RITUAL GIFT GUIDE • Holidays with The Moon Deck

Happy Holidays beauties!

 This year has been a wild ride, and we are grateful to offer healing and intuitive ritual tools to support your journey. 

Below is our Holiday Ritual Gift Guide to give you a closer look at the thoughtful touches  and deeper purpose of each product. Everything has been curated to compliment your Moon Deck oracle experience, enhance your intuition, and ritualize your self-love practices. We hope any of the below can support you or a loved one during the holiday season. Our emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing is important, now more than ever. 

May these holidays fill you with endless love, health, magic, and joy. 
The Moon Deck Box Set is complete with 44 illustrated cards with potent mantras and an accompanying guidebook filled with insights and rituals tailored to each card. It comes in a gorgeous one of a kind handmade wood box, with an engraved moon logo, using sustainable mango wood. An elegant addition to your altar, coffee table, or moon circles. All versions of The Moon Deck are printed on FSC certified paper using plant based ink. We know you will feel the love in this magical oracle set! 
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This Moon Deck set comes in a gorgeous sturdy paper box with a special hidden prayer inscribed on the inside. It comes complete with 44 cards and a guidebook filled with insights and rituals tailored to each card, and is printed on FSC certified paper using plant based ink. The Moon Deck adds a healing and intuitive touch to your oracle library, can join you on your travels, and helps to build a deeper connection with yourself and others.
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The Moon Deck Travel Pouch is complete with 44 cards + a guidebook filled with insights and rituals tailored to each card. It comes in a natural and earthy cotton drawstring travel pouch, with a slightly shimmery printed logo. The Moon Deck is printed on FSC certified paper using plant based ink. This travel set is designed for oracle readers on the go!  
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This candle creates magic when charged with intention. A ritual taken from our 'Desire' card in The Moon Deck, which states "I craft my core desires with certainty and ease." Complete with a 3x3 pure beeswax pillar candle, a handmade wood Spell Stick to carve your intention into the wax, an 18 strike matchbox, and a Ritual Instruction Card. Beeswax offers the cleanest and longest burn of all candles, and smells amazing! Allow its warmth to fill your home.
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A powerful and protective manifesting crystal and stone collection to inspire your altar and bring deeper focus to your intentions and rituals. Each set is hand-  selected and hand-packed in a natural cotton silk screened pouch, and comes complete with a symbolic card describing the deeper meaning of each crystal and stone. Can be also stored with your oracle cards inside your Moon Deck Box Set.

Our holiday Sacred Ritual Box gives you everything as one beautiful bundle for the greatest savings. It comes with 2 Moon Decks plus our favorite oracle goodies: The Moon Deck (paper box set with 44 cards + guidebook), The Moon Deck Travel Pouch (full set with 44 cards + guidebook), the Intention Candle Kit, and the Manifest & Protect Crystal Stone Set. You can split it up for multiple gifts or spoil your favorite ritualist with the entire box!  

Conscious Gift Giving. Let's share the gift of true self-love, intentional ritual and empowered intuition. We hope that The Moon Deck can support you and your loved ones on your journey of emotional and spiritual alignment and wellbeing. 
Happy Holidays!
The Moon Deck
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