising: 2nd House – finances, income, material possessions, values, self esteem
Cancer Rising: 1st House – identity, the physical body, sense of self, appearance, beginnings
Leo Rising: 12th House – mental health, spirituality, subconscious, self undoing, solitude
Virgo Rising: 11th House – friendships, community, audience, awareness, innovation
Libra Rising: 10th House – career, public image, aspirations, achievements, reputation, legacy
Scorpio Rising: 9th House – belief systems, higher education, travel, knowledge, foreign affairs
Sagittarius Rising: 8th House – boundaries, intimacy, shared resources, shadow work, investments
Capricorn Rising: 7th House – relationships, partnerships, one on one connections, collaborations 
Aquarius Rising: 6th House – physical health, daily devotions, wellness practices, rituals, pets
Pisces Rising: 5th House – creativity, children/inner child, romance, pleasure, addictions 

Thank you for reading! Sending you love and blessings during this Full Moon! xo


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