13 Card Spread for 2024: a New Year ritual not in your guidebook

13 Card Spread for 2024: a New Year ritual not in your guidebook


This is an intentional, playful, intuitive, and empowering way to connect with the energy of your personal 2024 year with the magic and medicine of The Moon Deck. Be sure to keep reading to see the 13 cards Aarona picked for this community at the bottom of this blog post!

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Give yourself this simple yet powerful 13-card Moon Deck oracle reading to see what lies ahead for you. You may even gift a New Year reading to another, offering them a glimpse into what 2024 holds! 

Explore your 13-card spread reading between now and anytime in January for a sacred and clarifying way to align with all that's coming, month by monthEvery card will give you a unique ritual, a message + mantra, and insightful guidance for each month. We’ve provided easy-to-follow instructions below. 

(Need a Moon Deck to get started? Get yours HERE)

Grab your Moon Deck + light a candle
Connect with your heartfelt goals + intentions

Each card will unveil distinct monthly themes + rituals
Uncover the upcoming year's wonders and harness its magic


Grab your Moon Deck + journal. Find a quiet space to sit and reflect. Light a candle, burn your favorite scent, and/or offer your own prayer. Take a few moments to clear your mind and focus on your breath. Reflect on past versions of yourself, your growth throughout 2023, what you're ready to release, what you're calling in for 2024, and how you're feeling in this present moment.


Connect with your most alive core intentions and goals. Visualize how you want to feel and see yourself in 2024. When ready, open your eyes and shuffle your cards 7 or more times, maintaining your connection to this vision. Then, break your deck into 3 separate piles (let it break where it naturally breaks) and restack it intuitively in any order you choose so it's one full deck again. Spread them out (as seen above) and hover your left receiving hand over the cards to feel which ones are drawing you in.


3. CHOOSE YOUR CARDS: Begin by intuitively pulling one card at a time. This first card represents January and the rest will continue consecutively until you have 13 cards total. The 13th card is the thread that runs through it all, connecting every month and card with a supportive common theme. As you lay them out in a circle or grid, be sure to keep them in consecutive order according to their month, starting with January. Your 13th card can be placed above or in the center. Once all of your cards are laid out, look at each card individually and then take a look from a bird's eye view. Be with all that arises. 

4. JOURNAL & CONTEMPLATE:  Grab your journal and write the month's name and coinciding card title on the same line. Then, write the mantra of that card on the next line followed by your goals, intentions, aspirations, and dreams for that particular month. Attune energetically and allow your intuition to guide you as you reflect on how you authentically want your life to look and feel in 2024. Leave some space for more writing, as you will then go deeper with the guidebook and may even want to return to journaling more insights down the road. 


Once you finish your journaling practice with the guidance of your insights and 13 cards, grab your Moon Deck guidebook. Start with your January card and move through the year by month as you look up the description in the guidebook for a deeper dive. As you read, journal anything resonant that jumps out and feels helpful for that month's theme and intention. Make note of the Ritual for each month so that you have it organized in your notes for the year. Feel free to adjust the ritual as needed so it feels aligned and accessible to you. 

6. TO FINISH: Once you complete your 2024, 13-card spread, intuitive oracle reading, and journaling practice -- close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Take a few deep breaths and drop fully into your body. Say 'Thank You' three times, giving thanks to yourself for showing up and the unseen guidance in your life. Thank all of the steps, challenges, and detours that have shaped and informed you in 2023 as you gear up for an empowering 2024. Remind yourself that you're safe, loved, protected, guided, and worthy of all of your dreams, aspirations, and goals. 

Ready to welcome a transformative, magical, healthy, abundant, joyful, easeful, playful year!? Check out the 13 cards Aarona Leá, (author of The Moon Deck) chose for us:

Happy New Year, magical beings!!! May this be an incredible and magical 2024!

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